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-Updated with audio from WNNX from 1994

Welcome to "Free Audio" we all want free stuff right?

Well this is just a page for free audio to download. This page will feature Top Hour ID's, Scoped Airchecks, Sweepers, parts of stunts, etc. I have tons of audio most of which is not long enough to go into my Airchecks Collection just bits and pieces of radio stations I have on tape but I still need to do something with it so I decided to load it all up here all for free.

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Right now I am showcasing CURRENT AM music radio stations (in scoped aircheck form), it doesn't matter if its local or 24/7 satellite fed Hip Hop or Oldies or Black Gospel or country or adult standards. If you have a AM music radio station in your town, roll some tape and send it to me to showcase right here on 'Free Audio' from Jason Smith's Airchecks! E-mail me at. jason@thehotfm.net, use sendspace.com as the way to send me those Airchecks.


AM Music Radio update:
After hearing the news today that Radio Disney is selling it's remaining stations we still remain hopeful that AM music radio will continue for years going forward. Contrary to what the skeptics say AM radio is still viable if the owners want it to be for listeners young and old alike.


>>Alabama Radio Audio


News Talk 937/105.3 WUSDFM/WDBT-FM Top Hour ID plus Announcement (aprox size 2.53 MB)
The news talk format moved back from 105.3 to 93.7, it had been Country but the format swap would move News Talk to a weaker 105.3 signal just a year or so before the country format would be killed off completely and 105.3 signal sold off.


Jammin 1550 WLOR Sweep 2004 (aprox size 126 KB)
This was once a Jammin oldies format serving the Huntsville area with 50,000 watts daytime and 44 watts night time, this clip was DXed at night from the Atlanta area. This station has struggled for several years under the ownership of Black Crow Media Group who has recently had paper work filed with the FCC to sell off this station to a new owner in 2012. 



Hot 105.7 WZHT Scoped Aircheck 2002 (aprox size 1.53 MB)


>>Florida  Radio Audio

Daytona Beach

Victory Radio1590 WPUL-AM ID Nightly sign off 2000-2002 (aprox size 939 KB)
This is audio of a sweep and the nightly sign off of 1590 WPUL in Daytona Beach. This was recorded sometime between the year 2000 and 2002.


99.9 Kiss FM WFKS Sweep xx-xx-99 (aprox size 286 KB)
This is a sweeper from 99.9 Kiss FM from 1999, The station had a Hot AC format, the stations program director was Bruce Cherry.


Cape Coral

105.5 The Beat Jamz WBTT Scoped Aircheck xx-xx-01or02 (aprox size 880 KB)



92.5/95.5 The Wind WNDN-FM/WNDT-FM Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 376 KB)


106.9 WKZY-FM Launch Announcement x-xx-01 (aprox size 1.64 MB)
This is part of the stunt from 106.9 WKZY, this station had been Standards as Cozy 106.9 but re-launched as AC "Lite Rock 106.9 in early 2001 the Cozy format would relocate to a local AM signal 980 WLUS-AM.


106.9 WKZY-FM Launch Delay Announcement xx-xx-01 (aprox size 852 KB)
This is the announcement that aired that Thursday witch was supposed to be the launch day of the new Lite Rock 106.9, reportedly storm damage would keep them from launching the station on time.


Lite Rock 106.9 WKZY-FM Top Hour ID xx-xx-01 (aprox size 137 KB)

1005 WHHZ Stunt xx-xx-01 (aprox size 884 KB)
This was the stunt loop that aired on 100.5 WHHZ in early 2001, the station had been off the air due to storm damage it received the previous format was Urban AC as Mix 100.5. This was the second launch for Pamal Broadcasting group with Bruce Cherry in charge. It launched with a Top 40 format as "Z100" The station was unable to compete with Kiss 105.3 WYKS. The format was changed to Alternative rock still keeping the name "Z100" in 2002 shortly before changing names to "100.5 The Buzz." The Morning show for the Buzz was Bob and Tom when the format flip happened.



92.7 The Beat Jamz WJBT-FM Clip xx-xx-00 (aprox size 1.21 MB)
This is a short clip that features the last few seconds of the Jacksonville Jaguars Super bowl song. This was recorded in the evening back in fall of 2000.


930 The Fox WFXJ-AM audio stream unavailable statement 2001 (aprox size 884 KB)
During the turn of the millennium radio stations was in a fight with congress and judges over royalties for streaming recorded music over the internet, stemming from the Napster file-sharing case. Many radio stations across the US and around the world was ordered to end streaming unless they paid the big bucks to record labels and voice over unions. This battle still being fought today as many stations still have not resumed streaming over the internet or is doing limited streaming (cutting off commercials or not streaming some music) and only streaming local sporting events etc. This was the recorded message you heard if you went to Jacksonville's Sports Talk "930 The Fox" streaming audio page in 2001, it features former morning host David Lamm who now works for 1010XL.



