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(AC) "Sunny 92.3" (WDEF) 6-30-13... 80min (Some Static)

(AC) "Sunny 92.3, John Tesh" (WDEF) 10-12-17... 45min

(AC) "Sunny 92.3" (WDEF) 10-13-17... 80min

(80's Oldies) "97.3/99.3 The Max, The 80's Channel" (WMXF) 4-13-04... 60min (Some Static)

(80's Oldies) "97.3/99.3 The Max, The 80's Channel" (WMXF) xx-xx-xx... 45min

(Classic Rock) "KZ-106.3" (WSKZ) 12-1-11... 90min

(AC) "B-97.5" (WJXB-FM) 6-18-03... 60min

(Urban) "1340 Jamz" (WKGN) 8/1/02 70min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.1" (KXHT) 9/14/05 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.1, Top 107 Hip Hop songs of all time countdown, numbers 103 to 88" (KXHT) 5-xx-14... 75min

(Top 40) "Q107.5" (WHBQ) 1-xx-16... 75min

(90's Oldies) "The New 98.9, Music for Generation X" (WKIM) 4-9-10... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "98.9 The Vibe" (WKIM) 6-3-15... 80min

(Hot AC) "FM 100" (WMC-FM) 9-14-05... 90min

(Hot AC) "FM 100" (WMC-FM) 1-xx-16... 70min

(Alternative) "93X" (WMFS) 9/14/05... 90min

(Alternative) "93X" (WMFS) 6/9/06... 45min

(Rock) "102.9 The Buzz" (WBUZ) 8-3-09... 45min 

(AC) "Mix 92.9" (WJXA) 3/27/09... 45min

(Talk)" 1510 WLAC, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell last show" (WLAC) 12-31-02... 30min

(Talk) "1510 WLAC, Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell" (WLAC) 8-31-09... 45min (DX) (Nighttime Fading)

(Talk) "1510 WLAC, Coast to Coast AM w/George Noory" (WLAC) 5-24-11... 90min (DX) (Night/Fading)

(Talk) "1510 WLAC, Eldon Thacker Show into Coast to Coast AM" (WLAC) 11-17-13... 90min Note: Eldon Thacker is an all music show playing mostly Americana and folk rock along with other oddities. 

(Talk) "1510 WLAC, Art Bell somewhere in time from July 3, 1996" (WLAC) 8-27-16... 2hrs (DX) (Night/Fading)

(Talk) "1510 WLAC, Coast to Coast AM, George takes calls about the passing of Art Bell" (WLAC) 4-14-18... 3hrs


(Top 40) "I-106 first week of the Top 40 format" (WNFN) 8-3-09... 90min

(Top 40) "102.5 The Party" (WPRT) 8-3-09... 45min

(Top 40) "107.5 The River" (WRVW) 3-27-09... 45min

(Classic Country) "650 AM WSM" (WSM) 3/4/0945min (DX) (Nighttime Fading)

(Classic Country) "650 AM WSM" (WSM) 12-23-13... 90min (DX) (Nighttime Fading)

(Talk) "Super Talk 99.7 WTN, Michael Savage into Fred Thompson 30min" (WWTN) 3/31/09... 45min 

(Hip Hop) "101.1 The Beat" (WUBT) 3/27/09... 45min