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Daytona Beach
(Urban AC) “Star 94.5, DJ: Joe Davis” (WCFB) 6-12-02…60min

(Urban AC) "Star 94.5, The Thunderstorm Mix Show" (WCFB) 8-9-13... 2hr

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WDXD) 4/xx/97... 90min

(Top 40) “Q 102” (WDOQ) (Scoped in places) 9/82…45min

(Hot AC) "99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: Bruce Cherry" (WFKS) 4/13/98... 90min

(Hot AC) “99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: JP Morgan into Johnny Black, Includes Hurricane Irene updates” (WFKS) 10/16/99…90min

(Hot AC) "99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: J. R." (WFKS) 1-17-00... 45min (heavy fading/static for first 8 minutes rest is stable)

(Hot AC) "99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: Johnny Black" (WFKS) 1-21-00... 60min (note: kiss would flip format's to country in June)

(Country) "98 Frog, DJ: Dave" (WGNE) 4-xx-00... 45min

(Sign off) "98 Frog, Sign off of 98 Frog as Frog moves to 99.9, includes some new 99.9 Id's" (WGNE) 6-xx-00 (Scoped)…15min (as the Frog moves to 99.9, 98.1 airs repeated announcements from Wolf Bower's the late Bill Kramer)

(Country) “99.9 Frog FM” (WGNE) 6/12/02…60min

(Classic Rock) “95-7 The Hog, DJ: Trevor Joe Lennon” (WHOG) 6/12/02…60min

(Classic Rock) "95-7 The Hog" (WHOG) 2-25-14... 45min

(Active Rock) "95.7 The Hog" (WHOG) 4-27-15... 80min

(Urban) “102 Jamz, Joe Nasty in the Morning” (WJHM) 8/12/90... 45min

(Urban) “102 Jamz, The Quiet Storm” (WJHM) 8/12/90... 45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz" (WJHM) 7-25-94... 45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz, promoting a first/last weekend a stunt that led people to think the station was flipping formats" (WJHM) 10-16-99... 60min

(Urban) "102 Jamz, Al B' Silk in the Morning" (WJHM) 11-22-00... 60min (Some Static)

(Urban) “102 Jamz, Carter 'same carter from O-Rock' ” (WJHM) 12-25-01…15min

(Urban) “102 Jamz” (WJHM) 6-12-02…60min

(Urban) "102 Jamz, The wake up posse, Break-a-dawn was still at the hospital and would die just weeks later" (WJHM) 11-23-04...45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz. The wake up posse (D-Strong filling in) into Alexx Dupri" (WJHM) 11-24-04... 45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz" (WJHM) 2-27-09... 60min

(Top 40) "101.9 Amp Radio" (WJHM) 2-11-14... 60min

(Alternative) "93 Kro-FM" (WKRO) 3-1-96... 45min

(Alternative) "93 Kro-FM, DJ: Tripp" (WKRO) 2-28-97... 45min

(Country) “US-93, DJ: Stephanie” (WKRO) 6/12/02…45min

(Talk) "News 1150 WNDB, The Marc Bernier Show" (WNDB/WNDA) 5-xx-05... 45min

(Top 40) “I-100, features first part of Top 8 at 8 numbers 8 to 4”(WNFI) 11/24/90…45min

(Top 40) “I-100” (WNFI) 8/12/90…90min

(Spanish Top 40) “La Nueva 98.1” (WNUE) 6/12/02…60min

(70's Oldies) "Sun 95.7" (WTSM) x/xx/96 ...90min (Scoped in places/Some Static)

(For 103.3 The Vibe from 1997 see WDXD at the top of the Daytona Beach list)

(Top 40) “103.3 The Vibe, DJ: Kotter” (WVYB) 11-27-99… 45 min

(Top 40) “103.3 The Vibe” (WVYB) 12-25-01…15 min

(Top 40) “103.3 The Vibe, DJ: Rob Tracy” (WVYB) 6-12-02…60min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WVYB) 4-xx-04... 30min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe, 1pm" (WVYB) 1-15-10... 60min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe, 3pm" (WVYB) 1-15-10... 60min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WVYB) 3-3-11... 120min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WVYB) 2-25-14... 76min

Dade City/Spring Hill/Brooksville
(Oldies) "WJQB 106.3 The True Oldies Channel" (WJQB) 4-14-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Jammin Oldies 96.1" (WTMP-FM) 3-27-04... 128min (has an odd noise throughout the first hour but fair audio)

Ft. Walton
(Rhythmic CHR) "Fly 92.1" (WFFY) 12-1-08... 80min

(Hot AC) "98 Surf FM" (WWSF) 4-4-93... 45min (a rock leaning Hot AC however a rap song plays for a few seconds in the middle but is cut off as soon as it starts automation glitch?)

