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(AC) "Mix 94.7 WDEC" (WDEC) 6-14-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Country) "99.3 WCON" (WCON) 2-25-18... 80min (Some Static)

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 5-13-03…20min  (Some fading)

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) xx-xx-05... 40min

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 1-29-09... 45min

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 2-15-09... 45min (Some fading)

(Hot AC) "Magic 102.1" (WGMG) 9-7-09... 120min (Some Static)

(Stunt) "Lake Lanier Islands 105.1, Stunt with Christmas Music" (WNGA) 12-25-12... 90min (Heavy Static)

(Oldies) "Magic 102.9, Christmas Music" (WMJE) 12-28-08... 45min.

(Rock) "Rock 103-7" (WPUP) 1-7-05...45min 

(Top 40) "Power 100.1" (WPUP) 6-29-16... 30min (Some Static)

(Talk) "FM 103.7, Best of Michael Savage, announces retirement" (WXKT) 8-17-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Talk) "FM 103.7, Dr. Laura, includes top-hour news about her leaving AM/FM radio" (WXKT) 8-18-10... 45min

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 9-12-12... 45min (Some Static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 6-30-13... 80min (Some Static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 6-11-14... 80min (Some Static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 7-31-16... 45min (Some Static)

(Adult Hits) "103.7 Chuck FM" (WXKT) 2-25-18... 30min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "92.3 WAEG" (WAEG) 2/11/04...20min

(Urban AC) "Magic 100.9" (WAKB) 9-28-15... 70min (Some Static/Fading)

(Classic Rock) "Eagle 105.7" (WEKL) 4-27-09... 45min (Some Static/Fading) (One channel low/quiet)

(Classic Rock) "Eagle 105.7" (WEKL) 8-26-09... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Eagle 105.7, Overnights into John Boy & Billy 15min" (WEKL) 6-8-12... 90min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "HD 98.3" (WHHD) 5-6-06... 45min (Heavy Static/Fading for the first 10mins then Stable)

(Top 40) "HD 98.3" (WHHD) 9-28-15... 70min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 The Wiz" (WIIZ) 9-28-15... 45min (Heavy static/Fading)

(Hip Hop) "Foxie 103 Jamz" (WFXA) 9-28-15... 70min (Some Static/Fading)

(Top 40) "Y-105" (WZNY) 4/6/96... 45min

(Rock) “Real Rock 97.3” (WMXV) 4/16/03…45min (Some static) (DX)

(90's Oldies) "Gen X Radio 97.3" (WGEX) 10-23-10... 90min (DX) (Heavy Static/Fading Out Last 20 minutes)

(Top 40) "97.3 Now" (WGEX) 12-31-15... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 97" (WJAD) 1-13-92... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Hip Hop) "96.3 WJIZ"  (WJIZ) x/xx/04 ...15min (Little Fading)

(Hip Hop) "96.3 WJIZ" (WJIZ) 10-29-09... 90min (Some Static)

(Rock) "Real Rock 97.3" (WRAK) x/xx/04 (Some Fading)..45min

(Rock) "Real Rock 97.3, Buckethead in the morning" (WRAK) 9-23-04... 60min

(AC) "Magic 97.3" (WRAK) xx-xx-06... 30min (Some Static/Fading at end)

(Hip Hop) "Blazin' 102.1" (WZBN) 2/17/04... 90min (Some Fading)

(Hot AC) "Kiss 102.7 (WCKS) xx/xx/05... 45min

(Hot AC) “Kiss 102.7" (WCKS) 12/1/08... 45min (Some Static)

(Hot AC) "Kiss 102.7" (WCKS) 3-16-09... 45min

(Hot AC) " Kiss 102.7" (WCKS) 5-14-17... 45min (Some Static/Fading)

(Hot AC) "Kiss 102.7, same as above different hour" (WCKS) 5-14-17... 80min (Some Static/Fading)

(Country) "King Country 1060" (WKNG) 5-14-16... 90min

(Country) "King Country 93.7/1060" (WKNG) 9-30-16... 80min (note station just recently signed on an FM translator) (recorded from 1060am)

(Country) "King Country 93.7/1060" (WKNG) 8-25-18... 90min (recorded from 1060am)

