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(AC) "Mix 94.7 WDEC" (WDEC) 6-14-09... 45min (some static)

(Country) "99.3 WCON" (WCON) 2-25-18... 80min (some static)

(Country) "99.3 WCON" (WCON) 3-10-19... 80min (some static)

(Talk) "550 WDUN, Todd Starnes into Dave Ramsey" (WDUN-AM) 1-2-19... 2hr (poor signal/DX)

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 5-13-03…20min  (some fading)

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) xx-xx-05... 40min

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 1-29-09... 45min

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 2-15-09... 45min (some fading)

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 9-7-09... 120min (some Static)

(Stunt) "Lake Lanier Islands 105.1, Stunt with Christmas Music" (WNGA) 12-25-12... 90min (heavy static)

(Oldies) "Magic 102.9, Christmas Music" (WMJE) 12-28-08... 45min.

(Rock) "Rock 103-7" (WPUP) 1-7-05...45min 

(Top 40) "Power 100.1" (WPUP) 6-29-16... 30min (some static)

(Talk) "FM 103.7, Best of Michael Savage, announces retirement" (WXKT) 8-17-09... 45min (some static)

(Talk) "FM 103.7, Dr. Laura, includes top-hour news about her leaving AM/FM radio" (WXKT) 8-18-10... 45min

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 9-12-12... 45min (some static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 6-30-13... 80min (some static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 6-11-14... 80min (some static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 7-31-16... 45min (some static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 2-25-18... 30min (some static)

(Alternative) "92.3 WAEG" (WAEG) 2/11/04...20min

(Urban AC) "Magic 100.9" (WAKB) 9-28-15... 70min (some static/fading)

(Classic Rock) "Eagle 105.7" (WEKL) 4-27-09... 45min (some static/fading) (one channel low/quiet)

(Classic Rock) "Eagle 105.7" (WEKL) 8-26-09... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Eagle 105.7, overnights into John Boy & Billy last 15min" (WEKL) 6-8-12... 90min (some static)

(Top 40) "HD 98.3" (WHHD) 5-6-06... 45min (heavy static/fading for the first 10mins then stable)

(Top 40) "HD 98.3" (WHHD) 9-28-15... 70min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 The Wiz" (WIIZ) 9-28-15... 45min (heavy static/fading)

(Hip Hop) "Foxie 103 Jamz" (WFXA) 9-28-15... 70min (some static/fading)

(Top 40) "Y-105" (WZNY) 4/6/96... 45min

(Rock) “Real Rock 97.3” (WMXV) 4/16/03…45min (some static) (DX)

(90's Oldies) "Gen X Radio 97.3" (WGEX) 10-23-10... 90min (DX) (heavy static/fadeout last 20 minutes)

(Top 40) "97.3 Now" (WGEX) 12-31-15... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 97" (WJAD) 1-13-92... 45min (poor audio)

(Hip Hop) "96.3 WJIZ"  (WJIZ) x/xx/04 ...15min (some static/fading)

(Hip Hop) "96.3 WJIZ" (WJIZ) 10-29-09... 90min (some static)

(Rock) "Real Rock 97.3" (WRAK) x/xx/04 (some fading)..45min

(Rock) "Real Rock 97.3, Buckethead in the morning" (WRAK) 9-23-04... 60min

(AC) "Magic 97.3" (WRAK) xx-xx-06... 30min (some static/fading at end)

(Hip Hop) "Blazin' 102.1" (WZBN) 2/17/04... 90min (some fading)

(Hot AC) "Kiss 102.7 (WCKS) xx/xx/05... 45min

(Hot AC) “Kiss 102.7" (WCKS) 12/1/08... 45min (some static)

(Hot AC) "Kiss 102.7" (WCKS) 3-16-09... 45min

(Hot AC) " Kiss 102.7" (WCKS) 5-14-17... 45min (some static/fading)

(Hot AC) "Kiss 102.7, same as above different hour" (WCKS) 5-14-17... 80min (some static/fading)

(Country) "King Country 1060" (WKNG) 5-14-16... 90min

(Country) "King Country 93.7/1060" (WKNG) 9-30-16... 80min (note station just recently signed on an FM translator) (recorded from 1060am)