(Hot AC) "B-105, DJ: Dave Lyons" (WYZB) xx-xx-89 ...5min (Scoped)

(Top 40) "Z96" (WZNS) 12-1-08... 80min

Homosassa Springs/Crystal River
(Hot AC) "Citrus 95.3" (WXCV) 6-2-10... 120min

(Hot AC) "95.1 WAPE, The Big Ape 8:50am to 10:30am" (WAPE) 2-16-94... 90min

(Hot AC) "95.1 WAPE, The Big Ape 10:30am to 12pm" (WAPE) 2-16-94... 90min

(Top 40) "95.1 WAPE" (WAPE) 12-21-13... 60min

(Top 40) "95.1 WAPE" (WAPE) 3-9-15... 45min

(News/Talk) "600 WBOB, Hurricane Irma coverage simulcasting WJXT-TV" (WBOB) 9-10-17... 90min (Nighttime DX/Fading)

(Urban Oldies) "Millennium 105-3 and 105-5" (WFBJ) 1/10/00... 90min

(Stunt) "97.9, stunting before launch of new KISS" (WFSJ) 3/xx/00  …25min (Some fading)

(Top 40) “97.9 KISS-FM, First day on the air as Kiss FM” (WFSJ) 3-17-00 …30min

(AOR) "Rock 105, DJ: The Woodman" (WFYV) 7-27-98... 45min

(70's Oldies) "Star 1570, live overnight DX test with Rocky W. Shore" (WGSR) 2-3-01... 45min


(Southern Rock/Oldies) "Surf 1010, Redneck Rock and Roll" (WIOJ) 4-28-97...90min ((AM STEREO))


(Hot AC) "Mix 103" (WMXQ) 10-14-00... 90min (Note: the station would flip few weeks later to all 80's as "the point")

(80's Oldies) "102.9 The Point" (WMXQ) 11-1-00... 90min

(Alternative Rock) "Planet Radio 93.3, DJ: Ernie into Dick Dale" (WPLA) 7-29-98... 45min

(Alternative Rock) "Planet Radio 93.3, DJ: Klinger" (WPLA) 9/7/99... 90min

(Alternative Rock) "The New Planet Radio 107.3, DJ: Klinger" (WPLA) 12/31/05 ...60min

(Alternative Rock) "The New Planet Radio 107.3" (WPLA) 7-3-10... 80min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Radio 106.5, Classic Rock Weekend" (WTLK) 4/28/97... 90min

(Alternative Rock) "X102.9" (WXXJ) 7-3-10... 80min

Key West
(Top 40) "Wow 92.5" (WEOW) 3-12-98... 40min (note: this station would move up to 92.7 in the early 2000's)

(Top 40) "Wow 92.7" (WEOW) 10-xx-15... 60min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "Island 106.9" (WIIS) 10-xx-15... 50min (Some Static)

(Classic Hits) "93.7-94.3-96.9 The Mix" (WKEY) 10-xx-15... 3hr (Some Static)

(AAA) "101.7 & 96.7 Pirate Radio" (WKYZ) 10-xx-15... 60min (Some Static)

(Adult Hits) "104.9 The X" (WXKW) 10-xx-15... 3hr (Some Static)

Lake City
(Hot AC) "Mix 94.3, Chris Chaos Morning show" (WNFB) 3/03/00... 30min (Scoped in one place)

(Urban) "Power 1360, Classic Drive @ 5 'mix' into regular programming" (WHNR) 11-xx-00... 60min

(Urban) "Power 1360, Classic Drive @ 5 'mix' into regular programming" (WHNR) 2-16-01... 60min

(Oldies) "1130 WBF" (WWBF) 11-21-00... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Oldies) "1130 WBF" (WWBF) 11-23-00... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Oldies) "640 WVLG, DJ: Kathleen Kane" (WVLG) 1-23-10... 2hr

(Oldies) "640 WVLG" (WVLG) 1-13-12... 60min

(Oldies) "640 WVLG" (WVLG) 1-31-14... 120min

(Oldies) "640 WVLG" (WVLG) 1-27-15... 80min

(Top 40) "107.1 A1A, Open House Party" (WAOA) 2-10-01... 45min (Scoped in places and dead air in the first 2 minutes)

(Top 40) "107.1 A1A" (WAOA) 4-24-14... 120min

(Urban) "95.1 The Beat" (WBVD) 7-29-04 ...45min (Poor Audio)

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
(AC) "97-A1A (97.3fm)" (WAIA) 2-9-81... 30min

(AC) "97-A1A (97.3fm)" (WAIA) 3-18-86... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.9, DJ: T. K. O'Grady  Mornings" (WAXY) 5/31/91... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.9" (WAXY) 6/3/91... 40min

(Spanish Talk) "n/a" (WCMQ-AM) 3/13/97... 30min

(Spanish Classic Hits) "Clasica 92.3" (WCMQ-FM) 1-13-00... 45min (Note: though mostly Spanish some English songs would play at times)

