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Other Audio
This listing is for airchecks and other audio that doesn't fit in the states list and are experimental airchecks,
radio show podcast, demos, pirate station's, jingles, sweeps, special events, E-skip/Tropo and bandscans.

Network Show Demo's
Backtrax 90's with Kidd Kelly first hour's full segment 2004... 20min

"Flashback with Bill St. James" full first hour demo weekend of 11-6-11...  48min (Cue notes included)

"Hollywood Hamilton's Weekend top 30" last hour first full segment 2003... 15min

"The Joe Scarborough Show demo" 2005... 2min

E-skip opening in Atlanta
Bandscan during E-skip opening KCTR Billings, MT, and about 30minutes of KTQM Clovis NM are heard among others. 7-28-09... 40min (Static/Fading)

J. W. Broadcasting WCFO-AM " The Pete and Wayne Show" Pete Davis and Wayne "No offence" kitchens had been fired early in the year and would team up to host a two hour weekend show on then Business Radio 1160 WCFO. 10-8-06... 2hr

Clear Channel WFLZ-FM "The MJ Morning Show" last show 2-17-12... 2hr

Clear Channel WFLZ "The MJ Morning Show, clip of Uncle fester jumping off the gandy bridge live on the air 20min

Clear Channel WFLZ "The MJ Morning Show, aftermath MJ's furious over the confiscation of videos by station management of the bridge jump earlier. 15min

Clear Channel WGST-AM "Denny Radio" full show 10-9-06... 2hr

Clear Channel WGST-AM "Denny Radio" last show before the clear channel massacre where all local host across the country was let go and WGST would become a 24/7 birdfed "satellite" station. 10-15-06... 2hr

Premier Radio Networks "The Rush Limbaugh Show" first show back after drug rehab for opioid abuse and Dr. Shopping. 2006

Premier Radio Networks "The Rush Limbaugh Show" Rush Limbaugh's Tribute to Ronald Reagan 30min... 2004

Radio America Network "G Gordon Liddy" partial show 2-22-12... 49min

Radio America Network "G Gordon Liddy" last show xx-xx-12... 60min

Yea Networks "The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show" tribute show 7-29-13... 60min

Solar eclipse in Atlanta
1510am 8-21-17... 60min (recording during the duration of the 'great American solar eclipse' of 2017)
WLAC and WEAL are heard.

640 WGST
News Monster 640 WGST station promos sweeps about 30sec each total of 10 from 1997 original audio from WGST themselves

680 WCNN
News 68 WCNN "clip of a nightly sports talk show with longtime Atlanta phone prankster calling in" 4min... early 1980's

93.7 W229AG
Signal test for what would become the FM translator for 680 The Fan, airing best of the Bert Show 10-17-10... 20min (some static)

96.1 WKLS
Weekend Whistle date unknown late 80's or perhaps early 90's. 6min

The Regular Guys, the station accidentally airs explicit sex talk during commercial break 'a bit that was supposed to be played backwards later on the air' which leads to their firing. early 2004... 1min

101.5 WKHX
Station profile of Moby in the Morning... 2001 4min

WREK-FM 91.1
Partial interview with GM of WATL-TV 36 which had not signed on the air yet. announcing the new stations format 9min ...xx-xx-76 (note: there had been a channel 36 back in the 1950's short-lived but would return in 1976 as an independent station once again.