(Country) "King Country 93.7/1060" (WKNG) 8-25-18... 90min (recorded from 1060am)

(Stunt/Christmas) "Christmas 98.9" (WWGA) 11-29-10... 90min (some static)

(Classic Hits) "Great Classic's 98.9, first day on the air" (WWGA) 12-27-10... 90min (some static/fading)

(Hip Hop) "98.3 The Beat" (WBFA) 10-8-09...60min

(Top40) “107.3 The Q” (WCGQ) 3/30/03… 45min (some fading)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 12/23/08... 45min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 2/16/09... 45min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 9-7-09... 45min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) xx-xx-11... 90min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) xx-xx-11... 90min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 4-24-15... 80min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 6-26-16... 45min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 6-16-17... 80min (some static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 2-14-19... 60min (some static)

(AC) "Sunny 100" (WGSY)  x/xx/03…15min (some fading)

(AC) "Sunny 100" (WGSY) x/xx/03 ...45min  (fading at end)

(AC) "Sunny 100, Totally 80's Weekend" (WGSY) 9-xx-04... 50min (some static/fading at end)

(Hot AC) "Sunny 94.7, recorded off the AM side" (WGSY-AM) 8-20-18... 80min (DX/fading) (note: after moving off 100.1 FM to make way for Hip Hop "Hot 100" Sunny moved to the AM/FM Translator combo and format tweaked to Hot AC)

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7, recorded half hour after flip" (WIOL) 10/23/07... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7, First Day" (WIOL) 10/23/07... 90min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7" (WIOL) 11-27-07... 30min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7" (WIOL) 12-2-07... 100min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7" (WIOL) 9-20-09... 45min

(Sports) "95.7/1580 The Zone, Paul Finebaum" (WIOL) 11-4-09... 45min (note: station still plays full Hot AC songs during some breaks)

(Public Radio) "GPB at 88.1, All Things Considered into Market Place" (WJSP) 1-25-19... 60min (slight static)

(Urban AC) "K95.7" (WKZJ) x/xx/03 ...45min

(Urban AC) "K95.7" (WKZJ) 9-xx-04... 60min 

(Urban AC) "K95.7, 2 days from flip to classic rock" (WKZJ) 3-27-05... 45min

(Urban AC) "K95.7, day before the flip" (WKZJ) 3-28-05...45min

(Flip Urban AC/Classic Rock) "K95.7, flips to Classic Rock 95.7 The River "K" would move to 92.7" (WKZJ) 3-29-05... 45min

(AC) "103.7 Lite FM" (WLTC) 12-28-12... 45min (Some Static)

(AC) "103.7 Lite FM, Ed Bostic in the Morning" (WLTC) 5-19-16... 90min (moderate to heavy static throughout but audible)

(Classic Hits) "95.3 The Ride" (WRLD) 10/22/08... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 12-2-11... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 12-14-14... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 6-14-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 7-2-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 12-25-15... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 5-4-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 6-1-16... 2hr

(Country Oldies) "95.3 Kissin' Country Legends" (WRLD) 8-12-16... 80min (note: first full day of Country Oldies format)

(Country Oldies) "95.3 Country Legends" (WRLD) 3-11-19... 90min (static/fading)

(Country) "South 106.1" (WSTH) 11-8-11... 90min

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 3/30/03…45min (some fading)

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 1/25/07... 90min (some static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 6/16/08... 90min (some static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, DJ: Erin, this was her last week at Rock 103 before moving to Atlanta to join 100.5" (WVRK) xx-xx-08... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 4/9/09... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, WTVM 9 Tornado Coverage into regular programming" (WVRK)  4/20/09... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 9-8-09... 60min (Some Static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 9-11-09... 120min  (some fading/static)

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 2-5-10... 90min

(AOR) "Rock 103, The 5 O-Clock Whistle" (WVRK) 2-5-10... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 9-23-10... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 6-10-11... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy full show" (WVRK) 4-24-15... 5hr (this would be the last aircheck i have of the show with Robert D. Raiford as he would suffer a stroke later in the summer leaving him off the air until his death in 2017.