(Urban) "WEDR Soul Star, 99.1" (WEDR) 2-9-81... 30min

(Urban) "99 Jamz" (WEDR) 7-17-98... 45min

(Urban) "99 Jamz, Ultimate Midday Mix with Lady D." (WEDR) 7-23-05... 60min

(Hot AC) "97.3 The Coast" (WFLC) 9-28-05... 80min

(Hot AC) "97.3 The Coast, DJ: Bruce Wayne" (WFLC) 10-10-05... 80min

(Hot AC) "97.3 The Coast, Totally 80's Weekend" (WFLC) 3-25-06... 75min

(Hot AC/Flip/Top 40) "97.3 The Coast, sign off into Hits 97.3" (WFLC) 1-17-14... 3hr

(Active Rock) "93 Rock" (WHDR) 3-23-06... 77min

(Top 40) "Y-100" (WHYI) 12-5-99... 45min

(Top 40) "Y-100, Interactive 5@9, DJ: Rich Rodriguez" (WHYI) 2/15/01 …30min (Scoped in a couple of places, rest is stable)

(Top 40) "Y-100, DJ: Kenny Walker" (WHYI) 8-31-01 ...90min

(Urban AC) "Hot 105" (WHQT) 8/30/04 ...90min

(News) "940 WINZ News, Hurricane Andrew radio coverage" (WINZ) 8-24-92... 90min

(AC) "101.5 Lite FM" (WLYF) 9-27-05... 80min

(AC) "101.5 Lite FM" (WLYF) 10-xx-15... 5hr (This aircheck was sent to me in (5) 1hr increments, all continuous.)

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5" (WMGE) 7-xx-99... 45min

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5, DJ: Nena Santos (she had been Debbie Delgado from 'Planet' previous format)" (WMGE) 12-5-99... 60min

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5" (WMGE) 7-20-00... 60min

(Oldies) "Magic 102.7, Rick Shaw Morning Show" (WMXJ) 4-2-04... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 102.7" (WMXJ) 10-xx-15... 70min

(Top 40) "96Q, DJ: J. Michael Stone" (WMYQ) 5-23-72... 35min

(For Launch of Modern AC The Planet from 1996 see WSHE Listing at the Bottom of this Miami listing)

(Modern AC) "103.5 The Planet, DJ: Lane" (WPLL) 10-xx-97... 30min

(Modern AC) "103.5 The Planet, DJ: Archer into Brandy Strange" (WPLL) 10/28/97... 45min

(Hot AC) "103.5 The Planet, DJ: Archer into Michael Jamrock" (WPLL) 4-11-98... 45min (Note: the station begins to tweak to Hot AC)

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, format and name change slightly, DJ: Brandy Strange" (WPLL) 6-xx-98... 45min

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, DJ: Archer" (WPLL) 8-10-98... 45min

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, First Love songs show with the 'Woman in red' DJ: Debbie Delgado" (WPLL) 10-19-98... 45min

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, Big Chill weekend mixing in 70's/80's music inspired by the movie, DJ: AJ" (WPLL) 3-13-99... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5, First day on air with an 80's dance centric urban oldies format" (WPLL) 7-1-99... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96, DJ: Cox on the Radio" (WPOW) 9-2-96... 45min (Note: audio stutters due to digital conversation)

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96, DJ: Joe Nasty" (WPOW) 11-27-96... 45min (audio stutters at times due to digital conversion)

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96" (WPOW) 9/1/01 ...90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96" (WPOW) 10-xx-15... 4hr (This aircheck was sent to me in (3) 70minute increments, all continuous.)

(Dance) "Party 93.1" (WPYM) 8-7-03... 75min

(Dance) "Party 93.1" (WPYM) 10-11-04... 90min

(Alternative) "104.3 The Shark" (WSFS) 10-xx-15... 3hr

(Stunt/Launch/Modern AC) "The New 103.5, end of stunt, launch and first 45 minutes the new 103.5" (WSHE) 5-2-96... 90min

(Modern AC) "The New 103.5" (WSHE) 5-xx-96... 30min

(Modern AC) "103.5 Planet Radio, name launch from 'the new 103.5' to '103.5 planet radio' " (WSHE) 7-18-96... 60min (note: this was recorded in studio by the station's engineer on Digital CD)

(Adult Hits) "Variety 103.5" (WSHE) 4-15-13... 45min (first day of new name)

(Classical/Sign off-on/Dance) "Classical 93.1 becomes Party 93.1" (WTMI) 12-31-01... 6hr (note: first two hours last live shift into jockless classical into flip to the new 'Party', this aircheck was sent to me in 6 one hour increments, all continuous)

(Rock) "94.9 Zeta/Groovy FM" (WZTA) 4-1-99... 60min (April fools format change to urban oldies "Groovy FM", side note sister station Planet 103 WPLL would flip to this format just 4 months later, features DJ Julie Guy from the Planet.)

