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Updated 10/9/17

New Smooth Jazz station at 101.1
The new translator that went on the air earlier this summer is now airing a Smooth Jazz format as "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA utilizing AM station 1310 WJZA (formally WPBC) and FM translator 101.1 W266BW.

 (Audio) Listen to the Top Hour (aprox size 1.4mb)

Atlanta radio dial update
On the HD radio side Steve Hegwood has leased 101.5 HD-2 from Cumulus and has launched a new Hip Hop station called Jamz 101.5.

The website is a bit confusing as they have Porsche Foxx listed as afternoon host while she already host afternoons at Old School 87.7 WTBS-LPTV.

The 101.1 W266BW translator has returned and is simulcasting WPBC 1310am with a Spanish format, the translator was briefly simulcasting WSTR-HD2's classic hits format.


Blog: AM Radio and Houston.
One of the notes I took away from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey is with much of the area underwater where did AM radio fit in to the equation? With less people owning traditional radios in their homes this day in age with smart phones and smart speakers taking their place where did AM radio stand in all this?

AM 740 KTRH was wall to wall coverage however unlike in New Orleans there was no FM simulcast of its programming. That had some people asking with all of their excellent coverage did anyone hear them.

With all the push by major radio companies trying to get people to download the Nextradio App that unlocks FM chips in most Android phones as AM would be wiped out with all the RF that smart phone processors produce not to mention finding space to add that little magnetic antenna to receive AM did people even know or have the ability to tune in to KTRH or any other AM only station in the area or surrounding areas for their coverage.

This is a problem that AM broadcasters are going to have to work on, FM translators aren’t the true solution for the long hull nor having apps that most people forget to use or can’t use when the power and data networks go down in a time of chaos.

Blog: The definition of oldies radio!
One of the biggest complaints I read on radio messages boards is, where’s MY oldies station? The simple answer is that it never really went anywhere it just moved on from the same music it was playing 20 years ago.

Today oldies is music from the 1980’s and 1990’s with just a sprinkle of late 1970’s but even the 70’s is starting to be phased out and this time next decade the music from then will be gone replaced solely with music from the 1980s, 1990’s and early 2000’s.

Even those so called nostalgia stations have moved on from the 1940’s and 1950’s to now playing music exclusively from the 1960’s and 1970’s with the original oldies playlist from twenty years ago.

Oldies have evolved just the people who have yet to understand that have a gripe, not with radio but with life. There will be a point someday that even today’s Justin’s and One D’s will be considered obsolete just like cable TV, desktop computers, CD’s, cassettes and members only Jackets.

I remember how odd it felt to hear Toto’s Africa on our local oldies outlet WKEU-AM/FM back in 2007 now they have started to play Cher’s Believe a song that came out in the late 1990’s, some day those The North Face jackets will be just as obsolete and stupid looking just as they are now, welcome to life.

New "Local" station
IHeart Media has flipped the southern simulcast and in town translator to Hip Hop bringing back the "Beat" brand last used on Cox Media's 95.5 now FM simulcast of 750 WSB-AM/WSBB-FM.

92.3 and 96.7 The beat is also the new home of the Breakfast club which had been pulled from Streetz 94.5 in the middle of October. This makes the 9th urban outlet in Atlanta next to, Old School 87.7, Streetz 94.5, Majic 97.5/107.5, OG 97.9, Boom 102.9, V103, Kiss 104 and Hot 107.9.

Blog: How to improve Cumulus Atlanta: (Part 2) "New" Radio 106.7

Cumulus has had a string of really bad format choices on their Atlanta signals for the past 10 years. The only correct thing they have ever done is move Q100 off the 100.5 signal on to the big 99.7 stick but other then that everything they have done has been wrong let’s continue with 106.7.

For almost two decades 106.7 had been a country blowtorch which always complemented their sister station Kicks 101.5 even if the morning host Moby/Rhubarb hated each other but it worked.

However when ABC sold off it's radio properties to Citadel they flipped the format to Oldies which at the time was a good idea unfortunately oldies radio as a sellable format in a big market and on a large signal died along with the most of the artist those kinds of stations aired.