Rock 100.3 WDIZ Scoped Aircheck  (aprox. size 5mb)
This was once a rock powerhouse in Orlando launching the career's of comedy funny man Larry The Cable Guy as well as other local DJ's who some still work on the air in the Orlando market. The station had undergone several ownership changes throughout it's years on the air, but in 1996 the station was sold to Paxon Communications and flipped format's to Modern AC as "She 100.3" WSHE that same year it was Paxon's second Modern AC it had launched the first was in Miami as 103.5 flipped to "103.5 The Planet" WPLL around the same time.


She 100.3 WSHE xx-xx-98 Scoped Aircheck (aprox. size 4.27mb)
This is a Scoped aircheck of the short lived Modern AC format She 100.3. It replaced Rock 100 WDIZ in 1996. The station was said to revolve around midday/late afternoon personality Brenda Matthews. Mornings was anchored by Just Plain Mark and Zippy who in 1997 moved to Radio Disney. Late mornings was headed up by Catherine Brown who was the stations PD who later moved to run sister station "Real Radio 104.1" (WTKS) before being fired in late 2012. Dick Danger handled nights before moving to mornings vacated by Mark and Zippy. Other DJ's included Pat Largo, "Shark", Tommy Pickle, Rocky Rhodes, Sue Barre and Dave Cash.



99 Rock WKSM-FM Top Hour 12-30-07 (aprox. size 567kb)


Saint Augustine

88.5 WFCF-FM Nightly sign off 2000-2002 (aprox. size 3.61mb)
This is the nightly sign off of 88.5 WFCF Flagler Collage Radio around 12AM Midnight. This was recorded sometime between the year 2000 and 2002.



Hot 104.9 WHTF-FM Scoped Aircheck xx-xx-01 (aprox. size 3.61mb)


Hot 105.7 WVHT-FM 2001 (aprox. size 755 kb)
Yes at a time Tallahassee did have two radio stations named 'HOT' but owned by different companies one was CHR (Hot 104.9 WHTF) and this one was Urban Contemporary Hot 105.7 was owned by W.W. & Nia, LLC. then Wilson Broadcasting before selling the station off to a religious broadcaster, this aircheck is really hard to hear but is still audible this was DX'ed from Daytona Beach. This format was short lived only from 1999 to 2003.



Mix 100.7 WMTX- Commercial Stop-set xx-xx-00 (aprox. size 2.82mb)


102.5 "Real Classic Rock" WPHT Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox. size 319kb)


>>Georgia Radio Audio


Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA Top Hour (aprox size 1.4mb)
Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA utilizing AM station 1310 WJZA (formally WPBC) and FM translator 101.1 W266BW.


590 Radio Disney WKHX-AM Top Hour xx-xx-96 (aprox size 226 KB)
This station had just signed still with the WKHX calls, it had been simulcasting Kicks 101.5 before the launch of Radio Disney.


590 Radio Disney WDWD-AM Top Hour ID 3-4-10


590 Radio Disney WDWD-AM Scoped Aircheck 1-14-12 (aprox size 4.52 MB)


News Radio WGST 640AM/105.7FM O.J. Simpson Trial Update1995 (aprox size 1.44 KB)
This is a short news clip of "News Radio WGST" from 1995 this short clip features CBS News Radio daily update on the O. J. Simpson trial. During the trial WGST split it's simulcast up and aired the trial on 640AM and the regular news/talk programming continued on 105.7FM. This was recorded just after 6pm during their 60 at 6 local afternoon news hour with
Dennis O'Hare.


640 WGST, Death of Keith Kalland 11-18-02 (aprox size 3.46 KB)
This is the announcement newscast on the passing of Radio/TV traffic reporter Keith Kalland. Keith never had a loss for words and delivered his reports with humor and wit that only Keith could have brought to an otherwise mundane piece of airtime, he was 51.


640 WGST Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson First Segment Pat Tillman's Death 4-22-04 (aprox size 9.84 MB)
Back in its heyday 640 WGST was the best you could get as a local talk radio station. From 1993 to 2000 WGST was simulcast on 105.7 FM it gave WGST a solid FM signal especially at night when the AM station would power down to 1000 watts at night barely reaching outside the perimeter. Tom Hughes anchored the morning drive all news show, and Kim "The Kimmer" Peterson headed up the most popular afternoon local talk show. Unfortunately in 2007 in what would be the first on a long chain of firing-bloodbaths at all Clear Channel stations across the country, everyone at WGST was fired and replaced with syndicated talk 24/7. Tom Hughes was replaced with "The Wall Street Journal This Morning" (a one hour show that repeated all morning,) Danny Schaffer's mid morning show was replaced with 700 WLW's Mike McConnell, The Kimmer's afternoon show was replaced with syndicated money show Dave Ramsey. Rush Limbaugh would stay in early afternoons as well as Coast to Coast AM overnights. This is the first segment of the Kimmer's Show from 2004 the day after ex NFL player Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire in the war on terror.