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 10-25-15... 80min

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 11-8-15... 2hr

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 6-1-16... 2hr

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 8-13-16... 90min

(AOR) "Rock 103, Overnights with Stacey into John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 12-17-18... 4hr (slight static) (at this time Rock 103 would start to insert its own songs during the show delaying some bits)

(AOR) "Rock 103, DJ: Nikki Sixx into Stacey" (WVRK) 6-16-17... 2hr (some static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, Hurricane Michael coverage simulcast on I-Heart stations in Albany, Columbus and Macon" (WVRK) 10-10-18... 80min (heavy static/fading)

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 2-19-19... 60min (slight static)

(Hot AC) "Mix 104.5, DJ: J. J. Jackson (same DJ as Fox 97/Cool 105.7/790 WQXI" (WYYU) xx-xx-05... 40min (some fading/static)

(Country) "Z-94" (WBYZ) 1-xx-06… 30min (some fading/static)

(Classic Hits) "Classic 93.5" (WVOH) 12-xx-09... 45min (some static) (station had just flipped from County as V93)

(AC) "Sunny 103, Dennis Abercrombie Morning's" (WWSN) 3-29-00... 60min

(AC) "Sunny 103" (WWSN) xx-xx-04... 45min

(Classic Hits) "107.5 The Buzz" (WDBN) 10-04-05... 90min (DX) (some fading/static but stable) (last 7 minutes is WVOH V93)

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WELT) 12-24-06... 45min

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WEDB) 7-11-09... 60min

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WEDB) 10-8-09... 60min

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WEDB) 11-9-09... 45min

(Hot AC) "Magic 98.1, Rick and Bubba" (WEDB) 6-7-11... 45min

(AC) "Magic 101.9" (WJFL) 9-13-08... 45min (DX) (light static but stable)

(AC) "Magic 101.9" (WJFL) 4-27-09... 30min (DX) (light static but stable)

(AC) "Magic 101.9' (WJFL) 10-8-09... 45min (some static)

(Classic Hits) "Magic 101.9" (WJFL) 12-15-14... 80min (light static but stable)

(Hot AC) "92.7 WKKZ" (WKKZ) 5-6-00... 45min (heavy static and fading, I recorded this from Daytona Beach during an E-skip opening WKKZ battles it out with WJBT 92.7 The Beat Jamz throughout the aircheck, truly a neat listen)

(Hot AC) "92.7 WKKZ" (WKKZ) 5-12-03… 45min 

(Hot AC) "92.7 WKKZ" (WKKZ) 7-1-14... 80min (slight static but stable)

(Variety Hits) "Sam 107.3" (WMCD) 4-27-09... 20min (DX) (some fading/static but stable)

(Variety Hits) "Sam 107.3 (WMCD) 10-29-09... 45min

(Hot AC) "Eagle 102.9" (WPMX) 10-8-09... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Dock 103.9" (WDDK) 5-11-09... 45min (some fading/static but stable)

(Adult Standards) "Star Station 100.7" (WLRR) 7-11-15... 45min (some static)

(Adult Standards) "Star Station 100.7" (WLRR) 11-21-15... 45min (some static)

(Adult Standards) "Star Station 100.7" (WLRR) 2-xx-16... 45min (some static)

(Hot AC) "Z-97.7" (WMGZ) 4-22-03... 20min 

(Hot AC) "Z97" (WMGZ) 5-11-09... 30min (some fading/static)

(Hot AC) "Z97" (WMGZ) 5-23-11... 45min (some fading/static)

(Classic Hits) "97 Big FM" (WMGZ) 9-29-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "The Edge 104.7" (WHVL) 3-xx-00… 25min (one commercial stop set scoped out, rest intact)

(Hip Hop) "Phat 104.7" (WHVL)… 45min 10-xx-00 (some static)

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 12-03-08... 45min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 9-26-10... 90min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 6-21-13... 45min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 7-3-13... 60min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 9-14-16... 45min (some static)

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 1-29-19... 45min

(Classic Country) "1410 WKKP" (WKKP) 3-19-11... 90min

(Classic Country) "1410 WKKP" (WKKP) 3-9-13... 90min

(70s Oldies) "Star 102" (WDBS) 11-25-96... 90min (muddy audio but fair)

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1" (WFXM) 6-14-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1" (WFXM) 7-2-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1 (WFXM) 10-29-09... 45min  (some fading/static)

