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>>Last Updated: 2-1-18

Atlanta TV Changes:

1-22-18: WPBA-TV (30) has re-branded from "PBA 30" to "ATL PBS" most references to the channel number have been removed from the new branding.

1-17-18: WXIA-TV (11) has opened up 11.4 and is currently airing a promo of a new subnet called Quest TV, a new nature/realty channel set to debut at the end of this month. Update (2/1) Quest is now on 11.4.

1-17-18: WATL-TV (36) has finally picked up a new subnet to replace Bounce which moved to WSB-TV (2.2) in the fall after they lost rights to carry Me-TV to an Athens TV station. This TV mostly airs movies and some drama shows will now air on 36.2. This TV had previously aired on low power station WANN-CA (32)

1-16-18: WUVG-TV (34.3) Get TV airing on Univision's 34.3 has reformatted their channel to become yet another channel airing old TV shows this move now makes them the 9th OTA subnet to cater to the 50+ crowd along with, Movies, (5.2) , Buzzr (5.3), Light TV (5.4) , This TV (36.2) , Antenna-TV (36.3) , Cozy-TV (46.2) , Grit (46.3) , Decades (69.2), leaving only just a hand full (less then 3) channels that cater to the under 40 year olds. (Note: If OTA's are hoping to lure the younger generations to their subnets putting on TV shows from 40+ years ago is a strange way to do that.)

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>>TV Airchecks Collection:
>>Wants and Trading Rules

-My wants - I am looking for mostly local Atlanta TV Newscast from 1984-1998 from any local TV stations: WSB, WAGA, WXIA, WTBS, WHOT,WATL, WGNX, WUPA/WVEU or other's that might perk my interest.

-Some Special Wants

1) WAGA Channel 5 Eyewitness News from 1993-1996 Local Newscast

2) WGNX Newscast's from 1993-1996

3) WHOT - Hotlanta 34 or The Box Music TV

3) WVEU - from the Mid 80s when it was mostly a music video channel "TV-69 The Video Music Channel".

>>TV Airchecks

>>Local TV Programming


Atlanta TV News Composite- WAGA "(2-30min full newscast), WSB Open, WXIA Open" 1978-79 (2hr)



WSB 2 Atlanta - "Channel 2 Action News at 12Noon" 11-10-93 (30min)

WSB 2 Atlanta "News 5pm" 11-21-95 (1hr)

WSB 2 Atlanta - "5-7pm News" 4/14/08 (2hr)



WAGA 5 Atlanta - "Channel 5 Eyewitness News at 6pm" 3-27-92 (30min)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "Channel 5 Eyewitness News at 6pm"  5-23-94 (30min)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "Rescue 911" 11-94 (30min)

WAGA 5 Atlanta "Good Day Atlanta, radio days visit to Hot 97.5 The Ryan Cameron Morning Show" 5/22/97 (3hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta "Good Day Atlanta, 6-8am" 8/25/97 (2hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta "(Overnight Programming 11pm to 5:32am), M*A*S*H, In the Heat of the Night, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, Buzz, Fox 5 News Primetime Newscast (replay), Strange Universe, Extra, Real TV, The Streets of San Francisco, Crook and Chase, Good Day Atlanta Live Tease @ 5:30am-end of tape" 4/16/97 (6-1/2hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "Princess Diana Funeral into local programs" 9/6/97 (6hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "News 5 & 6pm" 10-19-99 (2hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "News 5pm" 10-20-99 (1hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "5-7pm News" 4/21/08 (2hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - Analog Sign off" 6-12-09 (1hr)

WAGA 5 Atlanta - "Atlanta Flood's 2009" 9-22-09 (2hr)



WGTV 8 Atlanta - "Analog Sign off" 2-17-09 (30min)

WGTV 8 Atlanta - Fetch with Ruff Ruffman, Worldgirl, Arthur (x2), PBS News Hour, Rick Stevens' Europe, Georgia Traveler, Georgia Outdoors, Apollo Doc's 11-5-10 (6hr)


WXIA Ch 11

WXIA 11 Atlanta - "Tonight Show with Jay Leno into Connan" (Last Week) 2-9-09 (2hr)