640 WGST David Paul Walks off the air live after only 30 seconds 6-12-05 (aprox size 2.69 MB)
At this time WGST was looking for more "LOCAL" on air talent and was doing live auditions for a new Sunday evening talk show called "Sunday Night Live with _____" that would air from 7pm to 9pm on 640 WGST. One of those that auditioned was David Paul who worked throughout the 80s and early 90s at cross-town 750 WSB-AM.  Unfortunately this audition didn't go so well as within 30 seconds into the show you can hear Mr. Paul get nervous and leave the studio, after he walked out the station aired the best of "The Weekend With Mike McConnell."


640 WGST-AM Braves Sweeps and Top Hour recorded on 96.7 WWVA 2005 (aprox size 794 KB)
This is a few sweeps and station ID's I recorded during an Atlanta braves game back in 2005, I actually recorded this from 96.7 WWVA. Someone seem to be asleep at the switch as most of the game accidentally aired on 96.7 before it finally went back to simulcasting Viva 105.7 WVWA.


640 WGST Tom Hughes farewell 11-21-06 (aprox size 794 KB)
This is the farewell from long time news man Tom Hughes on 640 WGST. On November 21, 2006 just two days before thanksgiving the entire local staff of 640 WGST was fired. As stated above all local news/talk programming would be replaced with syndicated talk, basically running the station on the cheap. There was one last ditch effort to regain listeners by bringing back some local talk in morning and afternoon drive before ditching the news/talk programming altogether in 2012 in favor of a satellite fed Spanish sports talk network.


News Talk 750 WSB-AM Skip Caray Death announcement and TOH 8-4-08 1am (aprox size 7.05 MB)
This was the announcement made at 1am on August 4th 2008 announcing the death of long time Atlanta Braves announcer Skip Caray. Skip also worked for a time as sports director of Atlanta's first talk radio station WRNG "Ring Radio 680" in the mid 70's. This clip also features the top of hour ID, this would also be the last year News Talk 750 would only be a AM only station as Cox would later kill of one of their FM station to simulcast its talk programming on FM at 95.5.


1320 WHIE "Real Country" Scoped Aircheck 3-8-13 (aprox size 4.33 MB)


Classic Country 1410 WKKP-FM 3-9-13 (aprox size 4.12 MB)


1450 WKEU-AM Classic Hits 3-9-13 (aprox size 4.12 MB)


The Bear 92.5 WEKS-FM Tophour 2005 (aprox size 111 KB)


1260 WMDG 10-16-18 Tophour 10-16-18 (aprox size 400 KB)
This is the top hour of the new AM 1260 WMDG Atlanta. WMDG had been a news talker on AM 1270 out of Bartow County before moving into the vacated spot left by WTJH "We're the joy house" an Urban Gospel station back in 2010.


92.9 Dave FM WZGC-FM Sign On xx-xx-04
92.9 Dave FM Sign on as a Adult Album Alternative station the previous format was Classic Rock. Just a year before Z93 for flip formats the station had added currents to the mix of classic rock the "Atlanta's Best Rock" slogan.


92.9 Dave FM WZGC Scoped Aircheck 12-06-05 (aprox size 6 MB)



92.9 Dave FM Says Goodbye to 99x xx-xx-xx (aprox size 478 KB)
Here is the Top Hour ID of 92.9 Dave FM with a short tribute to 99x, 99x would move online and vacate the 99.7 frequency in favor of (Top 40) "Q100" moving to the stronger signal from 100.5.


J-93.3 WVFJ-FM Scoped Aircheck 2009 (aprox size 6.89 MB)


Star 94 WSTR Scoped Aircheck 1997 (aprox size 2.35 MB)


Star 94 WSTR Scoped Aircheck 2-xx-1999 (aprox size 5.95 MB)

Star 94.1 WSTR Scoped Aircheck 2009 (aprox size 5 MB)

Peach 94.9 WPCH Scoped Aircheck 1999 (aprox size 6 MB)
This is a scoped aircheck from Peach 94.9 Atlanta's Lite Rock station. In late 2002 the station would re-image as "94.9 Lite FM" then would flip formats to Country as "94.9 The Bull" just days before Christmas in 2006.


95.5 The Beat WBTS-FM Scoped Aircheck 2009 (aprox size 6.17 MB)


750/95.5WSBB-FM/WSB-AM Top Hour ID 10-6-10
The calls had just been changed to accommodate the new simulcast of News Talk 750 WSB to FM at 95.5.


750/95.5 WSB-AM/WBTS-FM Top Hour 8-16-10
This was recorded the day that Cox Media killed off 95.5 The Beat and became of Simulcast of News Talk 750 WSB still with the old WBTS calls.