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1 and 105.9" (WFXM) 7-2-15... 45min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 5-04-03…45min 

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB, The Doug Banks morning show" (WIBB) 12-2-03 ...90min (some static)

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 11-30-08... 45min (some static)

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 3-16-09... 30min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 3-17-09... 45min (some static)

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 11-21-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB, overnights into Ricky Smiley" (WIBB) 1-1-16... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 6-26-16... 80min (slight static)

(Country) "96.5 The Bull" (WIHB) 10-25-15... 80min (some static)

(Talk) "940 WMAC, Best of Neal Boortz" (WMAC) 4-13-08 ...45min (DX) (some fading)

(Talk) "News Talk 940 WMAC, Best of Rush Limbaugh" (WMAC) 10-1-16... 100min (DX) (some fading)

(Talk) "News Talk 940 WMAC, Best of Rush Limbaugh into best of Mark Levin" (WMAC) 11-3-18... 2hr (DX) (some fading)

(Top 40) "B-93.7, DJ: Derek Wright 5pm" (WMGB) 6-21-01…60min (some fading) sample clip

(Top 40) "B-93.7. DJ: Stephen B. same as day above 6pm" (WMGB) 6-21-01... 60min (some fading)

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 2-19-03...90min 

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 5-11-09... 60min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 10-8-09... 60min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 12-24-09... 45min (some static)

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 6-7-11... 60min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 5-22-12... 80min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 12-28-12... 45min (some static)

(Top 40) "B-95.1, Throwback Weekend 90's music mixed in with currents" (WMGB) 1-1-16... 80min (some static)

(Talk) "News Talk 1670 WMWR, G Gordon Liddy" (WMWR) 12/xx/05 ...45min (DX, some fadeout)

(AC/Classic Hits) "Peach 96.5/102.5" (WPCH) 10/25/08... 45min

(AC/Classic Hits) "Peach 96.5/102.5, Christmas Music" (WPCH)  11-19-10... 90min (some static)

(AC) "Z 93.7, Dave till Dawn" (WPEZ) xx-xx-03... 30min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 10/10/08... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 8-10-09... 60min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 2-23-10... 45min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 4-10-12... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7, Christmas Music, 6pm" (WPEZ) 12-23-12... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7, Christmas Music, 8pm" (WPEZ) 12-23-12... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 7-2-13... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7, John Tesh, Christmas Music" (WPEZ) 12-7-13... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7, Delilah, Christmas Music" (WPEZ) 12-23-13... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 11-21-15... 45min (static/fading at end)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 1-1-16... 4hr (some static/fading)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 4-13-16... 3hr (some static/fading)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 7-7-16... 90min (some static)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 9-15-16... 80min (some static)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 6-3-18... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 1-31-19... 100min (static/fading at times)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 2-19-19... 60min (static/fading at times)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 3-10-19... 80min

(Hot AC) "Mix 100.9" (WPGA) 2/15/04...45min 

(Hot AC) "Mix 100.9, features news about the death of Steve Erwin" (WPGA) 9-4-06 ...45min

(AC) "Mix 100.9" (WPGA) 9/16/08... 45min (some static)

(AC) "Mix 100.9, Kenny B and Charles E Morning Show" (WPGA) 11-12-08... 45min

(AC) "Mix 100.9 WPGA" (WPGA) 6-3-09... 45min (Some Static)

(AC) "Mix 100.9" (WPGA) 5-26-11... 37min (static/fading)

(Classic Leaning/AOR) "Q106" (WQBZ) 2/xx/05... 45min (static/fading)

(Classic Leaning/AOR) "Q106" (WQBZ) 2/xx/05... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Q106" (WQBZ) 1-24-09... 45min (some static)

(Classic Rock) "Q106-3" (WQBZ) 4-21-09... 45min (some static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3" (WQBZ) 2-24-10... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3, into John Boy & Billy last 30min" (WQBZ) 3-5-10... 90min (some fading/static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3 John Boy Billy Saturday" (WQBZ) 10-20-10... 90min (some static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3" (WQBZ) 2-4-11... 45min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3, John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 2-16-11... 90min (some static)