So when Cumulus took over the old ABC/Citadel stations they flipped to an All News format. The launch was cheered as one of the best out of all of the other FM newsers that launched around the same time but sadly as is was always known Atlanta is not a all news radio consumption market no matter if it was an AM or FM station that format has never worked nor will it ever work in the smart phone era.

If they wanted to have a personality based talk format modeled after WTKS Orlando it might have worked out much better if they had moved the regular guys to morning’s, kimmer afternoons and launched a local midday and night shows with music filling overnights and all weekend.

However they chose to do the worse thing they could do and try to hit WSB head on and that is a certain suicide for any company to do. Other formats that would work are a soft 80’s based AC format to differentiate it from 98.5 a 70’s based Classic Rock, or 90’s based Hot AC to complement Q100 and take listeners away from Star and B simultaneously.

RIP. John "Skim" Moody
Just finding out that a long time trading buddy John "Skim" Moody has passed. We've known each other for almost 16 or so years and have traded so many tapes I've lost count.

Condolences to his family from his Aircheck trading family.

If you or know someone who is dealing with depression and is talking about suicide help is always available 24/7 1-800-273-8255. Of course I'm always available to lend an ear if you need someone to talk to.

Columbus Classic Hits Flips to Country Oldies
PMB Broadcasting has swapped formats in Columbus, Classic Hits Boomer has moved to a small in town translator/AM combo and the Country Oldies format has moved from that to the 95.3 signal.

Double the Majic again!
After seven months Radio One has flipped WUMJ 97.5 back to the Majic simulcast from the Boom hip hop oldies simulcast.

Ratings for Boom never went much higher then when the Hip Hop oldies format was just on the 102.9 translator.

The Move comes as Majic 107.5's ratings started to take a big hit allowing Cox media's Kiss 104 to take second place in the past several books. Boom will continue to air on the 102.9 translator.

Blog: The new 98.9 it’s what’s next? (Part 1)
Cumulus has had a hard time figuring out what to do with this signal. First launched in 2011 at 99.1 at 99 watts then to 98.9 at the full 250 watts, it was the second home of the ill-fated “99x” brand after it was killed off the wheel-o-formats begun.

First with Active Rock “The Bone” then as a Christian/Country hybrid “The Walk” then as a satellite fed oldies “Oldies 98.9” with Scott Shannon’s True Oldies Network/Good Time Oldies Networks then as Classic County “Nash Icon” then Christmas/Soft AC stunt to it’s extreme current based alternative revival brand of “99x”.

All within 4 years time, why has Cumulus been having so many issues with this signal? Simple answer Atlanta’s demographics have not matched any of the formats placed on this signal.

It’s an in town urban only signal that is barely receivable outside 285. So it stands to reason that a format that matches the population would work, unfortunately the brains at Cumulus have yet to grasp this concept. So what would work on 98.9?

The obvious is anything Urban or Hispanic. Rhythmic CHR would work even a Hispanic/Urban hybrid would work. An 80’s based urban oldies format would work.

Urban gospel would work as would a current based R&B format to complement their other translator 97.9 with its hip hop oldies format.

However a pure Reggaeton format would perhaps be the best bet for 98.9 going forward. Anything else would just be a waste of signal and money at least for this signal anyway. I will began a series of blog's soon on how to help Cumulus Atlanta improve their properties.

WKEU-AM add's another FM simulcast
AM 1450 WKEU in Griffin has signed on 102.3  W272DM-FM over the past weekend simulcasting the AM station. This translator puzzles me because WKEU-AM has always had an FM side airing the exact same satellite fed golden pop-rock hits for decades.

First at 97.7 before being sold to Radio-One and becoming Hot 97.5 in 1995 then 88.9 in 1999. The FM side is a non-commercial station which the AM is fully commercial however both stations air the exact programming including the "underwriting spots" the only exception is 1450 airs the Atlanta Braves games where as 88.9fm can't.

This really seems to be a waste of translator space for a AM that is and has been simulcasting on FM this whole time.

Boomin' loud and clear in the south metro.
Radio One has ended it's almost 7 year simulcast with Urban AC Majic 107.5 WAMJ in favor of expanding the Hip Hop Oldies format "Boom" brand.

