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Daytona Beach
(Urban AC) “Star 94.5, DJ: Joe Davis” (WCFB) 6-12-02…60min

(Urban AC) "Star 94.5, The Thunderstorm Mix Show" (WCFB) 8-9-13... 2hr

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WDXD) 4/xx/97... 90min

(Top 40) “Q 102” (WDOQ) (Scoped in places) 9/82…45min

(Hot AC) "99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: Bruce Cherry" (WFKS) 4/13/98... 90min

(Hot AC) “99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: JP Morgan into Johnny Black, Includes Hurricane Irene updates” (WFKS) 10/16/99…90min

(Hot AC) "99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: J. R." (WFKS) 1-17-00... 45min (heavy fading/static for first 8 minutes rest is stable)

(Hot AC) "99.9 Kiss FM, DJ: Johnny Black" (WFKS) 1-21-00... 60min (note: kiss would flip format's to country in June)

(Country) "98 Frog, DJ: Dave" (WGNE) 4-xx-00... 45min

(Sign off) "98 Frog, Sign off of 98 Frog as Frog moves to 99.9, includes some new 99.9 Id's" (WGNE) 6-xx-00 (Scoped)…15min (as the Frog moves to 99.9, 98.1 airs repeated announcements from Wolf Bower's the late Bill Kramer)

(Country) “99.9 Frog FM” (WGNE) 6/12/02…60min

(Classic Rock) “95-7 The Hog, DJ: Trevor Joe Lennon” (WHOG) 6/12/02…60min

(Classic Rock) "95-7 The Hog" (WHOG) 2-25-14... 45min

(Active Rock) "95.7 The Hog" (WHOG) 4-27-15... 80min

(Urban) “102 Jamz, Joe Nasty in the Morning” (WJHM) 8/12/90... 45min

(Urban) “102 Jamz, The Quiet Storm” (WJHM) 8/12/90... 45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz" (WJHM) 7-25-94... 45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz, promoting a first/last weekend a stunt that led people to think the station was flipping formats" (WJHM) 10-16-99... 60min

(Urban) "102 Jamz, Al B' Silk in the Morning" (WJHM) 11-22-00... 60min (Some Static)

(Urban) “102 Jamz, Carter 'same carter from O-Rock' ” (WJHM) 12-25-01…15min

(Urban) “102 Jamz” (WJHM) 6-12-02…60min

(Urban) "102 Jamz, The wake up posse, Break-a-dawn was still at the hospital and would die just weeks later" (WJHM) 11-23-04...45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz. The wake up posse (D-Strong filling in) into Alexx Dupri" (WJHM) 11-24-04... 45min

(Urban) "102 Jamz" (WJHM) 2-27-09... 60min

(Top 40) "101.9 Amp Radio" (WJHM) 2-11-14... 60min

(Alternative) "93 Kro-FM" (WKRO) 3-1-96... 45min

(Alternative) "93 Kro-FM, DJ: Tripp" (WKRO) 2-28-97... 45min

(Country) “US-93, DJ: Stephanie” (WKRO) 6/12/02…45min

(Talk) "News 1150 WNDB, The Marc Bernier Show" (WNDB/WNDA) 5-xx-05... 45min

(Top 40) “I-100, features first part of Top 8 at 8 numbers 8 to 4, DJ: Tim Travis” (WNFI) 11-24-90…45min

(Top 40) “I-100, DJ: Andrew Garrick” (WNFI) 8-12-90…90min

(Spanish Top 40) “La Nueva 98.1” (WNUE) 6/12/02…60min

(70's Oldies) "Sun 95.7" (WTSM) x-xx-96 ...90min (Scoped in places/Some Static)

(For 103.3 The Vibe from 1997 see WDXD at the top of the Daytona Beach list)

(Top 40) “103.3 The Vibe, DJ: Kotter” (WVYB) 11-27-99… 45 min

(Top 40) “103.3 The Vibe” (WVYB) 12-25-01…15 min

(Top 40) “103.3 The Vibe, DJ: Rob Tracy” (WVYB) 6-12-02…60min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WVYB) 4-xx-04... 30min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe, 1pm" (WVYB) 1-15-10... 60min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe, 3pm" (WVYB) 1-15-10... 60min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WVYB) 3-3-11... 120min

(Top 40) "103.3 The Vibe" (WVYB) 2-25-14... 76min

Dade City/Spring Hill/Brooksville
(Oldies) "WJQB 106.3 The True Oldies Channel" (WJQB) 4-14-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Jammin Oldies 96.1" (WTMP-FM) 3-27-04... 128min (has an odd noise throughout the first hour but fair audio)

Ft. Walton
(Rhythmic CHR) "Fly 92.1" (WFFY) 12-1-08... 80min

(Hot AC) "98 Surf FM" (WWSF) 4-4-93... 45min (a rock leaning Hot AC however a rap song plays for a few seconds in the middle but is cut off as soon as it starts automation glitch?)