(Stunt/Christmas) "Christmas 98.9" (WWGA) 11-29-10... 90min (Some Static)

(Classic Hits) "Great Classic's 98.9, First day on the air" (WWGA) 12-27-10... 90min (Some Static/Fading)

(Hip Hop) "98.3 The Beat" (WBFA) 10-8-09...60min

(Top40) “107.3 The Q” (WCGQ) 3/30/03… 45min (Some fading)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 12/23/08... 45min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 2/16/09... 45min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 9-7-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) xx-xx-11... 90min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) xx-xx-11... 90min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 4-24-15... 80min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 6-26-16... 45min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Q-107.3" (WCGQ) 6-16-17... 80min (Some Static)

(AC) "Sunny 100" (WGSY)  x/xx/03…15min (Some fading)

(AC) "Sunny 100" (WGSY) x/xx/03 ...45min  (Fading at end)

(AC) "Sunny 100, Totally 80's Weekend" (WGSY) 9-xx-04... 50min (Some Static/Fading at end)

(Hot AC) "Sunny 94.7, recorded off the AM side" (WGSY-AM) 8-20-18... 80min (DX/Fading) (note: after moving off 100.1 FM to make way for Hip Hop "Hot 100" Sunny moved to the AM/FM Translator combo and format tweaked to Hot AC)

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7, recorded an half hour after the flip" (WIOL) 10/23/07... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7, First Day" (WIOL) 10/23/07... 90min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7" (WIOL) 11-27-07... 30min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7" (WIOL) 12-2-07... 100min

(Hot AC) "Mix 95.7" (WIOL) 9-20-09... 45min

(Sports) "95.7/1580 The Zone, Paul Finebaum" (WIOL) 11-4-09... 45min (Note: station still plays full Hot AC songs during some breaks)

(Urban AC) "K95.7" (WKZJ) x/xx/03 ...45min

(Urban AC) "K95.7" (WKZJ) 9-xx-04... 60min 

(Urban AC) "K95.7, 2 days from flip to classic rock" (WKZJ) 3-27-05... 45min

(Urban AC) "K95.7, day before the flip" (WKZJ) 3-28-05...45min

(Flip Urban AC/Classic Rock) "K95.7, Flips to Classic Rock 95.7 The River "K" would move to 92.7" (WKZJ) 3-29-05... 45min

(AC) "103.7 Lite FM" (WLTC) 12-28-12... 45min (Some Static)

(AC) "103.7 Lite FM, Ed Bostic in the Morning" (WLTC) 5-19-16... 90min (Moderate to heavy static throughout but audible)

(Classic Hits) "95.3 The Ride" (WRLD) 10/22/08... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 12-2-11... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 12-14-14... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 6-14-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 7-2-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 12-25-15... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 5-4-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Boomer 95.3" (WRLD) 6-1-16... 2hr

(Country Oldies) "95.3 Kissin' Country Legends" (WRLD) 8-12-16... 80min (Note: first full day of Country Oldies format)

(Country) "South 106.1" (WSTH) 11-8-11... 90min

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 3/30/03…45min (Some fading)

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 1/25/07... 90min (Some Static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 6/16/08... 90min (Some Static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, DJ: Erin, this was her last week at Rock 103 before moving to Atlanta to join 100.5" (WVRK) xx-xx-08... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 4/9/09... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, WTVM 9 Tornado Coverage into regular programming" (WVRK)  4/20/09... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 9-8-09... 60min (Some Static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 9-11-09... 120min  (Some Fading/Static)

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 2-5-10... 90min

(AOR) "Rock 103, The 5 O-Clock Whistle" (WVRK) 2-5-10... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 9-23-10... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy" (WVRK) 6-10-11... 45min

(AOR) "Rock 103, John Boy and Billy full show" (WVRK) 4-24-15... 5hr

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 10-25-15... 80min

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 11-8-15... 2hr

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 6-1-16... 2hr

(AOR) "Rock 103" (WVRK) 8-13-16... 90min

(AOR) "Rock 103, DJ: Nikki Sixx into Stacey" (WVRK) 6-16-17... 2hr (some static)