Boom had only been heard on the small 147 watt 102.9 translator since it's launch back in December 2014 and was in second place in the ratings behind Cumulus' OG 97.9 and was ahead from the now defunct Old School 99.3.

The music heard on boom was originally heard on 97.5 back when that station was Hot 97.5 WHTA before moving to 107.9 in the fall of 2001, and was the first pure Hip Hop and Rap station in Atlanta when launched back in the summer of 1995.

Radio One recently re-hired former Hot 97.5 radio personality DJ Nabs to hold afternoons on Boom. With one of the original personalities and the music that started on 97.5 it will be interesting to see how the ratings will react in the months ahead.

Old School is back but on a Franken-fm
As I posted sometime ago below after all of the issues with the 99.3 translator and the interference with WCON-FM.

It looks like Steve Hegwood has ditched the 99.3 translator and have LMA'ed WTBS-LPTV analog Channel 6 which the audio carrier can be heard on 87.7fm and has re-launched the Old School format that was on 1010am WTZA before adding the FM translator.

The Mix is 60's - 90's R&B the old hip hop has mostly been removed. Time will tell if this station can be profitable for Hegwood or not and or if WTBS-LPTV will be allowed to stay on the air in the long term as the FCC made it mandatory for all TV stations to drop analog for a digital only broadcast.

Only LPTV stations have seen a reprieve from that rule for now, as some have lobbied that the FCC allow channel 6's to run as a commercial FM radio service.

A new year rings in an old station.
The rumor as stated below turned out to be true as Cumulus re-launches 99x on the 98.9 translator. The playlist is current intensive there is almost little to no 90's or early 2000's music they only seem to be dipping back about 5 or 6 years ago.

Similar to Cox's 107.1 awhile back that station was only able to pull in a 0.5 share in the ratings, so not expecting to see any big ratings with this new/old station. No word yet if they will add DJ's or just run it cheap.

Still in love with your X?
The rumor mill is spinning tonight towards Cumulus and the possible return of 99x. The  modern rock station launched back in 1992 and became the new sound of Atlanta.

It rode the Alternative music train all throughout the 90's quickly becoming the highest rated station in it's format constantly finishing in the top 5 in the Atlanta Arbitron ratings and others saw that success and would copy the 99x model.

However after the new millennium the Alternative momentum started to slow and towards the end of the last decade it saw a decline and companies started to scramble to find new formats for all of it's lower performing Alternative stations including 99x which flipped in January of 2008 moving Q100 from 100.5.

Many of them flipped to other formats including WTKS-FM in Orlando and it's long time Alternative "Real Music Weekends" to 70's/80's classic rock.

There have been some push to try to bring the format back in other markets including Atlanta with I-Heart's 105.7/96.7 and Cox's 107.1 but have really failed to rekindle the magic that was the 90's and Alternative music.

I personally enjoyed 99x growing up in Atlanta in the 90's hearing bands like Dave Matthews Band, Chumbawamba, Sneaker Pimps, Tonic, Better Than Ezra, Hootie & the Blowfish and others, but that magic is long gone.

After 99x went of the air from 99.7, it for a time lived online and on HD-2, before returning to the air first on the 97.9 translator then on 99.1 with 99 watts then to 98.9 at 250 watts before being killed off for good.

I really don't understand the re-launching of 99x if this rumor is true. It will never go anywhere on a low powered signal like 98.9 as indicated by the rumor.

It's been warm in Atlanta and on 98.9.
After a stunt of Christmas music Cumulus launched AC Warm 98.9 on December 26 at 12am. It is using Cumulus' owned Westwood One 24/7 satellite feed AC format.

Old School is still in the past.
It's been 5 months and Old School 99.3 is still off the air due to interference complaints from WCON-FM. While they tried to work on fixing issues, every time they sent the FCC a new application the owners of WCON-FM would shoot it down with a informal complaint.

It seems no matter what, the two sides can't see eye to eye. On top of the issue with WCON-FM a new LPFM hit the air over the summer in Riverdale 99.1 WGRU.

So the antenna pattern had to be changed to protect that station as well making the signal almost not even worth the effort to get it back on the air seeing that how no one can hear it unless you live within 5 miles due west (towards Smyrna) or within 5 miles south east towards Redan) certainly two areas hungry for Hip Hop Oldies format to return (insert sarcasm here).