WXIA 11 Atlanta - "Tonight Show with Jay Leno into Last Connan Show" 2-21-09 (2hr)

WXIA 11 Atlanta - "First Late Night with Jimmy Falon" 3-3-09 (1hr)

WXIA 11 Atlanta - "Last Tonight Show with Jay Leno" 5-29-09 (1hr)

WXIA 11 Atlanta - "First Tonight Show with Connan" 6-1-09 (1hr)

WXIA 11 Atlanta - "Analog Sign off" 6-12-09 (1hr)

WXIA 11 Alive Atlanta - "Summer Olympics Open Ceremony" 7-27-12 (6hr)

WXIA 11 Alive Atlanta - "Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony" 8-13-12 (6hr)


WMAZ Ch 13 (Macon)

WMAZ 13 Macon - Local morning news 5am-7am" 12/4/08 (2hr)

WMAZ 13 Macon - "Local morning news 5am to 7am" 12/5/08 (2hr)

WMAZ 13 Macon - "Local morning News 5am to 7am" 4-21-09 (2hr)

WMAZ 13 Macon - "Local morning News 6am" 5-28-09 (30min)



WTBS 17 Atlanta - "Night Tracks" 2-10-84 (2hr)

WPCH 17 Atlanta - "Analog Sign off" 6-12-09 (10min)


WATL Ch 36

WATL 36 Atlanta - The Vibe TV Show with Chris Spencer x-xx-97 (1hr)

WATL 36 Atlanta - The Vibe TV Show with Sinbad’s First Show 10/27/97 (1hr)

WATL 36 Atlanta - The Vibe TV Show with Sinbad x/xx/97 (1hr)

WATL 36 Atlanta - The Vibe TV Show with Sinbad x/xx/97 (1hr)

WATL 36 Atlanta - The Vibe TV Show with Sinbad x/xx/97 (1hr)

WATL 36 Atlanta - The Vibe TV Show with Sinbad 12/xx/97 (1hr)

WATL My Atl TV Channel 36 - "Christmas Yule Log, this is the shortest airing of the Yule Log in WATL's history" 12-25-12 (2hr)

WATL My Atl TV Channel 36 - "Christmas Yule Log" 12-25-13 (3 1/2 Hours)



WGNX 46 Atlanta- "11 O-Clock news into Dave Letterman" 2/22/95 (Aprox. 1hr)

WGCL 46 Atlanta - "4-5pm News" 5/7/08 (1hr)

WGCL 46 Atlanta - "Analog Sign off" 6-12-09 (30min)

WGCL 46 Atlanta - Last 5 Minutes of CBS Atlanta News at 4pm, The Peoples Court (special guest Judge Wapner), CBS Atlanta News at 6pm, CBS Evening News, 6-11-10 (2hr)

WGCL 46 CBS Atlanta - Super bowl 2-3-13 (6hr)



WVEU 69 Atlanta - Get Smart into Last Call x-xx-94 (Aprox. 1hr)

WUPA 69 Atlanta - the Planet Rocks/American Music Makers w/Arnell Star 12/xx/96 (2hr)

WUPA 69 Atlanta - the Planet Rocks/American Music Makers w/Arnell Star 9-13-97 (2hr)

WUPA 69 Atlanta - the Planet Rocks/American Music Makers w/Arnell Star 11/22/97 (2hr)

WUPA 69 Atlanta - the Planet Rocks w/Arnell Star 1/10/98 (1hr)


Cable Only Ch 13

Cable CFN 13 - "Central Florida News 13 Cable News" xx-xx-04 (6hr)



WKMG 6 Orlando - "CBS/Local Coverage 9/11" 9-11-01 (6hr)

WKMG 6 Orlando - "Local 6 at 5pm" 8-10-06 (1hr)


WOFX Ch 36

WOFX 35 Orlando - "Fox 35 News at 10pm" 8-12-06 (Aprox. 1hr)


WACX Ch 40

WACX-DT 40 Orlando - "The Bud Headinger Show" 8-12-06 (Aprox. 30min)

New York

WPIX 11 New York - "WB Programming/ 10pm News" 4/2/03 (C-Band Feed) (2hr)