Fox 97 WFOX-FM Sweep 1997 (aprox size 329 KB)


Fox 97.1 WFOX-FM "Need's Your Help to stay on the air" spot from the Spring 2002 (aprox size 1.32 MB)
In what would seem to be a last ditch effort to gain listener and advertising support of Fox 97.1 a 50's - 70's oldies station then General Manager Mark Richards recorded this spot to air begging listeners to listen to the station and to tell their advertisers not to take them for granted by advertising on other stations. That attempt failed as the station would flip to Urban Hot AC at 97.1 Jamz early that next year in 2003. (sorry for the crappy audio quality, this was recorded while I was still in Daytona Beach via the Fox 97.1 audio stream.)


Fox 97.1 WFOX-FM Scoped Aircheck 1999 (aprox size 8.76 MB)
This is a scoped aircheck of Fox 97 "Atlanta's Good Time Oldies Station" this clip features morning show Randy and Spiff into Midday personally Craig Ashwood. 



95.5 The Beat.Com 97.1 WSRV-HD-2 Top Hour ID 8-19-10
Recorded just a few days after 95.5 The Beat moved online and HD-2. Update 95.5 The Beat is off the air for good and the 97.1 HD-2 channel has re-launched as Active Rock "The River's Edge".


Project 96.1 WKLS Scoped Aircheck 2009


96.7 The Buzz WVWA Stunt Loop xx-xx-2005 (aprox size 5.02 MB)
This is the stunt loop that aired on 96.7 WWVA as the buzz would move to the stronger 105.3 frequency. Viva had moved from 105.3 to 105.7 displacing "Cool 105.7" after the buzz would move to 105.3 Viva 105.7 would began simulcasting on 96.7.


96.7 The Legend WWLG-FM Scoped Aircheck 2009 (aprox size 4.02 MB)
This is a scoped aircheck of 96.7 The Legend, this short lived classic country format would only last about 3 years before again resuming it's role as the southern signal for 105.7. 96.7 has only had 4 stand-a-lone formats, first as "Wild 96.7" WLDA (Rhythmic CHR) from 1999-2001, "96.7 The Buzz" (WBZY) 2002-2005, 96.7 Lite FM 2006, 96.7 The Legend from 2007-2010 all other times has been a simulcast of 105.7. since Clear Channel took over the station in 1999.


Hot 97.5 WHTA-FM Scoped Aircheck 1999 (aprox size 7.76 MB)


99x at 979 W250BC Scoped Aircheck 2009 (aprox size 5.68 MB)


Journey 97.9 W250BC-99.7 WWWQ-HD-3 Top Hour ID xx-xx-11


99x is forced off the air by FCC order 12am 4-12-18
Due to ongoing issues with Graddick Communications in Carrolton owners of Great Classics 98.9 WWGA the FCC ordered Cumulus to cease operations of its translator W255CJ which had been airing the latest revival of the 99x alternative brand fed by 99.7 HD-2 subchannel.


New Top Hour for Streetz 94.5 4-21-18
Streetz 94.5 has added a new program origin station AM 1420 WWSZ formally brokered WATB looks to be the new program origin station for the 94.5 W233BF translator look for WSTR HD-3 to drop the feed soon due to conflict of interest of Entercom's own urban station V-103.


B-98.5 WSB-FM Natonal EAS test audio at 2pm 11-9-11


Power 99.7 WAPW-FM Top Hour ID (aprox size 227 KB)


99X WNNX Scoped Aircheck 2-xx-1999 (aprox size 7.26 MB)


V-103.3 WVEE-FM Scoped Aircheck 1999 (aprox size 6.64 MB)


V-103.3 WVEE-FM Natonal EAS Test at 2pm 11-9-11


Kiss 104.7 WALR Scoped Aircheck 1999 (aprox size 6.64 MB)
As consolidation continued throughout the turn of the millennium a lot of stations was sold off to larger companies 104.7 WALR was one of those stations, it was sold off to a religious company called Salem communications who still owns the channel today. The R&B format moved to Cox's newly acquired 104.1 WJZF which had been Atlanta's Smooth Jazz station as "Jazz Flavors 104.1 WJZF". This is an scoped aircheck of Kiss at its old 104.7 home just a year before it would move to its new home at 104.1.