The Zone has been sidelined.
Entercom the new owners of 94.1 WSTR (Star 94) and 790 WQXI has dumped Sports for a temporary simulcast of Star 94. No word yet as to what they will eventually do with the station.

The ESPN network has moved to 1230 WFOM in Cobb County which barely reaches into the Atlanta Metro although some of it's programming may end up on sister station 680 The Fan in some form in the future.

Since CBS launched Sports on 92.9 back in the fall of 2012 and 680 The Fan gaining an FM translator in 2010 and on top of news talker WSB adding 95.5, for the past 5 years the Zone has been scrapping the bottom of the ratings barrel for any signs of life.

It finally gave up back in 2013 when the entire local staff was let go and 790 just ran a all ESPN network feed as well as pulling the falcons radio game play as that moved to CBS' 92.9 fm. The Zone was pretty much doomed at that point.

Who knows what if any new format Entercom will put on the station or if it will be sold off to a church or Hispanic broadcaster or to another broadcaster is really anyone's guess, but it seems that Entercom is really not all that concerned with what to do with the station at this time.

Old School 99.3's translator is off the air for now.
Steve Hegwood's Old School 99.3 translator is off the air after months of legal issues started to pile up due to the translator interfering with adjacent country station 99.3 WCON-FM out of Cornelia in north east Georgia.

We are not sure (at the time of this posting) why Hegwood took the translator silent but it seems that it will remain off the air for some time until the issues are addressed to WCON-FM's and the FCC's satisfaction.

The Old School format is still airing on 94.9 WUBL-HD-3 as well as online but for how long is anyone's guess as there is almost little to no advertiser investment in that technology for now.

Assuming the station will return in some form or fashion is anyone's guess, as is if Hegwood would be able to buy out WCON-FM as he has done with 94.5 WIPK and 94.5 WFDR which was in similar issues wile his Streetz 94.5 translator was also interfering with those stations as well which led to him downgrading the translator before buying the stations in the end.

This will leave the remaining two Hip Hop Oldies stations left Cumulus' OG 97.9 and Radio One's Boom 102.9 taking up what little rating Old School had. It will be interesting to see which one get's the ratings boost with Old School out of the picture for now.

New "Local" Format change
After one year and one month Cox's X107.1 WTSH/W296BB has ended and flipped formats back to country however this time the station is now simulcasting 106.1 WNGC Athens but without Moby in the Morning. The new name is 106.1-107.1 Your Georgia Country.

New "Local" format change
Salem as taken full control of 590 WDWD formerly Radio Disney after a few weeks of on again off again broadcasting as they were moving things over.

The station is now airing a different line up of religious talk from sister 970/1400 WNIV/WLTA's faith talk. Radio Disney aired on 590 AM from November 1996 as it was one of a handful of stations to take the format before the national rollout in 1997 till May 1st, 2015.

New "Local" Station
Radio Georgia Inc. owners of WTGA-AM/FM 101.1/1590 has signed on 105.9 WFAL. 105.9 is currently simulcasting Fun 101.1. Not sure if the simulcast is permanent but from the looks of it, from comments made by the owner it might be.

Rivers/Hegwood Split
After three years with an LMA the rivers family have ended it's relationship with Steve Hegwood.

When the LMA began Hegwood was airing a 70's based urban oldies format as Old School 1010 but after acquiring another FM translator (99.3 W257DF) the format changed to the trendy Hip Hop Oldies format to skew the audience younger from a median age of 55 y/o to around 35.

Old School 99.3 is now using IHeart's 94.9 HD-3 for its translator feed and 1010 WTZA is now airing a Spanish Pop Language format LMA'ed with Davis Broadcasting.

590 WDWD being sold to Salem
After 19 years Disney is selling off its AM stations including 590 WDWD. It was announced by radioinsight that 590 has been sold to Salem. Expect 590 to drop Radio Disney in favor of Salem's Religious/conservative programming by early summer.

Blog: What can radio learn from Sony?

After the major attack on Sony, radio stations should also be on high alert for hacking issues.

Case in point back in October 2014 a cluster of stations in Louisiana was hacked and everything on their computers was deleted leaving all the stations with dead air and of course the fake zombie EAS that was broadcast on radio and TV stations in the Midwest earlier this year also at the hands of hackers.