(Classic Rock) "Q-106.3" (WQBZ) 4-11-12... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Q106.3, John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 1-24-12... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Q106.3, Overnights into John Boy and Billy (WQBZ) 5-25-12...90min (some fading)

(AOR) "Q106.3, the station had returned to it's AOR format" (WQBZ) 9-7-12... 90min

(AOR) "Q106.3, Overnights into Best of John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 9-8-12... 90min

(AOR) "Q106.3, Overnights into John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 11-5-12... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 100.1" (WQMJ) 4-25-09... 45min  (Some Static)

(Urban AC) "Majic 100.1" (WQMJ) 9-23-09... 60min

(Urban AC) "Magic 100.1" (WQMJ) 2-5-11... 45min (Some Static)

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7, DJ: Blair Braxton" (WVKX) 10-30-04... 45min (some heavy static/fading)

(Urban) "Love 103.7" (WXKX) 12-24-06... 45min

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 12-xx-08... 60min (some static)

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 9-23-09... 60min

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 10-8-09... 45min

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 3-2-11... 45min (some static)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 96.5, The Drew Show with Music" (WYNF) …90min  4-22-03 (some static)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 96.5 - Real Music Weekends" (WYNF) …20min 5-13-03 (some static)

(Modern AC) "96.5 The Buzz, Into Bubba The Love Sponge last 10min" (WYNF) 9-12-03...90min 

(Modern AC) "96.5 The Buzz" (WYNF) 4/xx/05 ...45min

Newnan/Lagrange/Peachtree City/Griffin/South Atlanta
(for launch of the buzz and other buzz airchecks see WXVV or WVWA at the bottom of this Newnan listing)

(Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz" (WBZY) 4-xx-03... 45min

(Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz" (WBZY) 10-10-04... 40min

(Classic Country) "Dixie 104.9" (WBAF-AM/W285FK) 12-25-16... 60min (static and songs skip at times)

(Classic Country) "1400 WCOH" (WCOH) 12-19-05... 45min (poor AM signal)

(Country) "92.5 The Bear" (WEKS) 2-16-10... 45min

(Country) "92.5 The Bear, DJ: Uncle Rich" (WEKS) 1-29-14... 100min (recorded overnights during the 2014 North Georgia ice storm)

(Country "92.5 The Bear" (WEKS) 1-25-19... 70min (static in the first 10 minutes then clears drastically for the remainder)

(Country) "Mountain Country 94.5" (WFDR) 2-26-10... 45min

(Talk) "Straight Talk 1370, Michael Savage into Dr Laura" (WFDR) 3-3-10... 45min (poor AM signal)

(Urban Gospel) "102.1" (WGAF-LP) 4-16-17... 45min (note: station just signed on no station announcements but an odd Pat Garrett 102 Jamz liner airs at times seems to be ripped from one of his online demos)

(Urban Gospel) "102.1 The Light" (WGAF-LP) 2-5-19... 60min (moderate Static)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 3-26-09... 30min (some high end modulation peeks)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Ludlow Porch" (WHIE) 6-23-09... 90min (poor AM signal)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Local Morning News  into Ludlow" (WHIE) 8-21-09... 45min (poor AM signal)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Ludlow Porch" (WHIE) 9-2-10... 90min (low volume)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Ludlow Porch Last Show, Ludlow would pass away shortly after" (WHIE) 9-3-10... 180min

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 3-4-11...90min

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 6-18-16... 2hr

(Town/ Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 8-21-17... 90min

(Oldies/Town) "Oldies Radio 1450 WKEU, DJ: Ron Foster" (WKEU-AM) 10-10-05... 45min

(Oldies/Town) "Oldies Radio 1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-1-07... 45min

(Oldies/Town) "Oldies Radio 1450 WKEU, DJ: Dwayne Dancer" (WKEU-AM) 4-4-09... 75min

(Oldies/Town) "1450 WKEU, Fred Thompson" (WKEU) 3-3-10... 45min

(Oldies/Town) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU) 3-9-11... 90min

(Oldies/Town) "1450 WKEU Dennis Miller into regular music and local news" (WKEU) 7-15-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU, programming cuts out in the middle due to biannual satellite sun outage" (WKEU) 3-5-16... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-15-17... 97min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-22-17... 80min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-26-17... 80min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU, regular into Atlanta Braves pre-game show" (WKEU-AM) 4-21-18... 2hr (signal fades at end)