105.3 WMAX The 80's Channel, Top Hour, Promo, Rejoin Music to the MJ Morning Show 1-xx-03 (aprox size 2.03 MB)
This is the Top of hour ID with promo to a Clear Channel National contest and rejoin music to the MJ Morning Show. The MJ Morning show was the only live air shift on the station as the entire DJ shifts on 105.3 WMAX was 100% voice tracked (DJ on tape) they never had a live call in number only a "feedback phone" to comment or to "request" anything. The air lineup was MJ in the Morning from Tampa's 93.3 WFLZ from 6am to 9am (the show only aired for the first 3 hours but towards the beginning of 2003 the shows full 4 hours aired until the end of the stations life in February 2004). Mid mornings was held by "Rio" she was also VT'd on "Sunny 100.1" in Columbus, early afternoons was "JoJo" from "95.7 Kiss FM" KFMD Denver CO., late afternoons was "Gary Spears" from "102.7 Kiss FM" KIIS in Los Angeles CA. and nights was Domino from 106.1 Kiss FM in Dallas/Fort Worth TX. (who coincidently was a DJ from Power 99 WAPW in Atlanta in the late 80s early 90s before the change to 99x. The station also aired the 80's pop rock oriented 4 hour weekly syndicated mix show called The "12 Inch Saturday Night," hosted by Connie Breeze from MannGroup Radio Services.


Real Radio 105.3 "Real Music Weekend's" Scoped Aircheck 8-1-04 (aprox size 2mb)
This is a Scoped aircheck of Real Radio 105.3's Real Music weekend, modeled after sister station Real Radio 104.1 WTKS. It was a mixture of 80's Alternative, New Wave, and New Alternative Rock. As was written above this station was still playing 80's Oldies after the launch of the station but had switched over to this Alternative format just a few weeks after. 


Real Radio 105.3 WMAX Sign off xx-xx-04
This was Clear Channel's attempt to launch an FM hot talk format in Atlanta after 2 years of all 80's music as The 80's Channel 105.3 WMAX The Max. The FM talk format only lasted for about 8 months before the launch of Viva 105.3; Spanish Top 40 later that same year after a 10 hour stunt Viva was born just after 10pm. The early line up was, Bob and Tom 6am to 10am, Scott Ferrell (Only Local Show) 10am to 3pm, the Schnitt Show 3pm to 6pm, The Kimmer 6pm to 7pm (Live) then best of Kimmer 7pm to 8pm, Best of Bob and Tom, 8pm to 10pm, and after 10pm was an exact copy of WGST but with different commercials and imaging, Phil Hendrie 10pm to 1am, Coast To Coast AM 1am to 6am. Then after The Regular Guys was fired from 96 Rock Bob and Tom moved to that station bringing back the original female targeted morning show The MJ Morning Show that had been on the station when it was all 1980's Oldies. 96 Rock afternoon guys Dick and Justice did a short one week stunt from 8pm to 10pm before deciding to go with a full program simulcast of WGST with local sports show Randy Cross from 7pm to 10pm,  Phil at 10pm and coast at 1am. The weekend music was still the 80's oldies format before changing to a gold intensive Alternative format with a few currents thrown in. At first the weekend music was only confined to Saturday nights from 6pm and all day Sunday to 1am Monday with best of bob and tom Saturday morning a live Saturday Scott Ferrell show and best of Schnitt before dumping the Saturday talk for more music on the weekends.


105.3 The Buzz WBZY Studio Promo 2005 (aprox size 2.07 MB)
This was promo that was sent to me by the station back in 2005 that aired around Christmas time, this was a jab at 99x's Christmas CD that featured Elton John. Special thanks to then Program Director Chris Williams.

105.3 WBZY-FM Stunt (PART 1) 11-23-06 (aprox size 2MB)
This is part one of the 105.3 Stunt, the buzz would vacate the frequency moving some elements to 96.1 as that station would re-launch as "Project 96.1" days later the station would add a bilingual message telling listeners that something different was coming. You can hear that in part 2 of this stunt below.


1053 WBZY-FM Stunt  (PART 2) 11-25-06 (aprox size 5 MB)
Over the thanksgiving holiday of 2006 Clear Channel would combine Classic Rock "96 Rock" (WKLS) and Alternative "105.3 The Buzz" (WBZY) into one station on the more powerful 96.1 signal all over the Atlanta metro. This is part 2 of the stunt that aired on 105.3 WBZY with repeated messages in several languages before finally launching a Regional Mexican format on 105.3 called El-Patron 105.3.


Y106.7 WYAY Scoped Aircheck xx-xx-99 (aprox size 5 MB)
This is a scoped aircheck of "Hit Country Y106.7" from 1999. The station would re-launch the following year as "Eagle 106.7" with a gold based Country format. The station would undergo several ownership changes from ABC Radio to Citadel to Cumulus, in 2007 the station would flip from country to a 24/7 satellite Oldies format airing Scott Shannon's "True Oldies Channel" then ditching the satellite feed for local play list with more of a 70's and 80's based "classic hits" format before flipping to it's all news format under the Cumulus ownership in 2012.