WBRZ 2 Baton Rouge, LA- "Local Katrina Coverage" 9/5/05 (KU-Band Feed) (2hr)

KPLC 7 Lake Charles, La - "News/NBC Programming" 3/xx/04 (KU-Band Feed) (2hr)


WKRN 2 Nashville, TN- "Local News" xx/xx/04 (KU-Band Feed) (2hr)


KPRC 2 Houston, TX - "Local Harvey coverage" 8-27-17 (KU-Band Feed) (30min)

Puerto Rico

WPRU-TV (Simulcast of WABC-TV Newscast 6pm) 10-14-13 (C-Band Feed) (30min)

>>Cable News/Information Programming


CNN- Atlanta Shooting (Coverage from various local Atlanta TV stations) 7/29/99 (6hr)


CNN-FN (Financial News)

CNN-FN- Last Week on the air 12-13-04 (6hr) (C-Band Feed)



C-Span- Richard Nixon's Funeral 4/27/94 (2hr)



MSNBC - The Savage Nation xx-xx-03 (1hr)

MSNBC - The Savage Nation xx-xx-03 (1hr)

MSNBC - The Savage Nation xx-xx-03 (1hr)

MSNBC - The Savage Nation xx-xx-03 (1hr)

MSNBC- Last Buchanan and Press Show/Primetime Lineup 11/24/03 (6hr)

MSNBC- Death coverage of MSNBC's Jerry Nachman/Primetime lineup 1/20/04 (6hr)

MSNBC- "Condoleezza Rice 911 Testimony/Hardball w/Chris Matthews Anchor" 4/8/04

MSNBC- Primetime, Abrams, Hardball, Countdown, 6pm-10pm 12-24-04 (4hr)

MSNBC- Dietl & Daniels & Connected w/Ron Reagan & Monica Crowley 4/22/05 (2hr)

MSNBC- Atlanta Shooting Coverage (Brian Nichols) 3/12/05 (2hr)

MSNBC - Scarborough Country Special Coverage (Terry Schiavo) xx/xx/05 (2hr)

MSNBC- President Bush Speech – Presser 4/28/05

MSNBC- Imus in the Morning First day at MSNBC Studios 2/7/05 (3hr)

MSNBC- Pope John Paul II Funeral 3:30am into Imus in the morning 4/8/05 (6hr

MSNBC- Royal Wedding Charles & Camilla 4/xx/05 (2hr)

MSNBC- Primetime Deborah Norville, Joe Scarborough, Hardball w/Chris Matthews (Date TBA)

MSNBC- Michael Jackson Verdict 6/13/05 (6hr)

MSNBC- Tucker Carlson first show into Joe Scarborough 6/13/05 (2hr)

MSNBC- Today Show 911 Replay 9/11/06 (6hr)

MSNBC- Mid-Term Election results first Half 7pm to 1am (6hr) 11/7/06 (6hr)

MSNBC- Mid-Term Election results Second Half 1am-7am into Imus 11/8/06 (6hr)

MSNBC- Anna Nicole Smith Verdict 2/22/07 (2hr)

MSNBC- Primetime, Hardball, Tucker, Hardball, Countdown, Doc. 11/7/07 (6hr)

MSNBC- Imus in the Morning 3days before he was fired 4/9/07 (3hr)

MSNBC- Primetime Hardball, Countdown, Abrams, Norville, Scarborough 2/18/08 (6hr)

MSNBC- Death of Tim Russert Coverage 3:30-9pm 6/13/08 (6hr)

MSNBC - Royal Wedding 4-29-11 (6hr)


Northwest Cable News

Northwest Cable News 8-18-09 (C-Band Feed) (2hr)



RFD-TV- Imus in the Morning First Show 12/3/07 (4hr)

>>National Entertainment/Music Programming


Cable Music Channel

Cable Music Channel "Launch first half hour also includes sign off at end" 10-26-84 (30min)


CTV Two Atlantic (Canada)

CTV Two (Maritime, Canada)- last 5 minutes of Ellen into Daily Planet into CTV Local News for The Maritimes 10-23-13 (C-Band Feed) (2hr)

CTV Two (Maritime, Canada) 'Daily Planet' 1-21-14 (C-Band Feed) (1hr) *note: Daily Planet is a daily science and technology show similar to what Tech TV in the USA used to be.