(AOR) "Rock 103, Hurricane Michael coverage simulcast on I-Heart stations in Albany, Columbus and Macon" (WVRK) 10-10-18... 80min (Heavy Static/Fading)

(Hot AC) "Mix 104.5, DJ: J. J. Jackson (Same DJ as Fox 97/Cool 105.7/790 WQXI" (WYYU) xx-xx-05... 40min (Some Fading/ Static)

(Country) "Z-94" (WBYZ) 1-xx-06… 30min (Some Fading/ Static)

(Classic Hits) "Classic 93.5" (WVOH) 12-xx-09... 45min (Some Static) (station had just flipped from County as V93)

(AC) "Sunny 103, Dennis Abercrombie Morning's" (WWSN) 3-29-00... 60min

(AC) "Sunny 103" (WWSN) xx-xx-04... 45min

(Classic Hits) "107.5 The Buzz" (WDBN) 10-04-05... 90min (DX) (Some Fading/Static but stable) (last 7 minutes is WVOH V93)

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WELT) 12-24-06... 45min

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WEDB) 7-11-09... 60min

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WEDB) 10-8-09... 60min

(Hot AC) "E-98.1" (WEDB) 11-9-09... 45min

(Hot AC) "Magic 98.1, Rick and Bubba" (WEDB) 6-7-11... 45min

(AC) "Magic 101.9" (WJFL) 9-13-08... 45min (DX) (Light Static but stable)

(AC) "Magic 101.9" (WJFL) 4-27-09... 30min (DX) (Light Static but stable)

(AC) "Magic 101.9' (WJFL) 10-8-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Classic Hits) "Magic 101.9" (WJFL) 12-15-14... 80min (Light Static but stable)

(Hot AC) "92.7 WKKZ" (WKKZ) 5-6-00... 45min (Heavy static and fading, I recorded this from Daytona Beach during an E-skip opening WKKZ battles it out with WJBT 92.7 The Beat Jamz throughout the aircheck, truly a neat listen.)

(Hot AC) "92.7 WKKZ" (WKKZ) 5-12-03… 45min 

(Hot AC) "92.7 WKKZ" (WKKZ) 7-1-14... 80min (Light Static but stable)

(Variety Hits) "Sam 107.3" (WMCD) 4-27-09... 20min (DX) (Some Fading/Static but stable)

(Variety Hits) "Sam 107.3 (WMCD) 10-29-09... 45min

(Hot AC) "Eagle 102.9" (WPMX) 10-8-09... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Dock 103.9" (WDDK) 5-11-09... 45min (Some Fading/Static but stable)

(Adult Standards) "Star Station 100.7" (WLRR) 7-11-15... 45min (Some Static)

(Adult Standards) "Star Station 100.7" (WLRR) 11-21-15... 45min (Some Static)

(Adult Standards) "Star Station 100.7" (WLRR) 2-xx-16... 45min (Some Static)

(Hot AC) "Z-97.7" (WMGZ) 4-22-03... 20min 

(Hot AC) "Z97" (WMGZ) 5-11-09... 30min (Some Fading/Static)

(Hot AC) "Z97" (WMGZ) 5-23-11... 45min (Some Fading/Static)

(Classic Hits) "97 Big FM" (WMGZ) 9-29-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "The Edge 104.7" (WHVL) 3/xx/00… 25min (one commercial stop set scoped out, rest intact)

(Hip Hop) "Phat 104.7" (WHVL)… 45min x/xx/00 (Some Static)

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 12/03/08... 45min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 9-26-10... 90min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 6-21-13... 45min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 7-3-13... 60min

(AC) "92FM" (WJGA) 9-14-16... 45min (Some Static)

(Classic Country) "1410 WKKP" (WKKP) 3-19-11... 90min

(Classic Country) "1410 WKKP" (WKKP) 3-9-13... 90min

(70s Oldies) "Star 102" (WDBS) 11-25-96... 90min (Muddy Audio but fair)

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1" (WFXM) 6-14-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1" (WFXM) 7-2-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1 (WFXM) 10-29-09... 45min  (Some Fading/Static)

(Hip Hop) "Power 107.1 and 105.9" (WFXM) 7-2-15... 45min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 5-04-03…45min 