True Oldies 106.7 WYAY-FM Sweep 2008 (aprox size 2.15 MB)
This is a listener soundbyte sweep that aired on the station just after the launch of True Oldies 106.7, this is a direct from studio recording of the sweep. This station had been Country as Eagle 106.7 but after a nascar race in late winter of 2008 the station flipped formats to a satellite driven oldies format hosted by Scott Shannon who also had Atlanta ties as he was once program director of 790 WQXI in the late 1970's. The True Oldies Channel did have one local DJ shift in the afternoons from 4pm to 7pm with rotating DJ's one of those DJ's was the late 'Boomer'. Morning drive was the syndicated Imus in the Morning program. Towards the end of True Oldies Spiff Carner from the Randy and Spiff morning show also DJ'ed afternoons with Fred Brooks. Randy was still working morning drive at cross town Clear Channel talker 640 WGST before leaving that job to rejoin Spiff for morning drive on 106.7. The station dropped the True Oldies Network in favor of a local playlist and DJ's in 2010, that move would take 106.7 in to a ratings nose dive, Randy and Spiff where fired after Cumulus bought the station from Citadel then the station would flip formats shortly after to a spoken word format as "All News 106.7." One rumor that was spinning around town was that Cumulus had no intention of keeping the oldies format on the air and was wanting to launch a all news station in Atlanta from day one when they was buying out Citadel. The station has never regained the ratings as when it was still with the  "True Oldies" Network it as only been hovering at about a 1 share since its launch of "All News." At its height True Oldies was in 10th place in overall ratings in Atlanta with a 3.7 to a 4 share. Click Here for a copy of the ratings in Atlanta in 2009 and look for WYAY-FM.


Hot 107.9 WHTA-FM Top Hour ID 4-10-10


Hot 107.9 WHTA-FM Scoped Aircheck 12-18-10 (aprox size 2.5 MB)


1570 WIGO 3-20-15  (aprox size 4MB)
Showcasing another current AM music station, this time right here in Atlanta, Ga. 1570 had been 24/7 gospel but recently changed to a full service urban station playing new and classic hip-hop as well as R&B, soul, blues and gospel along with a few talk shows that cater to the urban audience. Most of the day is live and local with live DJ's playing songs and even taking request.


The New Mix 105.7 WMXV-WXVV Top Hour 2001 (aprox size 1.30mb)
Back in the 90's 640 WGST simulcasted on FM at 105.7 out of Canton, in 2000 Clear Channel decided to drop the FM simulcast and launch a new music station at 105.7 called Mix 105.7 first as a broad rock based 70's - 00's Hot AC then to Classic Rock Hits format dropping all currents like Matchbox Twenty, Hootie and the Blowfish, Fastball and REM in favor of more Steely Dan, Billy Joel and Rolling Stones from the 70's and 80's. Even though the station dropped the WGST simulcast, Mix 105.7 would continue to air Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell until his retirement in January 2003 live from 1am to 5am. shortly after when Cox Media killed off Fox 97 Clear Channel flipped formats to Oldies as Cool 105.7 in less than two months. At this time as you will hear in this clip Mix was also simulcasting on the Southside signal 96.7 WXVV in Peachtree City which had been Rhythmic CHR as "Wild 96.7" shortly thereafter 96.7 would become Alternative Rock as "the buzz" in April 2002. Side note about Mix 105.7, they once aired a AAA show called The Adventure and at times would even air all day on Sundays which CBS would launch Dave FM just three years later at 92.9 in 2004.


94.9 WUBL-HD2 Top Hour "The Lake" 11-30-18 (aprox size 300 KB)
This is the top hour of the new Adult Hits "The Lake" HD sub-channel which had been a translator feed for a religious station in north west Georgia but had been silent for some time. I-Heart is using this channel as a brand-block to prevent any other company from using the name on any other Atlanta station.


94.9 WUBL-HD3 Sweep "The Breeze" 12-1-18 (aprox size 300 KB)
As with the HD2 channel of 94.9 WUBL I-Heart is also using this channel to brand-block "The Breeze" name to prevent any other station from using it.


99x WNNX Jan. 1994 (Thrift Shop Find) (aprox size 2 MB)
This is a rare aircheck of 99x' early days before the morning x would begin, This tape was found in a box full of other random cassette's at a local thrift. The quality isn't the best and the person who was recording this was obviously more into the music rather than what was being said by the DJ hence the abrupt cut after the DJ starts talking but a good bit was left intact and is continuous. Sean Demery held mornings until Barnes and Jimmy would join Leslie, and Sean would move to afternoons.


99x W255CJ Top Hour, as 99x returns to the air 12-22-18 (aprox size 500 KB)
As the drama unfolded for a better part of this past decade between Gradick Communications and Cumulus Media over allegations of interference between Gradick's WWGA (98.9) and Cumulus' W255CJ (98.9) translator for 99x. The FCC granted a temporary STA (Special Temporary Authority) to resume operations with reduced power output and a larger null towards the west (the direction of WWGA-FM 98.9 in Carrollton.)  As you will hear the signal is much weaker than before, time will tell with this weaker and directional null'ed signal will satisfy Gradick in the long run.