CTV Two (Maritime, Canada) 'Daily Planet' 1-22-14 (C-Band Feed) (1hr)

CTV Two (Maritime, Canada) 'Daily Planet' 1-23-14 (C-Band Feed) (1hr)

CTV Two (Maritime, Canada) 'Daily Planet' 1-24-14 (C-Band Feed) (1hr)


Discovery Kids

Discovery Kids - Last 2 days on the air before flip to "The Hub" 10-8-10 (6hr)

Launch of "The Hub" - Last 2 Hours of Discovery Kids into "The Hub" 10-10-10 (6hr)



Dog-TV 10-14-13 (C-Band Feed) (30min)

Dog TV 10-15-13 (C-Band Feed) (2hr)


escapes TV

escapes TV - Afterdark with Johnny Williams 6-9-13 (2hr) (C-Band Feed)  (*note, this is a neat concept for a TV station its a scenery channel with smooth jazz and lite adult contemporary music playing in the background each scene last 15 minutes at a time. 

escapes TV - World View into Afterdark with Johnny Williams 6-12-13 (6hr) (C-Band Feed) 

escapes TV- World View into Afterdark with Johnny Williams 6-14-13 (2hr) (C-Band Feed) 

escapes TV- World View into Afterdark with Johnny Williams 6-18-13 (2hr) (C-Band Feed) 

escapes TV - World View into Afterdark with Johnny Williams 8-6-16 (2hr) (C-Band Feed)

escapes TV - World View into Afterdark with Johnny Williams 8-7-16 (2hr-30min) (C-Band Feed)

escapes TV - World View 6-21-17 (1hr) (C-Band Feed) (HD-1080I) *note to preserve the HD quality this will have to be burned as a DVD data disk and snail mailed to you. the file is much too large to upload.



Fuse - Music Videos overnight 1-11-09 (2hr) (Copyright protected, cannot make copies)


Hartland TV

Hartland TV - Rick and Bubba 10-14-13 (C-Band Feed) (1hr)


MOR Music TV

MOR Music TV 9-xx-94 (2hr) (MOR Music TV is mostly a Adult Contemporary music channel with it's core artist being Lionel Richie, Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Julio iglesias among others. It also presents itself as a shopping channel with each video having a product number and a way to buy the CD, Cassette or VHS of the album of the artist.)



MTV - Overnight (Loveline, Daria, Beavis & Butthead, Music Videos) 4/xx/98 (5hr)

MTV - MTV's Music Independence Day (Music Videos) 7-4-13 (2hr)


Retro Jams

Retro Jams- Retro Music Channel xx/xx/05 (KU-Band Feed) (2hr)

Retro Jams- Retro Music Channel xx/xx/05 (KU-Band Feed) (2hr)

Retro Jams- Retro Music Channel xx/xx/07  (KU-Band Feed) (2hr)


TBS (Cable Network) *For superstation WTBS see Atlanta Channel 17 WTBS

TBS - First Conan Show, Lopez Tonight, Robocop 11-8/9-10 (5hr)


C/KU Band Feeds/Programming

Jerry Lewis - MDA Telethon last 2 hours includes sign off, this would be Jerry's last MDA telethon and the last to be sent via analog C-Band 9-6-10 (2hr) (C-Band Feed)

Justice Sunday (Stop Democrats Filibustering) 4/24/05 (C-Band Feed) (2hr)



-Welcome to my TV Airchecks Page I can Dub any of these onto a VHS Tape or DVD. Just let me know what you would like.

Important Note: Some of the recordings are copyright blocked so in order to make a copy I will have to use a down converter which will make your copy not as good as the original, these are marked with an (*)

-YouTube: Click Here (Due to several changes to the platform I have pretty much abandoned the YouTube channel and will no longer be updated. Videos I have uploaded will remain as long as YouTube allows them to stay).