Radio stations should always keep their equipment up-to-date with the latest OS and other software, also making sure that if your automation system is linked to the internet that you have the BEST safeguards installed available. Nothing is 100 % but something is better than nothing.

Hip Hop Oldies Overkill in Atlanta
It all started when R1 flipped formats in Houston, Tx from All News to Hip Hop Oldies branded as Boom 92. After a duel broke out in DFW Tx with R1 and IHeartMedia. Steve Hegwood relaunched Old School 99.3/1010 WTZA to the Hip Hop Oldies format. then Cumulus at 97.9 displacing the 20 Hits format and now R1 with Boom at 102.9. My bet will be that R1 wins the format war and hopefully the others will launch other formats needed in Atlanta.




Blog:Album 88/GPB time sharing agreement
The first day of the time sharing agreement went off without a hitch sort of, It was widely reported that Album 88 would continue 24/7 online and via 88.5 HD sub-channel. 

The only problem was there was no HD sub-channel to be found on 88.5. After all of the delays and tweaks to the agreement on the first day was no sign of Album 88 on the dial only online. 

I am really wondering if GSU thinks that the Album 88 brand and programming is even worth anything to them or it's just the money they are after and the students be damned?

"Local" Format Change
Cox has LMA'd 107.1 FM out of the Rome Georgia area and Atlanta Translator to launch Alternative "X107.1" the launch is in the Georgia Archive. 

RIP Casey Kasem
We knew this was coming but it doesn't make it any easier to lose someone especially someone who has honed you into the person you are.

His last year has been one of horror I'm sure with his kids and his wife fighting over him and the care he needed. He taught us as radio people how it is done and there is not a radio personality alive who can't credit this man for what impact he has had on this industry.

He along with this business partner Don Bustany launched "American Top 40" way back in July of 1970 with a concept to countdown the top 40 songs in the USA. It turned out to be a huge success in the long run having the show air not only in the US but all over the world. 

Video: Here is a youtube video on Don remarking on his years with Casey. Click Here

Video: and lastly here is Casey's final sign off from radio in 2009. Click Here

I will end this post as he has always ended his shows with "Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars".

GPB takeover of WRAS Album 88
GSU has leased the daytime airtime of 88.5 WRAS-FM to Georgia Public Radio. GPB will air programming from 5am to 7pm while Album 88 will continue at night from 7pm to 5am. Album will also air online and on a HD-2 sub channel.

Less news on 106.7
Cumulus has re-launched 106.7 from all news to talk radio, and News Radio 106.7 with Kimmer in place from 12pm to 3pm, the station adds Michael Graham from Boston from 8:30am to 12pm with Cumulus media syndicated talk filling in the parts at night when the braves don't play the only all news block will continue in the morning from 5am to 8:30am and afternoons from 3pm to 7pm.

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Is the latest AM/FM simulcast fad over?

If you look at the past few months of format changes most of them seem to be the ending of the AM/FM simulcast of brands and or placing the AM programming exclusively on FM and launching a new AM station or putting the AM programming back on AM only and re-launching FM music stations. Clear Channel as been one of those companies that has been doing this lately when they first ended the simulcast of KOGO on 95.7 and launching a new FM music station. In Tucson , Clear Channel ended its simulcast of 790 KNST on 97.1 FM to launch “Wild Country 97.1.”

In Tampa Clear Channel’s 970 WFLA ended it's simulcast on 94.5 and 105.9 in favor of re-launching of the “Thunder” classic rock brand on those translators filling the void left when Cox Media re-launched 102.5 The Bone to a Hot/Talk 24/7 format. Clear Channel also did this here in Atlanta when they ended the simulcast of 640 WGST on 92.3 FM in favor of an all comedy station then later ESPN Deportes and in Jacksonville as Fox Sports 930 ended its simulcast on 106.9 and re-launched the “Planet”  rock music brand on that translator. The latest is from Cumulus when they ended the AM/FM simulcast of 1070 WAPI in Birmingham , AL on 100.5 FM flipping the FM to ESPN Sports.