Foxie 103.1 Jamz WFXA-FM Scoped Aircheck xx-xx-03 (aprox size 2 MB)


Y105.7 WZNY-FM Top Hour 12-15-03 (aprox size 535 KB)
This is a top hour ID of "Y105" WZNY in Augusta, Ga, this ID is being voice by Carson Daily of MTV fame, before leaving MTV Carson was also hosted a one hour countdown show called Carson Daily's Most Requested, counting down the top 10 hits of the day for most Clear Channel stations including "Y105".



92.7 The Fox WHFX-FM Top Hour ID xx-xx-00 (aprox size 565 KB)


Hot 104.1 WSEG-FM xx-xx-00 (aprox size 269 KB)



1580/95.7 The Zone WIOL-FM/WEAM-AM Top Hour ID 10-17-09
This station was one of the first AM sports stations to simulcast on FM in Georgia, the previous format's were Hot AC as Mix 95.7 before that it was Classic Rock/Classic Hits 95.7 The River and Urban AC as K-95.7.


1580/95.7 The Zone WIOL-FM/AM Top Hour ID
The calls has just been changed to accommodate the new simulcast of 1580 The Zone to FM at 95.7. This station had been Hot AC Mix 95.7.


103.7 Lite FM WLTC Scoped Aircheck 2-24-13 (aprox size 4.52 MB)


Q-107.3 WCGQ-FM Top Hour ID 6-17-11



Great Classic's 98.9 WWGA-FM Top Hour ID 11-29-10
This is an ID recorded while 98.9 WWGA was stunting with Christmas music and would later launch as a Classic Hits station after Christmas 2010.


Great Classic's 98.9 WWGA Launch 12-27-10 12am (aprox size 2 MB)
This is the Launch of Great Classics 98.9, it stunted with Christmas music before launching, this was a new station to the area. In it's slogan it said they play music from the 70's, 80's, and 90's but I have yet to hear a 90's song on this station. most of the playlist is very 1970's based with a few 60's and 80's tunes thrown in.


Great Classic's 98.9 WWGA-FM Top Hour ID 12-27-10
Recorded just 2 hours after its launch at 12AM Midnight on the day after Christmas, This station had been stunting as all Christmas since November 2010 as a new radio station.


Dublin, Statesboro, Vidalia, Hinesville

92.7 WKKZ-FM Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 189 KB)


97.7 (98Q) WTCQ-FM Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 132 KB)


103.7 The Boomer WBMZ-FM Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 196 KB)




Z-97.7 WMGZ Top Hour ID 5-21-11



FM 103.7 WXKT-FM Top Hour ID 8-18-10



FM 92.1 WJGA-FM Top Hour 6-19-10



B-93.7 WMGB-FM Top Hour ID xx-xx-01
This station would soon move to a weaker 95.1 signal just months after the sale of 107.9 to Radio One and that station would move into Atlanta, the lite rock format would move from 107.9 (Z-108) to 93.7.


B-95.1 WMGB-FM Death of Rob Ray September 3, 2003
This was the announcement aired on B-95.1 shortly after the death of evening personality Rob Ray, Rob was also the station's Music Director. His real name was Rob Brickle but better known to his listeners as Rob Ray, who passed away after sustaining injuries after a car accident at the very young age of 21 on Sept 3rd 2003 Labor Day weekend.


Z-93.7 WPEZ-FM Top Hour ID 6-11-10


B-95.1 WMGB Top Hour ID 3-17-11


96.5 WYNF-FM Stunt with Announcement of format change and Lex and Terry Move to Q-106 xx-xx-03 (aprox size 551 KB)
Talk/Alternative Real Radio 96.5 is replaced with Alternative Pop 96.5 The Buzz. They kept Bubba the Love Sponge in the morning, Lex and Terry move to nights on sister Classic Rock Station Q-106.


96.5 WYNF-FM Top Hour ID Stunt Announcement  xx-xx-03 (aprox size 394 KB)
This is the Top Hour ID from the stunt, they used the old ID from the Real Radio 96.5 days along with the announcement of the pending change, they stunted with show tunes music.