(Rock) "94.9 Zeta" (WZTA) 8-9-01 …30min

Naples/Fort Myers
(Soft AC) "Wave 101" (WAVV) 8-12-97... 90min

(Christian) "88.7 Way FM" 8-4-99 (WAYJ)... 45min

(Talk) "News Talk 1580, Rush Limbaugh" (WCCF) 8-4-99... 45min

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 9-30-11... 90min (DX/Nighttime Fading) 

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 8-9-12... 90min (DX/Nighttime Fading)

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 8-27-12... 90min (DX/Nighttime Fading)

(Adult Standards) "Seaview 104.9" (WCVU) 6-25-00... 60min

(Adult Standards) "106.3 WJST, The music of your life, DJ: Gary Owens" (WJST) 8-13-97... 90min

(Modern AC) "Kiss 100" (WKFF) 8-5-01... 75min (note: station had tweaked away from Top 40 but would become Real Radio soon after.)

(Adult Standards) "Key 1070, The music of your life" (WKII) 7-xx-92... 45min (recorded during thunderstorm)

(Alternative) "99x" (WJBX) 6-21-00... 70min

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable Favorites 1480 and 1660" (WODX) 6-29-00... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable Favorites 1480 and 1660" (WODX) 7-1-00... 70min ((AM STEREO)) (recorded during thunderstorm)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable Favorites 1480 and 1660" (WODX) 5-10-01... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Modern AC) "My 95.3 HD-2" (WOLZ-HD-2) 8-3-09... 90min

(Modern AC) "My 95.3 HD-2" (WOLZ-HD-2) 8-7-09... 120min

(Modern AC) "Star 100" (WOST) 2-11-99... 45min

(Top 40) "100.1 Kiss FM" (WOST) 9-11-00... 90min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 100, Real Music Weekends" (WRLR) 11-10-01... 75min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 100, Real Music Weekends" (WRLR) 11-11-01... 60min

(Talk/80's Oldies) "Real Radio 100, 80's Rock Weekends" (WRLR) 5-24-03... 45min

(Talk/80's Oldies) "Real Radio 100, 80's Rock Weekends" WRLR) 6-26-03... 70min

(Talk) "Smart Talk 1200, Imus in the Morning" (WTLQ) 8-6-99... 45min

(AC) "Warm 100.1" (WXRM) 8-10-97... 90min

(80's Oldies) "97.7 The Point" (WYPT) 8-5-01... 60min

(Hot AC) "Star 100.5" (WBXY) 11-xx-98... 90min (Note: The station had just flipped from Urban AC)

(Soft AC/Oldies) "Gold 99 FM" (WGMA) 3-11-14... 2hr

(Top 40) "Z-100" (WHHZ) 6/xx/01 ...30min

(Top 40) "Z-100" (WHHZ) 6/xx/01... 30min

(AC) "98.5 KTK" (WKTK) 11-25-04... 45min (Low/Muffled Audio)

(AC) "Lite Rock 106.9, Henry Hays and Monica Heart Mornings" (WKZY) 4/23/01... 45min (Some Fading)

(AC) "Lite Rock 106.9, Henry Hays and Monica Heart Mornings" (WKZY)  6/11/01…45min (Some Fading)

(Hot AC) "106.9 KZY" 5-10-12... 120min

(Classic Rock) "92.5/95.5/107.9 Wind FM, 3pm, DJ: Charlie McGraw" (WNDD) 1-13-12... 50min

(Classic Rock) "92.5/95.5/107.9 Wind FM, 4pm, DJ: Charlie McGraw" (WNDD) 1-13-12... 40min

(Classic Rock) "92.5/95.5/107.9 Wind FM" (WNDD) 1-21-15... 60min

(Top 40) "Q92" (WMFQ) 3-14-14... 120min

(Urban AC) "Mix 100.5" (WNFQ) 4-4-98...45min

(AOR) "Rock 104, Pile Driver" (WRUF) xx-xx-01... 40min (Scoped in a couple of places) (some static)

(AOR) "Rock 104" (WRUF) 11-25-04... 45min (Muffled Audio)

(AOR) "Rock 104" (WRUF) 1-22-09... 120min (slight clicking noise throughout) Note: the station would flip to country the very next year.