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB, The Doug Banks morning show" (WIBB) 12-2-03 ...90min (Some Static)

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 11-30-08... 45min (Some Static)

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 3-16-09... 30min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 3-17-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 11-21-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB, overnights into Ricky Smiley" (WIBB) 1-1-16... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "97.9 WIBB" (WIBB) 6-26-16... 80min (Slight Static)

(Country) "96.5 The Bull" (WIHB) 10-25-15... 80min (Some Static)

(Talk) "940 WMAC, Best of Neal Boortz" (WMAC) 4-13-08 ...45min (DX) (Some Fading)

(Talk) "News Talk 940 WMAC, Best of Rush Limbaugh" (WMAC) 10-1-16... 100min (DX) (Some Fading)

(Talk) "News Talk 940 WMAC, Best of Rush Limbaugh into best of Mark Levin" (WMAC) 11-3-18... 2hr (DX) (Some Fading)

(Top 40) "B-93.7, DJ: Derek Wright 5pm" (WMGB) 6-21-01…60min (Some fading) Sample Clip

(Top 40) "B-93.7. DJ: Stephen B. same as day above 6pm" (WMGB) 6-21-01... 60min (Some fading)

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 2-19-03...90min 

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 5-11-09... 60min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 10-8-09... 60min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 12-24-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 6-7-11... 60min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 5-22-12... 80min

(Top 40) "B-95.1" (WMGB) 12-28-12... 45min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "B-95.1, Throwback Weekend 90's music mixed in with currents" (WMGB) 1-1-16... 80min (Some Static)

(Talk) "News Talk 1670 WMWR, G Gordon Liddy" (WMWR) 12/xx/05 ...45min (DX, Some fadeout)

(AC/Classic Hits) "Peach 96.5/102.5" (WPCH) 10/25/08... 45min

(AC/Classic Hits) "Peach 96.5/102.5, Christmas Music" (WPCH)  11-19-10... 90min (Some Static)

(AC) "Z 93.7, Dave till Dawn" (WPEZ) xx-xx-03... 30min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 10/10/08... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 8-10-09... 60min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 2-23-10... 45min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 4-10-12... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7, Christmas Music, 6pm" (WPEZ) 12-23-12... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7, Christmas Music, 8pm" (WPEZ) 12-23-12... 90min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 7-2-13... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7, John Tesh, Christmas Music" (WPEZ) 12-7-13... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7, Delilah, Christmas Music" (WPEZ) 12-23-13... 80min

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 11-21-15... 45min (Static/Fading at end)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 1-1-16... 4hr (Some Static/Fading)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 4-13-16... 3hr (Some Static/Fading)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 7-7-16... 90min (Some Static)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 9-15-16... 80min (Some Static)

(AC) "Z 93.7" (WPEZ) 6-3-18... 80min

(Hot AC) "Mix 100.9" (WPGA) 2/15/04...45min 

(Hot AC) "Mix 100.9, features news about the death of Steve Erwin" (WPGA) 9-4-06 ...45min

(AC) "Mix 100.9" (WPGA) 9/16/08... 45min (Some Static)

(AC) "Mix 100.9, Kenny B and Charles E Morning Show" (WPGA) 11-12-08... 45min

(AC) "Mix 100.9 WPGA" (WPGA) 6-3-09... 45min (Some Static)

(AC) "Mix 100.9" (WPGA) 5-26-11... 37min (Static/Fading)

(Classic Leaning/AOR) "Q106" (WQBZ) 2/xx/05... 45min (Static/Fading)

(Classic Leaning/AOR) "Q106" (WQBZ) 2/xx/05... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Q106" (WQBZ) 1-24-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q106-3" (WQBZ) 4-21-09... 45min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3" (WQBZ) 2-24-10... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3, into John Boy & Billy last 30min" (WQBZ) 3-5-10... 90min (Some Fading/ Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3 John Boy Billy Saturday" (WQBZ) 10-20-10... 90min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3" (WQBZ) 2-4-11... 45min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q 106.3, John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 2-16-11... 90min (Some Static)