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU, regular into Atlanta Braves pre-game show" (WKEU-AM) 8-4-18... 2hr (signal fades at end)

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU) 8-11-18... 90min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 1-13-09... 45min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-23-13... 45min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-25-14... 90min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 4-19-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 5-9-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 5-23-15... 60min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 4-9-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 6-2-16... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 4-16-17... 45min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-25-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-24-17... 40min (heavy static)

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 3-15-18... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, DJ: Dwayne Dancer" (WKEU-FM) 5-5-18... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 1-26-19... 60min

(Rhythmic CHR) WILD 96.7 (WLDA) 11-19-00… 60min (features a spot with 'Big Mama and the wild bunch' trying out for on-air position)

(Sign on/Country Oldies) "96.7 The Legend sign on" (WLTM) 12-25-07... 90min

(Hot AC) "Magic 98.1, DJ: Benji" (WMAX) 10-22-01 …60min

(Hot AC) "Magic 98.1, Coweta County Tornado Coverage into regular programming" (WMGP) 1-05-07... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 11-16-10... 90min (some static)

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 11-24-12... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 12-24-12... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 11-22-17... 70min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1" (WMGP) 1-27-19... 60min

(Religious) "91.7 New Life FM" (WMVW) 4-15-17... 90min

(Religious) "91.7, New Life Radio" (WMVW) 1-26-19... 60min

(Religious) "1300 WNEA" (WNEA) 7-18-13... 45min (poor AM signal)

(for earlier airchecks of 'radio' see WWLG at the bottom of this Newnan listing)

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7, DJ: Barnes" (WRDG) 9-29-13... 90min (note, this is the same Barnes originally from 99x, The Morning X)

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7, DJ: Aly into Mike Jones" (WRDG) 1-13-14... 80min

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7" (WRDG) 2-27-16... 90min

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7" (WRDG) 5-7-16... 90min

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 11-11-16... 5hr (note: first day on air, re-airs launch package every hour).

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 6-27-17... 100min

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 9-20-17... 80min

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat, Mix show into regular" (WRDG) 3-15-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 4-28-18... 100min (station was recently lost it's Atlanta translator W222AF 92.3)

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat, Memorial Day Mix" (WRDG) 5-25-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 8-11-18... 80min

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat, Labor Day Mix" (WRDG) 8-31-18... 2 1/2 hours

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 1-26-19... 60min

(Oldies/Standards) "Timeless Classics 620 WTRP" (WTRP) 9-13-06... 45min

(Oldies) "620 WTRP, Greatest Hits USA w/Chuck Taylor Christmas special" (WTRP) 12-22-18... 60min (weak to ok signal)

(Talk) "720 The Voice, 85 South w/John Scott into Fox sports radio 30mins in into official sign off with star spangled banner" (WVCC) 3-8-05... 70min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, The Curt Snider Show" (WVCC) 10-10-05... 20min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, The Curt Snider Show" (WVCC) 12-xx-05... 45min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, Sean Hannity into Larry Elder into nightly sign off" (WVCC) 10-22-18... 2hr (note unlike earlier airchecks the station no longer does an official sign off, the signal just abruptly goes dark at sunset.)

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM, Christmas" (WVFJ) 12-26-13... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM, Christmas" (WVFJ) 12-25-16... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM, Christmas" (WVFJ) 12-24-17... 45min

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM" (WVFJ) 10-18-18... aprox 2hr

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM" (WVFJ) 1-25-19... 60min (slight static)

(Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz, Friday before the move to 105.3" (WVWA) 5/6/05... 90min

(Alternative/Stunt) "96.7 The Buzz switch over (Recorded on 96.7fm) the Buzz moves to 105.3" (WVWA) 5/9/05... 90min

(AC) "96.7 Lite FM" (WVWA) 12-23-06 ...90min (note: this incarnation is a broader based AC then when it was on 94.9)

