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Ashville, Highlands, Great Smoky Mountains Park, NC
(Soft AC) "FM 104.5" (WHLC) 6-30-13... 30min (DX) (Moderate to heavy static but audible)

(Hot AC) "Mix 96.5" (WOXL) 6-4-13... 30min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "105.9 The Mountain" (WTMT) 6-5-13... 30min

(Southern Rock/Country) "94.7 Smoke, recorded from AM 1660" (WBCN-AM) 8-11-18... 2hr (DX) (Nighttime Fading) (Poor signal at times)

(Southern Rock/Country) "94.7 Smoke, recorded from AM 1660" (WBCN-AM) 10-18-18... 80min (DX) (Nighttime Fading)  (Poor signal at times)

(Urban) "Power 98, B. J. Murphy and The Breakfast Brothers Morning Show" (WPEG) 3-27-97... 45min (static/fading) (audio stutters at times due to digital conversion)

(80's Oldies) "Star 104.7" (WSSS) 10-3-02... 45min

(Classic Hits) "95.7 The Ride" (WXRC) 10-3-12... 45min (DX) (Static first 10 minutes then stable)

(Hip Hop) "K-97.5" (WQOK) 8/18/01… 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Pulse 102" (WWPL) 2-25-12... 130min

(Hip Hop) “102 Jamz” (WJMH) 2/12/02...90min

Wilmington, Elizabethtown, Fayetteville, Fairmont
(Urban Oldies) “Jamin' 99.9” (WKXB) 4/27/09...45min (DX) (Light Static but stable)

(Urban Oldies) "Jamin' 99.9" (WKXB) 3-24-15... 90min

(AC) "Magic 103.7" (WLTT) xx-xx-00... 7min

(Black Gospel) "860 WFMO" (WMFO) 9-xx-10... 45min