(Classic Rock) "Q-106.3" (WQBZ) 4-11-12... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Q106.3, John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 1-24-12... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Q106.3, Overnights into John Boy and Billy (WQBZ) 5-25-12...90min (Some Fading)

(AOR) "Q106.3, the station had returned to it's AOR format" (WQBZ) 9-7-12... 90min

(AOR) "Q106.3, Overnights into Best of John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 9-8-12... 90min

(AOR) "Q106.3, Overnights into John Boy and Billy" (WQBZ) 11-5-12... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 100.1" (WQMJ) 4-25-09... 45min  (Some Static)

(Urban AC) "Majic 100.1" (WQMJ) 9-23-09... 60min

(Urban AC) "Magic 100.1" (WQMJ) 2-5-11... 45min (Some Static)

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7, DJ: Blair Braxton" (WVKX) 10-30-04... 45min (Some Heavy Static/Fading)

(Urban) "Love 103.7" (WXKX) 12-24-06... 45min

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 12-xx-08... 60min (Some Static)

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 9-23-09... 60min

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 10-8-09... 45min

(Urban) "Hot Love 103.7" (WVKX) 3-2-11... 45min (Some Static)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 96.5, The Drew Show with Music" (WYNF) …90min  4-22-03 (Some Static)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 96.5 - Real Music Weekends" (WYNF) …20min 5/13/03 (Some Static)

(Modern AC) "96.5 The Buzz, Into Bubba The Love Sponge last 10min" (WYNF) 9-12-03...90min 

(Modern AC) "96.5 The Buzz" (WYNF) 4/xx/05 ...45min

Newnan/Lagrange/Peachtree City/Griffin/South Atlanta
(for launch of the buzz and other buzz airchecks see WXVV or WVWA at the bottom of this Newnan listing)

(Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz" (WBZY) 4-xx-03... 45min

(Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz" (WBZY) 10-10-04... 40min

(Classic Country) "Dixie 104.9" (WBAF-AM/W285FK) 12-25-16... 60min (Static and songs skip at times)

(Classic Country) "1400 WCOH" (WCOH) 12-19-05... 45min (Poor AM Signal)

(Country) "92.5 The Bear" (WEKS) 2-16-10... 45min

(Country) "Mountain Country 94.5" (WFDR) 2-26-10... 45min

(Talk) "Straight Talk 1370, Michael Savage into Dr Laura" (WFDR) 3-3-10... 45min (Poor AM Signal)

(Urban Gospel) "102.1" (WGAF-LP) 4-16-17... 45min (note: station just signed on no station announcements but an odd Pat Garrett 102 Jamz liner airs at times seems to be ripped from one of his online demos)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 3-26-09... 30min (some high end modulation peeks)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Ludlow Porch" (WHIE) 6-23-09... 90min (Poor AM Signal)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Local Morning News  into Ludlow" (WHIE) 8-21-09... 45min (Poor AM Signal)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Ludlow Porch" (WHIE) 9-2-10... 90min (low volume)

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE, Ludlow Porch Last Show, Ludlow would pass away shortly after" (WHIE) 9-3-10... 180min

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 3-4-11...90min

(Town/Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 6-18-16... 2hr

(Town/ Country) "Real Country 1320 WHIE" (WHIE) 8-21-17... 90min

(Oldies/Town) "Oldies Radio 1450 WKEU, DJ: Ron Foster" (WKEU-AM) 10-10-05... 45min

(Oldies/Town) "Oldies Radio 1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-1-07... 45min

(Oldies/Town) "Oldies Radio 1450 WKEU, DJ: Dwayne Dancer" (WKEU-AM) 4-4-09... 75min

(Oldies/Town) "1450 WKEU, Fred Thompson" (WKEU) 3-3-10... 45min

(Oldies/Town) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU) 3-9-11... 90min

(Oldies/Town) "1450 WKEU Dennis Miller into regular music and local news" (WKEU) 7-15-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU, programming cuts out in the middle due to satellite sun outage" (WKEU) 3-5-16... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-15-17... 97min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-22-17... 80min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU-AM) 4-26-17... 80min

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU, regular into Atlanta Braves pre-game show" (WKEU-AM) 4-21-18... 2hr (signal fades at end)

