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Internet Streams
(All MP3s are encoded at 128 Kbps but below will show what the bit rate was from the stream)
(D) means direct off the air feed, NO internet cut-in, ad's/psa's or music

Albany, Ga
(Alternative) "Real Rock 97.3" (WRAK) 1-7-05... 60min (128Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)

(Alternative) "Real Rock 97.3" (WRAK) 1-7-05... 45min (128Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)

(Alternative) "Real Rock 97.3, Double Down Morning's" 1-10-05... 60min (128Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)

(Alternative) "Real Rock 97.3" (WRAK) 4-12-05... 60min (128Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)

(Hip Hop) "102 Jamz" (WJMH) 8-20-12... 45min
(64Kbps) ((Stereo))

(Hip Hop) "102 Jamz" (WJMH) 8-25-12... 50min (64Kbps) ((Stereo))

Orlando, Fl
(Talk) "The Big 810AM, Shannon Burke into Don Miller" (WEUS) 11/29/11 45min
(54Kbps) (D)

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ" (WHTQ) 2-16-11... 26min (48Kbps) ((Stereo))

(Classic Rock/Re-launch) "96.5 WHTQ re-launches as 96 Rock" (WHTQ) 2-18-11... 37min (48Kbps) ((Stereo))

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9 HD-2" (WOCL-HD-2) 6-21-13... 45min (64Kbps) ((Stereo))

Portland, Or
(Hot Talk) "Hot Talk 1080 KOTK, Imus In the Morning" (KOTK) 3-3-03... 45min

Savannah, Ga
(Stunt) "Shamrock 107.9, all Irish music" (WLOW) 3-17-11... 30min (32Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)

Statesboro, Ga
(Hot AC) "Mix 100.1" (WMZD) xx-xx-05... 30min (32Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D) *Note: this station used ABC Radio Networks 24/7 Hot AC format and the local indents only air on one channel. The station also had the widest audio separation I have ever heard.

Tampa, Fl
(Rock) "102.5 The Bone, last day as a all music station" (WHPT) 4-20-12... 60min (48Kbps)

(Urban Oldies) "Jammin Oldies 96.1, The Doug Banks Morning Show, even though the station flipped formats it kept the same Hip Hop morning show for a short while" (WTMP-FM) xx-xx-04... 16min (32Kbps) (D)

Valdosta, Ga
(Hip Hop) "Lyx 96" (WLYX) 6-30-10... 60min (96Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)

(Hip Hop) "Lyx 96, Throwback Thursday old School Hip Hop" (WLYX) 6-2-11... 45min (96Kbps) ((Stereo)) (D)