(Classic Rock) "The Fox 96.7" (WXOF) 1-28-14... 70min

(Top 40) "Kiss 105.3" (WYKS) 2/11/97... 45min

(Top 40) Kiss 105.3, part of the Top 105 of 1997 countdown #'s 44-28" (WYKS) 12-31-97... 60min

(Top 40) "BJ105, Breakfast Bunch with Bill Cross and Alan Specter" (WBJW)  3-xx-88... 30min

(Top 40) "BJ105" (WBJW) 5-16-89... 45min

(Oldies) "Big 100, this station had just re-branded from Cool 100 WSHE" (WEBG) 9-0-04... 90min

(AOR) "Q96FM" (WHTQ) 8-11-90... 45min

(AOR) "Q96FM, same day different hour" (WHTQ) 8-11-90... 45min

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ" (WHTQ) 10-23-99... 30min

(Classic Rock) “96.5 WHTQ, John Boy and Billy Death of Dale Earnhardt” (WHTQ) 2-19-01 …60min (Scoped)

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ, DJ: Alan Specter" (WHTQ) 6-xx-02... 60min

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ" (WHTQ) 12-21-06... 120min

(Active Rock) "101.1 WJRR" (WJRR) 11-4-97... 90min

(Active Rock) "101.1 WJRR" (WJRR) 11-22-00... 60min

(Alternative) “Real Rock 101.1, First night of Alternative format"” (WJRR) 1/1/02 …120min

(Alternative) “Real Rock 101.1, DJ: Buckethead” (WJRR) 6/12/02…60min

(Rock) "101-1 WJRR" (WJRR) 4-2-14... 60min

(Soft AC) "Joy 108" (WJYO) 5-16-89... 30min

(Soft AC) "Joy 108" (WJYO) 8-2-90... 45min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 103.1" (WLOQ) 11/25/04... 45min (Poor/Muffled Audio)

(Soft AC) “Magic 107.7, DJ: Brenda Matthews” (WMGF) 6/11/02…60min (Some Static)

(AC) "Magic 107.7" (WMGF) 4-30-15... 60min

(Rock AC) "98.9 WMMO" (WMMO) 10-29-99... 60min

(Rock AC) "98.9 WMMO, DJ's: Jerry Steffen into Jay Francisco" (WMMO) 10-20-05... 3hr

(Rock AC) "98.9 WMMO" (WMMO) 2-5-14... 60min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9, Bill Gable, this was before Scooter moved from nights to mornings" (WOCL) 5-16-89... 30min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9" (WOCL) 5-17-89... 45min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9" (WOCL) 4-1-95.... 60min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9, Scooter & Co." (WOCL) 8/3/97...90min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9" (WOCL) 11-3-97... 45min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9, Scooter & Co." (WOCL) 4-13-98... 90min (Some Static)

(Urban Oldies) “ Power 105.9, Joe Nasty Saturday morning voice tracked shift” (WOCL) 10-14-00 …90min (station would flip to Alternative 'O-Rock' just over two weeks later)

(Sign On/Alternative) “O-Rock 105.9, Sign on” (WOCL) 10/31/00… 45min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, 3 weeks after launch" (WOCL) 11-20-00... 60min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Bobby into Mel" (WOCL) 2-15-01... 60min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Steve" (WOCL) 2-xx-01... 45min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Steve into Alan" (WOCL) 3-xx-01... 45min

(Alternative) “O-Rock 105.9, Flashback Cafe into regular, DJ: Steve into Alan” (WOCL) 6/12/02…60min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Gary Holmes" (WOCL) 4/xx/04... 45min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9" (WOCL) 7-28-04... 45min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, Howard Stern" (WOCL) 11-22-04...90min (some discontinuities/speed issues in the first few minutes)

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, Twisted Thanksgiving Weekend, all 80's Album Rock" (WOCL) 11-27-04... 120min

(Classic Hits) "Sunny 105.9" (WOCL) 5-9-09... 30min (DX'ed from Atlanta) (Stable for the first 20mins then heavy fading)

(Classic Hits) "105.9 Sunny FM" (WOCL) 12-28-12... 90min (DX'ed from Atlanta) (Some lite static but stable)

(Classic Hits) "105.9 Sunny FM" (WOCL) 3-6-14... 90min

(Urban Gospel) "1680 WOKB, Gospel Rap Mix Show" (WOKB) 6-21-13... 90min (DX, Nighttime Fading)

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 8-13-90... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 10-1-90... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ, Tim Baldwin" (WOMX) 9-19-96... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ: Dana Taylor"( WOMX) 9-19-96... 90min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ: Tim Baldwin into Dana Taylor" (WOMX) 11-3-97... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ: Dana Taylor into Elvis" (WOMX) 11-3-97... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, 70's Saturday Nights with Henry Hayes" (WOMX) 10-30-99... 30min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 10-1-00... 60min

(Hot AC) “Mix 105.1, DJ: Chris O' Ryan” (WOMX) 6/12/02…60min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 5/xx/05... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 4-30-15... 50min