96.5 WYNF-FM "The Buzz" Sign on 9-7-03 10am (aprox size 3.51 MB)
This is the sign on of "96.5 The Buzz" from September 7th, 2003, after dumping the FM Hot Talk format as Real Radio 96.5, and after a weekend stunt of show tunes on Monday shortly after the Bubba The Love Sponge show aired (which would stay on as the stations morning show until the Janet Jackson halftime show fiasco then Clear Channel would fire Bubba in early 2004 making way for all voice track 24/7 as the rest of the station would be under the Buzz name.) The station launched a Pop Based Alternative format as 96.5 The Buzz. Lex and Terry also would survive the flip as the show would move to late nights on sister classic rock station Q106 WQBZ that would only last about a year before Lex and Terry was dropped from the marked entirely. The stations former line up under the "Radio Radio 96.5" name was, Bubba the Love Sponge 6am to 10am, The Monsters of the Midday 10am to 3pm, The Phillips Phile 3pm to 7pm, Drew Garabo 7pm to 11pm (Drew would move to overnights with music airing between the segments as Lex and Terry would take the 7pm to 11pm shift after cumulus took over US Broadcasting and flip Rock 92.3 to Urban as Blazin 92.3 in the summer of 2003.) While it was Real Radio 96.5 the station would air a blend of new and classic mainly 90's based alternative on the overnights and weekends. The Monsters, Phillips and Drew shows all orientated from Clear Channel's Real Radio 104.1 WTKS in orlando, Only Bubba and Lex and Terry where the only non 104.1 WTKS shows that aired on the station.


Peach 96. 5 WPCH-FM Top Hour ID xx-xx-11


Peachtree City

90.7/91.7-107.1 WMVV/WMVM-FM Top Hour ID 5-21-10
This trimulcast religious station at 91.7 in Peachtree City has just sign on the air the weekend this was recorded.



Q-1053 WRHQ Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 964 KB)



Mountain Country 94.5 WFDR-FM Top Hour ID xx-xx-11




B98.5 WEBB-FM x-xx-01 (aprox. size 2 MB)
This was DX'ed back in 2001 from Daytona Beach, Florida the station serves the Central Maine area from Farmington, Belfast, and just west of Bangor with a country format. This is my longest FM-DX catch yet to date 1,411.0 miles.


>>North Carolina


1580 WZKY 09-28-14 (aprox. size 4 MB)
We travel east of Charlotte to the small town of Albemarle to visit a small radio station playing Cumulus Media's Oldies Radio satellite feed however it does have a great jingle package to give the station a unique sound. This station does transmit in C-quam stereo but this aircheck was recorded in mono. Thanks to Noah for sending this in to us!


630 WAIZ "63 Big Waiz 9-20-14 (aprox. size 6 MB)
Another neat modern day AM music station. We take a trip to Hickory just down the way from Winston-Salem and just north of Charlotte. We find a 'real oldies' station that focus mainly on the 50's and 60's with old jingles to match. Thanks again Noah for another great aircheck.


1520 WDSL 12/14 (aprox. size 6 MB)
Another great local AM music station, The show is The Country Grass show mainly playing classic country from the 60's and 70's the host are  Jr. and Lisa. Thanks again Noah for another great aircheck.


1350 WHIP 3-29-14 (aprox. size 7 MB)
Showcasing more great live and local AM music radio from NC. A Classic Hits/Oldies Station specializing in 50's - the 70's. Thanks Noah for another great aircheck.


Real Country 550 WAME 8-29-15 (aprox. size 8 MB)
More live and local AM radio (yeah with a FM translator but we don't care about any stinkin' translator) with live/local DJ playing Classic Country, this aircheck recorded just at the end of the summer of last year. Thanks Noah!


Big Daddy 1500 WSMX 8-23-2014 (aprox. size 8 MB)
Another AM music station in Winston-Salem with just 140 watts it just covers the area playing music from the 1950's to the late 70's with live DJ's playing a broad selection of music from R&B to beach music. Special thanks to Noah for proving this aircheck!

Classic Hits 1380 WTOB 7-12-14 (aprox. size 7 MB)
This is a neat sounding little station in the Winston-Salem area in North Carolina it's live and local all day with a neat original jingle package as well as a lot of energy from the on air staff. Thanks Noah for sending this to us as our spotlight of current AM music stations continues to grow!

980 WEGO 3-5-16 (aprox. size 7 MB)
Another great aircheck and a survival story to go along with it. Noah who sent this to us tells us that the original station WTOB 1380 AM (listed above) had been sold and the station flipped to a Hispanic format. However the staff of WTOB wasn't going to just go off quietly into the sunset. After playing musical chairs with the brand they finally landed on their new permanent home at 980 WEGO. Still utilizing the WTOB brand as you will hear in this aircheck.

>>New Mexico


99.9 KTQM-FM DX June xx-09 (aprox. size 2 MB)
This was DX'ed back in the summer of 2009 from Peachtree City Georgia. This is the second longest DX-FM distance. An estimated 1,204.6 miles from Clovis, NM to Peachtree City, Ga.


>>South Carolina


Hot 98.9 WWBZ-FM Sweeps (x2) x-xx-01 (aprox size 705 KB)



Quickie 93.9 WQKI-FM Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 470 KB)


Hot 103.9 WHXT-FM Top Hour ID xx-xx-00


104.7 WNOK-FM Sweep xx-xx-00 (aprox size 316 KB)

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