(Country Oldies) "96.7 The Legend" (WWLG) 8-28-10... 90min

(Country Oldies) "96.7 The Legend" (WWLG) 9-4-10... 90min

(Country Oldies) "96.7 The Legend" (WWLG) 9-5-10... 90min

(Flip) "96.7 The Legend flip to (The Groove) Simulcast" (WWLG) 9-6-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "105.7/96.7 The Groove" (WWLG) 9-26-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, Recorded from the 96.7fm side about an hour into the new name" (WWLG) 11-15-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 1 10pm" (WWLG) 9-23-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 2 1am" (WWLG) 9-24-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 1 10pm" (WWLG) 9-24-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 2 1am" (WWLG) 9-24-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7" (WWLG) 8-30-12... 90min

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, first day on air, recorded from 96.7" (WWLG) 3-28-13... 90min

(Sign on/Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz, Sign on" (WXVV) 4-5-02…120min

Saint Simons Island/Brunswick
(Classic Rock) "92.7 The Fox" (WHFX) x-xx-00…45min

(Urban/Rock) "101.5 Channel X" (WHJX) 6-14-94 ...45min

(Urban/Rock) "101.5 Channel X" (WHJX) 6-17-94 ...45min

(Oldies) "Cool 100.7" (WKQL) 5-xx-05... 30min (DX) (static but stable)

(Classic Hits) "Arrow 100.7" (WWRR) 1-17-97... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Arrow 100.7" (WWRR) 8-25-02... 45min

(Top 40) "97.3 Kiss FM" (WAEV) 12-21-13... 60min

(Hip Hop) "E 93.1 Jamz, Club 93-1 live mix show" (WEAS) 7/26/02… 50min

(Hip Hop) "E 93.1" (WEAS) 6-7-11... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Classic Rock) "Fox 106.1" (WFXH) 3/xx/00… 22min

(Classic Hits) "Big 98.3" (WGCO) 10-29-09... 60min (some fading/static)

(Adult Standards) "WLOW 107.9, John Sutton's Big Band Swing syndicated show" (WLOW) 7-17-98... 45min

(Modern AC) "The New Wave 106.9, last 15min Absolutely 80s into regular" (WWVV) 2-6-99... 45min

(Modern AC) "The New Wave 106.9" (WWVV) 6/15/99… 60min

(Modern AC) "The New Wave 106.9" (WWVV) 8/28/99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "94.1 The Beat" (WQBT) 7-27-02… 90min

(Top 40) "Z102, DJ: Dylan" (WZAT) 5-xx-01... 30min

(Top 40) "Z102, JT and Company" (WZAT) 5-05-02… 45min 

(Hot AC) "Z102" (WZAT) xx-xx-03... 20min (note first month after tweaking away from Top 40 to Hot AC "Z" brand remained.

(Hot AC) "Z102, JT and Company" (WZAT) 5-14-03... 90min (fading at the end)

(Hot AC) "Z102" (WZAT) 1-xx-04... 45min (Some Static)

(NOAA WEATHER) "NOAA Weather Radio, Network fails in the middle of a severe weather outbreak" (KXJ31) " 4-2-09... 30min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101 TGA" (WTGA) 4/14/08... 45min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101 TGA" (WTGA) 12-1-08... 45min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101 TGA, Bill Bailey's Morning Fun House" (WTGA) 9-16-09... 120min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101" (WTGA) 9-26-10... 90min (Some Static)

(Hot AC) "Fun 101, Christmas Music" (WTGA) 12-25-12... 90min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101, Christmas Music" (WTGA) 12-25-13... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1" (WTGA/WFAL) 3-9-16... 5hr (static/fading) the 101.1 W266BW translator cuts in at times)

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1, Regular into Atlanta Braves Baseball" (WTGA/WFAL) 5-12-16... 6hr (same note as above)

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1, Christmas Music" (WTGA) 12-25-16... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1" (WFAL) 1-27-19... 60min

(Oldies) "Cruisin' 94” (WMTM) 9/20/05…45min

(Classic Hits) "Crusin' 94" (WMTM) 4-15-14... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Crusin 94" (WMTM) 1-1-16... 80min (some static)

(Top 40) "Power 96" (WQPW) 8-7-91... 60min

(AC) "95.7 The Mix" (WQPW) 4-7-06 ... 45min (some static)

(AC) "95.7 The Mix" (WQPW) 5-28-13... 90min (some static)