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU, regular into Atlanta Braves pre-game show" (WKEU-AM) 8-4-18... 2hr (signal fades at end)

(Classic Hits) "1450 WKEU" (WKEU) 8-11-18... 90min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 1-13-09... 45min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-23-13... 45min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-25-14... 90min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 4-19-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 5-9-15... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 5-23-15... 60min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 4-9-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 6-2-16... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 4-16-17... 45min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-25-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, Christmas" (WKEU-FM) 12-24-17... 40min (Heavy Static)

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM" (WKEU-FM) 3-15-18... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "The Rock 88.9 FM, DJ: Dwayne Dancer" (WKEU-FM) 5-5-18... 2hr

(Rhythmic CHR) WILD 96.7 (WLDA) 11-19-00… 60min (Features a spot with 'Big Mama and the wild bunch' trying out for on-air position)

(Sign on/Classic Country) "96.7 The Legend sign on" (WLTM) 12-25-07... 90min

(Hot AC) "Magic 98.1, DJ: Benji" (WMAX) 10-22-01 …60min

(Hot AC) "Magic 98.1, Coweta County Tornado Coverage into regular programming" (WMGP) 1-05-07... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 11-16-10... 90min (Some Static)

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 11-24-12... 45min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 12-24-12... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 98.1, Christmas Music" (WMGP) 11-22-17... 70min

(Religious) "91.7 New Life FM" (WMVW) 4-15-17... 90min

(Religious) "1300 WNEA" (WNEA) 7-18-13... 45min (Poor AM signal)

(for earlier airchecks of 'radio' see WWLG at the bottom of this Newnan listing)

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7, DJ: Barnes" (WRDG) 9-29-13... 90min (note, this is the same Barnes originally from 99x, The Morning X)

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7" (WRDG) 2-27-16... 90min

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, recorded from 96.7" (WRDG) 5-7-16... 90min

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 11-11-16... 5hr (Note: First day on air, re-airs launch package every hour).

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 6-27-17... 100min

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 9-20-17... 80min

(Hip Hop) "92.3 and 96.7 The Beat, Mix show into regular" (WRDG) 3-15-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 4-28-18... 100min (station was recently lost it's Atlanta translator W222AF 92.3)

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat, Memorial Day Mix" (WRDG) 5-25-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat" (WRDG) 8-11-18... 80min

(Hip Hop) "96.7 The Beat, Labor Day Mix" (WRDG) 8-31-18... 2 1/2 hours

(Oldies/Standards) "Timeless Classics 620 WTRP" (WTRP) 9-13-06... 45min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, 85 South w/John Scott into Fox Sports Radio 30mins in into official sign off with star spangled banner" (WVCC) 3-8-05... 70min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, The Curt Snider Show" (WVCC) 10-10-05... 20min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, The Curt Snider Show" (WVCC) 12-xx-05... 45min

(Talk) "720 The Voice, Sean Hannity into Larry Elder into nightly sign off" (WVCC) 10-22-18... 2hr (note unlike earlier airchecks the station no longer does an official sign off, the signal just abruptly goes dark at sunset.)

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM, Christmas" (WVFJ) 12-26-13... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM, Christmas" (WVFJ) 12-25-16... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM, Christmas" (WVFJ) 12-24-17... 45min

(Christian Contemporary) "93.3 Joy-FM" (WVFJ) 10-18-18... aprox 2hr

(Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz, Friday before the move to 105.3" (WVWA) 5/6/05... 90min

(Alternative/Stunt) "96.7 The Buzz switch over (Recorded on 96.7fm) the Buzz moves to 105.3" (WVWA) 5/9/05... 90min

(AC) "96.7 Lite FM" (WVWA) 12-23-06 ...90min (Note: this incarnation is a broader based AC then when it was on 94.9)

(Classic Country) "96.7 The Legend" (WWLG) 8-28-10... 90min

(Classic Country) "96.7 The Legend" (WWLG) 9-4-10... 90min

(Classic Country) "96.7 The Legend" (WWLG) 9-5-10... 90min

(Flip) "96.7 The Legend flip to (The Groove) Simulcast" (WWLG) 9-6-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "105.7/96.7 The Groove" (WWLG) 9-26-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, Recorded from the 96.7fm side about an hour into the new name" (WWLG) 11-15-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 1 10pm" (WWLG) 9-23-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 2 1am" (WWLG) 9-24-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 1 10pm" (WWLG) 9-24-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7, I Heart Radio Festival Hr 2 1am" (WWLG) 9-24-11... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 105.7/96.7" (WWLG) 8-30-12... 90min