-E-mail me: jason@thehotfm.net

>>Tapeables (Updated Jan. 2018)

WSB- www.wsbtv.com 
2.1 - Channel 2/ABC
2.2 - Bounce TV (Urban TV)
2.3 - Laff (Classic Comedy TV Shows & Movies)

*WUVM 4-
analog ch 4 Azteca America (Spanish)

WAGA 5- www.myfoxatlanta.com
5.1 - Fox 5/FOX
5.2 - Movies (Classic Movies 24/7)
5.3 - Buzzr (Classic Game Shows)
5.4 - Light TV (Classic family based TV)

WTBS-LP 6- www.mix877.com 
analog ch 6 Urban AC radio (No Video)

WGTV 8- www.gpb.org
8.1 - GPB/PBS
8.2 - Create (Current and Classic educational shows)
8.3 - PBS Knowledge (PBS World Simulcast)
8.4 - GPB Kids 24/7

WXIA 11- www.11alive.com
11.1 - 11Alive/NBC 
11.2 - Weather Nation
11.3 - Justice TV
11.4 - Quest TV

*WPXA 14
14.1 - ION
14.2 - QUBO
14.3 - ION Live
14.4 - Shopping
14.5 - QVC
14.6 - HSN

*WYGA 16
16.1 - Shop LC
16.2 - SonLife Broadcasting Network (Religious)
16.3 - 360 HLN (Health/Religious)
16.4 - HSN
16.5 - AlmaVis (Spanish Religious)
16.6 - HSN 2
16.7 - LSTV
16.8 - Blank
16.9 - Infomercials

17.1 - Peachtree TV (Independent)
17.2 - Peachtree TV (SD feed) 

26.1 - Estrella TV (Spanish)
26.2 - Biz TV
26.3 - Jewelry TV
26.4 - France 24 (French TV News English)
26.5 - Newsmax TV
26.6 - 360 HLN (Health/Religious)

*WJSP 28 - www.gpb.org
28.1 - GPB/PBS
28.2 - Create (Current and Classic educational shows)
28.3 - PBS Knowledge (PBS World Simulcast)
28.4 - GPB Kids 24/7

*WANN-CA 32 - www.wanntv.com
32.1 - Atlanta Program Guide (Broadcast TV Guide)
32.2 - This (Movies)
32.3 - Infomercials
32.4 - Moxie (B Movies/Public Domain)
32.5 - Oldie Goldie (Movies)
32.6 - Comet (Science Fiction Movies/TV Shows)
32.7 - KBS America (Korean with English subtitles)
32.8 - LATV (Spanish)
32.9 - Charge! (Action Movies/TV Shows)
32.10  - Estrella TV (Spanish)
[Audio Only Channels]
32.11 94.9 The Bull Audio
32.12 94.9 The Bull Audio
32.13 Dead Air
32.14 Power 96.1 Audio
32.15 Power 96.1 Audio
32.16 Dead Air
32.17 Mix 87.7 Audio
32.18 Dead Air

34.1 - Univision (Spanish)
34.2 - TeleFutura (Spanish)
34.3 - Get TV (Classic TV Shows/Movies)
34.4 - Escape (Crime/Drama)

WATL 36 www.myatltv.com
36.1 - The ATL (Independent)
36.2 - This TV (Classic Movies)
36.3 - Antenna TV (Classic TV Shows)

40.1 - infomercials
40.2 - infomercials
40.3 - infomercials
40.4 - Music Mix (Mostly Urban Music Videos)

*WTHC-LD  42 www.destinationnetwork.com
42.1 - The Atlanta Channel (Tourist

WGCL 46 - www.cbsatlanta.com
46.1 - CBS Atlanta/CBS
46.2 - Cozy TV (Classic TV)
46.3 - Grit (Classic Westerns)

63.1 - TBN
63.2 - Hillsong Channel (Formally Church Channel)
63.3 - Smile of a Child (Day) - JCTV (Night)
63.4 - TBA Enlance (TBN in Spanish)
63.5 - Salsa (English speaking Hispanic programming)

69.1 - CW 69/CW
69.2 - Decades (Classic TV)

*Some signals are too weak to record a full and complete aircheck from without video and audio cutouts and pixelating video.






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