(Dance-CHR) "95.3 Party DJ: D-Nice" (WPYO) 5/18/00... 30min

(Dance-CHR) "95.3 Party DJ: Mojavi" (WPYO) 11-20-00... 75min

(Hip Hop) "Power 95.3" (WPYO) 7/28/04... 45min

(Modern AC) “She 100.3, DJ: Dick Danger” (WSHE) 11/22/96… 45min

(Modern AC) "She 100.3, DJ: Dick Danger Morning's" (WSHE) 11-4-97... 45min

(Oldies) “Cool 100, DJ: Dave Mathews” (WSHE) 6/13/02…60min

(AC) "Star 101" (WSTF) 5-19-89... 45min

(AC) “Star 101, DJ: Keith Fairbanks” (WSTF) 8-12-90 …45min

(AC) "Star 101, John David Wells Morning Show" (WSTF) 9-14-90... 45min

(Talk/Hot AC) "Real Radio 104.1, The Greatest Hits of Our Times" (WTKS) 8/xx/94... 45min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Music Weekends DJ: Kevin Walsh" (WTKS) 11/23/96... 30min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, The Ed Tyll Show" (WTKS) 5-8-97... 90min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, The Philips Phile" 7-23-98... 45min (audio stutters at times due to digital conversion)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Cutting Edge Music Weekends" 11-27-99... 90min (some static/fading)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Music Weekends" (WTKS) 11/23/00... 45min

(Talk/Alternative) “Real Radio 104.1 - Real Music Weekends” (WTKS) 6/15/02…60min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, The Drew Garabo Show" (WTKS) 7-21-04... 30min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Music Overnights" (WTKS) 8-6-08... 160min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Classic Rock Weekends" (WTKS) 1-14-12... 60min

(Hot AC) "Variety 101" (WVRI) 4-28-92... 45min (note: rebranded from 'Star 101' station would flip to Rock as WJRR the next year.)

(Country) “K92fm, flashback weekend” (WWKA)… 6-xx-01 ...60min

(Country) “K92fm, DJ: Shadow” (WWKA) 6/12/02…60min

(Adult CHR) "XL 106.7" (WXXL) 5-xx-90... 40min (Fair Audio/Some Static) (Note: was recorded while moving) (scoped in one place)

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Johnny Walker" (WXXL) 9-4-91... 45min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Uncle Johnny" (WXXL) 9-14-96... 120min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Hildi" (WXXL) 7-30-99... 60min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Nikki Knight" (WXXL) 10-28-99... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, Hot 9@9 songs 5-1, DJ: Pete Degraff" (WXXL) 10-30-99... 40min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7" (WXXL) 11-2-99... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7" (WXXL) 9-30-00... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Adam Cook" (WXXL) 10-5-00... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Chad Pitt" (WXXL) 2-xx-01... 45min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7" (WXXL) 5/xx/01 …90min

(Top 40) “XL 106.7, Buckethead’s Last Night, That Damn Saturday Night Show” (WXXL) xx-xx-02 …60min (first half scoped only) (Note: features the infamous flying unicorn child's ride audio where Buckedhead and the late Mark Samansky scream their heads off like little girls, Buckedhead would leave XL for the newly re-launched Real Rock 101.1)

(Top 40) "XL 106.7" (WXXL) 11/25/04... 45min

Panama City
(Adult Hits) "105.1 Bob FM" (WASJ) 11-29-08... 80min

(Talk) "94.5 WFLA, Fox Sports Network" (WFLF) 2/24/08... 60min (Some Fading)

(Top 40) "Island 106" (WILN) 1-17-92... 45min (Low audio but OK)

(Top 40) "Island 106, DJ: Sean Philips" (WLIN) 5-14-95... 30min

(Top 40) "Island 106" (WILN) 11-29-08... 80min

(Top 40) "107.9 PFM" (WPFM) 11-30-08... 80min

(Alternative) "97X" (WYYX) 11-30-08... 60min

(Top 40) "Q-100, DJ: Dave Lyons" (WJLQ) 3-17-90... 25min

(Hot AC) "Q-100" (WJLQ) 2-3-08... 45min (DX, Some fading near the end, otherwise stable)

(Hot AC) "Q-100" (WJLQ) 11-29-08... 80min

(AC) "Soft Rock 94.1" (WMEZ) 1-14-16... 80min

(Active Rock) "TK 101" (WTKX) 8-11-05... 30min

St. Augustine
(Hot AC) "94.1 WSOS The Muuuuuic Station, DJ: Sean Dean" (WSOS)…10/15/99 …45min

(Hot AC) “Mix 105, Recorded on 105.5 FM, DJ: Tommy Charles Mornings" (WYGV)…11/27/01 …60min

(Classic Rock) "96 K-Rock" (WRXK) 12-25-01 …30min

(Oldies) "Oldies 108" (WSRZ) 5-4-00... 90min

(AOR, Talk/Alternative) "105.9YNF, Switch over to Real Radio 105.9, Bob and Tom" (WYNF) 9/24/01… 45min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 105.9, First day of Monsters of the Midday" (WYNF) 9/24/01...45min

(Classic Rock) "Wheel's 105.7, Best of John Boy and Billy Show" (WWLL) 3/21/00…30min (Some Fading)

(AC) "Star 98.9" (WBZE) 1-18-16... 60min

(Top 40) "Hot 104.9" (WHTF) 4-14-14... 60min (Some Static)