Some would argue that most of those stations listed above and others too numerous to list here only had a small share in the local ratings and wasn’t helped when they started simulcasting on FM. The main point (from those companies) to simulcast AM Talk Radio on FM was to draw a younger crowd who would not have over wise listen to that same programming on AM. I have never believed that the band was the problem but the content on those stations. 

As most of the top talkers are aging along with their audience it’s hard to bring or connect a younger generation who might not share some of those same philosophical beliefs. Forcing the programming on other bands will not help the content in the long run. Programmers have to figure out a way of getting a younger audience to tune in without flooding the bands with the same programming on multiple signals.

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100.5 WNNX Classic Rock

101.1 W266BW Smooth Jazz (See 1310 WJZA)

101.1 WTGA Classic Hits

101.5 WKHX Country

*102.1 WWWD Religious

*102.3 W272DM (see 1450 WKEU-AM)

 *102.3 WELR Country

 102.5 WPZE Black Gospel

*102.9 W275BK Hip Hop Oldies

*102.9 WVRK AOR

103.3 WVEE Urban

104.1 WALR Urban AC

104.7 WFSH Christian Contemporary

105.3 WBZY Regional Mexican

105.7 WRDA Alternative

*105.9 WFAL (Classic Hits) See 101.1 WTGA

*106.1 WSTH Country 

106.7 WYAY News/Talk

*107.1 W296BB Country

*107.3 WCGQ Top 40

107.5 WAMJ Urban AC

107.9 WHTA Hip Hop

AM Radio

590 WDWD Christian Talk

*620 WTRP Oldies/Standards

640 WGST Talk

680 WCNN Sports/Talk

720 WVCC Talk

750 WSB News/Talk

790 WQXI (Stunt/Simulcast of Star 94.1)

860 WAEC Religious 

890 WJTP Ethnic Asian 

920 WGKA News/Talk

970 WNIV Christian Talk

1010 WTZA Spanish

*1040 WPBS Ethnic

1080 WFTD Asain

1100 WWWE Ethnic/Brokered

1160 WCFO Talk

1190 WAFS Business Talk

*1290 WCHK News Talk

*1300 WNEA Religious

*1310 WJZA Smooth Jazz (See 101.1 W266BW)

1320 WHIE Country/Town

*1340 WIFN Sports

1380 WAOK Black/Talk

*1400 WCOH Sports

1430 WGFS Caribbean

*1450 WKEU Classic Hits/Town

*1520 WDCY Religious

*1550 WAZX Spanish Religious

1570 WIGO Urban Variety

*1600 WAOS Spanish 

*1670 WPLA Sports

*1690 WMLB Variety



90.1 WABE-HD2 Classical

90.1 WABE-HD3 NPR News

94.1 WSTR-HD2 (941-HD2) (Classic Hits)

94.1 WSTR-HD3 (Streetz 94.5) Hip Hop

94.9 WUBL-HD2 (100.9) (Religious Translator Feed)

96.1 WKLS-HD2 (Wild)  Rhythmic CHR

96.7 WWLG-HD2 (Pride Radio) (Gay Friendly Music) 

97.1 WSRV-HD2 (The Other Side of The River)  Alternative Rock

98.5 WSB-HD2 (Soft Standards)

99.7 WWWQ-HD2 (99x) Alternative

99.7 WWWQ-HD3 (OG 97.9) Hip Hop Oldies

101.5 WKHX-HD2 (Jamz 101.5) (Hip Hop)

103.3 WVEE-HD2 (Urban AC)

103.3 WVEE-HD3 (1380 WAOK) (Urban News/Talk)

104.1 WALR-HD2 (The Surge) EDM (Dance)

104.7 WFSH-HD2 (Faith Talk 970/1400) (Religious Talk)

104.7 WFSH-HD3 (Biz 1190) (Business Talk)

105.3 WBZY-HD2 (Hispanic)

*105.7 WRDA-HD2 (Pride Radio) (Gay Friendly Radio)

*107.5 WWMJ-HD2 (Boom 102.9) (Hip Hop Oldies) See 102.9 W275BK

107.9 WHTA-HD2 (Boom 102.9) (Hip Hop Oldies) See 102.9 W275BK

(*) Ask if able to Pick Up First may Be a little Faint 



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