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7, first day on air, recorded from 96.7" (WWLG) 3-28-13... 90min

(Sign on/Alternative) "96.7 The Buzz, Sign on" (WXVV) 4-5-02…120min

Saint Simons Island/Brunswick
(Classic Rock) "92.7 The Fox" (WHFX) x/xx/00…45min

(Urban/Rock) "101.5 Channel X" (WHJX) 6/14/94 ...45min

(Urban/Rock) "101.5 Channel X" (WHJX) 6/17/94 ...45min

(Oldies) "Cool 100.7" (WKQL) 5/xx/05... 30min (DX) (Static but stable)

(Classic Hits) "Arrow 100.7" (WWRR) 1/17/97... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Arrow 100.7" (WWRR) 8-25-02... 45min

(Top 40) "97.3 Kiss FM" (WAEV) 12-21-13... 60min

(Hip Hop) "E 93.1 Jamz, Club 93-1 live mix show" (WEAS) 7/26/02… 50min

(Hip Hop) "E 93.1" (WEAS) 6-7-11... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Classic Rock) "Fox 106.1" (WFXH) 3/xx/00… 22min

(Classic Hits) "Big 98.3" (WGCO) 10-29-09... 60min (Some Fading/Static)

(Adult Standards) "WLOW 107.9, John Sutton's Big Band Swing syndicated show" (WLOW) 7-17-98... 45min

(Modern AC) "The New Wave 106.9, last 15min Absolutely 80s into regular" (WWVV) 2-6-99... 45min

(Modern AC) "The New Wave 106.9" (WWVV) 6/15/99… 60min

(Modern AC) "The New Wave 106.9" (WWVV) 8/28/99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "94.1 The Beat" (WQBT) 7-27-02… 90min

(Top 40) "Z102, DJ: Dylan" (WZAT) 5-xx-01... 30min

(Top 40) "Z102, JT and Company" (WZAT) 5-05-02… 45min 

(Hot AC) "Z102" (WZAT) xx-xx-03... 20min (note first month after tweaking away from Top 40 to Hot AC "Z" brand remained.

(Hot AC) "Z102, JT and Company" (WZAT) 5-14-03... 90min (Fading at the End)

(Hot AC) "Z102" (WZAT) 1-xx-04... 45min (Some Static)

(NOAA WEATHER) "NOAA Weather Radio, Network fails in the middle of a severe weather outbreak" (KXJ31) " 4-2-09... 30min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101 TGA" (WTGA) 4/14/08... 45min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101 TGA" (WTGA) 12-1-08... 45min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101 TGA, Bill Bailey's Morning Fun House" (WTGA) 9-16-09... 120min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101" (WTGA) 9-26-10... 90min (Some Static)

(Hot AC) "Fun 101, Christmas Music" (WTGA) 12-25-12... 90min

(Hot AC) "Fun 101, Christmas Music" (WTGA) 12-25-13... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1" (WTGA/WFAL) 3-9-16... 5hr (Static/Fading) the 101.1 W266BW translator cuts in at times)

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1, Regular into Atlanta Braves Baseball" (WTGA/WFAL) 5-12-16... 6hr (Same note as above)

(Classic Hits) "Zoom 105.9/101.1, Christmas Music" (WTGA/WFAL) 12-25-16... 45min

(Oldies) "Cruisin' 94” (WMTM) 9/20/05…45min

(Classic Hits) "Crusin' 94" (WMTM) 4-15-14... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Crusin 94" (WMTM) 1-1-16... 80min (Some Static)

(Top 40) "Power 96" (WQPW) 8-7-91... 60min

(AC) "95.7 The Mix" (WQPW) 4-7-06 ... 45min (Some Static)

(AC) "95.7 The Mix" (WQPW) 5-28-13... 90min (Some Static)