(Hip Hop) "HOT 105.7" (WVHT) 10/xx/01…45 min (Some fading)

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 106, DJ: Orlando" WWLD 1/20/97... 45min (note: this is the same Orlando who would later move to Tampa's WLLD)

(Country) "103.1 The Wolf, DJ: Dave Moose" (WWOF) 3-31-10... 26min (slight static) (DX)

(Hot AC) "100.7 Kiss FM" (WAKS) 11/3/97… 45min

(Hot AC) "100.7 Kiss FM" (WAKS) 3-9-99... 90min

(Hot AC/Switch) "100.7 Kiss FM" , Becomes “Mix 100.7 format remains Hot AC” x-xx-99 (WAKS) …45min

(Hip Hop) "95.7 The Beat" (WBTP) 1-17-04... 75min

(Soft AC) "103.5 The Dove" (WDUV) 3-11-99... 90min (the station would move to the weaker 105.5 signal later in the year)

(Soft AC/Switch) "103.5 The Dove flips to Classic Rock Thunder 103.5 as the Dove goes to 105.5" (WDUV) x-xx-99 …45min

(Soft AC) "105.5 The Dove, DJ: Dick Ring mornings" (WDUV) 4-5-00... 60min

(Soft AC) "105.5 The Dove" (WDUV) 1-24-14... 120min

(Oldies) "Z93" (WFLZ) 5-27-89... 45min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 93: DJ, Big Woody" (WFLZ) 9-xx-90... 45min

(Top 40) "93.3 FLZ" (WFLZ) 4-xx-97... 90min

(Top 40) "93.3 FLZ" (WFLZ) 5-5-00... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "JO 101.5, Morning Cup of Joe with Nick and Kara" (WFJO) 3-22-00... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "JO 101.5" (WFJO) 4-17-00... 45min

(Oldies) "1040 WHBO" (WHBO) 12-6-89... 45min

(Rock AC) "The Point 102.5" (WHPT) 8-2-92... 120min

(Rock AC) "102.5 The Point" (WHPT) 6-xx-98... 60min

(Classic Rock) "102-5 Real Classic Rock, DJ: Slater" (WHPT) 4-11-03... 45min

(AC) "Launch of Love 101.5" (WILV) 7-17-97... 80min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 98.7, in launch mode with a pirate radio theme, drunk teenagers in a boat" (WISP) xx-xx-98... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 98.7, still in launch mode as above noted, different day" (WISP) 5-17-98... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 98.7" (WLLD) xx-xx-00... 45min (Scoped in places)

(Hot AC) "Mix 100.7" (WMTX) 4-4-00... 90min

(AC) "Lite Rock 95.7, DJ: Steve Michaels" (WNLT) 8-xx-88... 45min

(80's Oldies) "101.5 The Point" (WPOI) 3-25-02... 80min

(Urban AC) "1380 The Touch" (WRBQ-AM) 5-2-99... 90min (Note: the station flips to Radio Disney the next day)

(Urban AC) "1590, Star 16" (WRXB) 4/6/00...45min

(Urban) "AM 1590 WRXB" (WRXB) 10-12-01... 45min

(Smooth Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 94.1" (WSJT) 7/21/03... 90min

(Modern AC) "Star 95.7" (WMTX) 8-9-97... 45min (some slowing speed issues in the middle but otherwise good quality)

(Hot AC) "Star 95.7, format changes slightly to Hot AC" (WSSR) 2-1-00... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 95.7" (WSSR) 3-24-02... 70min

(Modern AC) "Star 95.7, format returns to it's Modern AC roots" (WSSR) 7/22/03 ...90min

(Classic Rock) "Thunder 103.5" (WTBT) 2-11-05... 45min

(Urban) "1150 JAMZ" (WTMP-AM) 5-xx-98... 30min (DX/Nighttime Fading but OK)

(Urban) "1150 JAMZ, Slow Jamz into regular" (WTMP-AM) 5 -xx-98... 45min

(Hip Hop) "1150 JAMZ" (WTMP-AM) 10-12-01... 45min

(Hip Hop) "1150 JAMZ, DJ: Big Money Ced" (WTMP-AM) …90min x/xx/01

(AC) "Warm 94.9" (WWRM) 7-21-98... 45min

(AC) "Magic 94.9" (WWRM) 7/22/03 ...90min

(Rock) "98 Rock" (WXTB) 3-27-02... 75min

Vero-West Palm Beach
(Classic Rock/Flip/Talk/Classic Rock) "Rock 101.7,  into Simulcast of Real Talk 92.7" (WBBE) 9/24/99... 90min

(Launch/Active Rock) "93.5 The Bar sign on first hour" (WBGF) 9-26-14... 70min (Note: recorded of internet stream)

(Easy Listening) "Easy 850" (WEAT-AM) xx-xx-92... 45min

(AC) "Sunny 104.3" (WEAT) 10/03/03... 90min

(AC) "Coast 101.3, DJ, Gary Williams" (WHLG) 9-24-99... 45min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 99.5" (WJBW) 7-30-99... 90min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 106.3 DJ: Dave Heiss, last month on the air before the Mix move in" (WJBW) 9-1-01... 70min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 106.3 DJ: Gary Murphy, same day as above different hour" (WJBW) 9-1-01... 70min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 106.3 DJ: Dave Heiss" (WJBW) 9-2-01... 65min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3, Mix had just moved in from 102.3 to make way for Urban X-102.3" (WJBW) 11-25-01... 75min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3 same day different hour, DJ: Jeff Clarke" (WJBW) 11-25-01... 75min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3" (WJBW) 12-xx-01... 30min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3, DJ: Scott Davidson" (WJBW) 12-xx-01... 45min

(Urban AC) "B-106.3" (WJBW) 3-21-02... 90min ("Mix" only lasted less than 6 months at 106.3 before making way for Urban AC "B")

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 1040" (WJNA) 8-31-97... 45min (Features news of the death of Princess Diana) (Recorded during thunderstorm)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 1040" (WJNA) 11-28-02... 90min

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 640" (WJNA) 9-28-05... 80min (tuner moves off frequency a couple times otherwise great quality)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 640, same as above different hour" (WJNA) 9-28-05... 80min

(Talk) "News Radio 1040 WJNO, Randi Roads" (WJNO) 1/13/00... 45min (note: WJNO would move to 1290 shortly after as talked about in this aircheck)

(Top 40) "Wild 95.5" (WLDI) 1-31-99... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 102.3" (WMBX) 6-4-00... 60min

(Hot AC) "Mix 102.3" (WMBX) 9/4/00... 60min

(Launch/Hip Hop) "Launch of X-102.3 as mix moves to 106.3 WJBW" (WMBX) 10-23-01... 45min (Note: audio stutters due to digital conversation)

(Hip Hop) "X-102.3" (WMBX) 10-28-01... 60min

(Hip Hop) "X-102.3, same day as above different hour" (WMBX) 10-28-01... 60min

(Adult Standards) "97.1 Ocean FM, DJ: Chick Watkins into Ed Brant" (WOSN) 4-8-00... 60min (Some static)

(Top 40) "95.5 WOVV" (WOVV) 11-6-89... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Alternative) "103.1 The Buzz" (WPBZ) 11-1-98... 90min

(Urban) "92X" (WRLX) 8-1-99... 60min (Fair Audio) (Note: mainly urban oldies with some currents thrown in)

(Alternative) "Planet Radio 92.1" (WRLX) 12-22-00... 45min (Note: First weeks on the air)

(Alternative) "Planet Radio 92.1" (WRLX) xx-xx-02... 30min

(Hot AC) "FM 98 WRMF" (WRMF) 2-xx-80... 60min (Note: the station had just launch the month before still automated-launch mode)

(Hot AC) "FM 98 WRMF, DJ: Don Wright" (WRMF) xx-xx-80... 30min (Light Static/Fading)

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Mary Franco" (WRMF) 5-30-91... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Breakfast of Champions into Ken LeMann" (WRMF) 5-31-91... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Ken LeMann 2pm" (WRMF) 5-31-91... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WFMF DJ:  Buddy O'Hara" (WRMF) 4-xx-92... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Don Wright" (WRMF) 4-27-92... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Don Wright" (WRMF) 4-28-92... 90min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Don Wright into Mary Franco 7pm" (WRMF) 4-28-92... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF, DJ: Robin Garrett" (WRMF) 9-25-00... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF" (WRMF) 4-xx-01... 45min (DX) (Heavy Static at times DX'ed from Daytona so 98.1 WGNE bleeds in at times but 70% audible)

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF" (WRMF) 10-xx-15... 8hr (This aircheck was sent to me in (8) 1hr increments, all continuous.)

(Adult Standards) "99.5 WTRU" (WTRU) 1-27-90... 45min (Some Static)

(Urban AC) "Foxy 1040, DJ: Dwayne Dancer" (WYFX) 8/26/96... 90min (Note: station powers down on side B with tons of heavy static but audible) (Note 2: Dwayne Dancer can also be heard on several of my WKEU-AM airchecks from Griffin Ga, as he still works for the old ABC Radio Networks now Cumulus Media's Classic Hits 24/7 network)

(Top 40) "Z93" (WZZR) 8-26-91... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Talk 92.7 ZZR, Josh Cohen" (WZZR) 9/23/99... 45min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Talk 92.7 ZZR, The Love Doctors" (WZZR) 9/24/99... 45min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Talk 92.7 ZZR, Classic Rock Weekend" (WZZR) 9/26/99... 90min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 92.7, Josh Cohen and the Home Team Mornings" (WZZR) 6-11-01…45min