(Hot AC) "B-105, DJ: Dave Lyons" (WYZB) xx-xx-89 ...5min (Scoped)

(Top 40) "Z96" (WZNS) 12-1-08... 80min

Homosassa Springs/Crystal River
(Hot AC) "Citrus 95.3" (WXCV) 6-2-10... 120min

(Hot AC) "95.1 WAPE, The Big Ape, DJ: Hoyle Dempsey Mornings" (WAPE) 2-16-94... 90min (8:50am to 10:30am) (Continues below)

(Hot AC) "95.1 WAPE, The Big Ape, DJ: Tony Mann " (WAPE) 2-16-94... 90min (10:30am to 12pm)

(Top 40) "95.1 WAPE" (WAPE) 12-21-13... 60min

(Top 40) "95.1 WAPE" (WAPE) 3-9-15... 45min

(News/Talk) "600 WBOB, Hurricane Irma coverage simulcasting WJXT-TV" (WBOB) 9-10-17... 90min (Nighttime DX/Fading)

(Urban Oldies) "Millennium 105-3 and 105-5" (WFBJ) 1-10-00... 90min

(Stunt) "97.9, stunting before launch of new KISS" (WFSJ) 3-xx-00  …25min (Some fading)

(Top 40) “97.9 KISS-FM, First day on the air as Kiss FM” (WFSJ) 3-17-00 …30min

(AOR) "Rock 105, DJ: The Woodman" (WFYV) 7-27-98... 45min

(70's Oldies) "Star 1570, live overnight DX test with Rocky W. Shore" (WGSR) 2-3-01... 45min


(Southern Rock/Oldies) "Surf 1010, Redneck Rock and Roll" (WIOJ) 4-28-97...90min ((AM STEREO))


(Hot AC) "Mix 103" (WMXQ) 10-14-00... 90min (Note: the station would flip few weeks later to all 80's as "the point")

(80's Oldies) "102.9 The Point" (WMXQ) 11-1-00... 90min

(Alternative Rock) "Planet Radio 93.3, DJ: Ernie into Dick Dale" (WPLA) 7-29-98... 45min

(Alternative Rock) "Planet Radio 93.3, DJ: Klinger" (WPLA) 9/7/99... 90min

(Alternative Rock) "The New Planet Radio 107.3, DJ: Klinger" (WPLA) 12/31/05 ...60min

(Alternative Rock) "The New Planet Radio 107.3" (WPLA) 7-3-10... 80min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Radio 106.5, Classic Rock Weekend" (WTLK) 4/28/97... 90min

(Alternative Rock) "X102.9" (WXXJ) 7-3-10... 80min

Key West
(Top 40) "Wow 92.5" (WEOW) 3-12-98... 40min (note: this station would move up to 92.7 in the early 2000's)

(Top 40) "Wow 92.7" (WEOW) 10-xx-15... 60min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "Island 106.9" (WIIS) 10-xx-15... 50min (Some Static)

(Classic Hits) "93.7-94.3-96.9 The Mix" (WKEY) 10-xx-15... 3hr (Some Static)

(AAA) "101.7 & 96.7 Pirate Radio" (WKYZ) 10-xx-15... 60min (Some Static)

(Adult Hits) "104.9 The X" (WXKW) 10-xx-15... 3hr (Some Static)

Lake City
(Hot AC) "Mix 94.3, Chris Chaos Morning show" (WNFB) 3/03/00... 30min (Scoped in one place)

(Urban) "Power 1360, Classic Drive @ 5 'mix' into regular programming" (WHNR) 11-xx-00... 60min

(Urban) "Power 1360, Classic Drive @ 5 'mix' into regular programming" (WHNR) 2-16-01... 60min

(Oldies) "1130 WBF" (WWBF) 11-21-00... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Oldies) "1130 WBF" (WWBF) 11-23-00... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Oldies) "640 WVLG, DJ: Kathleen Kane" (WVLG) 1-23-10... 2hr

(Oldies) "640 WVLG" (WVLG) 1-13-12... 60min

(Oldies) "640 WVLG" (WVLG) 1-31-14... 120min

(Oldies) "640 WVLG" (WVLG) 1-27-15... 80min

(Top 40) "107.1 A1A, Open House Party" (WAOA) 2-10-01... 45min (Scoped in places and dead air in the first 2 minutes)

(Top 40) "107.1 A1A" (WAOA) 4-24-14... 120min

(Urban) "95.1 The Beat" (WBVD) 7-29-04 ...45min (Poor Audio)

Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
(AC) "97-A1A (97.3fm)" (WAIA) 2-9-81... 30min

(AC) "97-A1A (97.3fm)" (WAIA) 3-18-86... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.9, DJ: T. K. O'Grady  Mornings" (WAXY) 5/31/91... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.9" (WAXY) 6/3/91... 40min

(Spanish Talk) "n/a" (WCMQ-AM) 3/13/97... 30min

(Spanish Classic Hits) "Clasica 92.3" (WCMQ-FM) 1-13-00... 45min (Note: though mostly Spanish some English songs would play at times)

(Urban) "WEDR Soul Star, 99.1" (WEDR) 2-9-81... 30min

(Urban) "99 Jamz" (WEDR) 7-17-98... 45min

(Urban) "99 Jamz, Ultimate Midday Mix with Lady D." (WEDR) 7-23-05... 60min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney AM 990, format sign on" (WFBA) 9-17-99... 70min (This is the sign on of Radio Disney previous format had been Spanish Easy Listening as 'Sonido 990' the station would go dark at the sign off of 'Sonido'  at midnight and would return an hour later as Radio Disney at 1am.

(Hot AC) "97.3 The Coast" (WFLC) 9-28-05... 80min

(Hot AC) "97.3 The Coast, DJ: Bruce Wayne" (WFLC) 10-10-05... 80min

(Hot AC) "97.3 The Coast, Totally 80's Weekend" (WFLC) 3-25-06... 75min

(Hot AC/Flip/Top 40) "97.3 The Coast, sign off into Hits 97.3" (WFLC) 1-17-14... 3hr

(Active Rock) "93 Rock, DJ: Erin" (WHDR) 3-23-06... 77min

(Top 40) "Y-100" (WHYI) 12-5-99... 45min

(Top 40) "Y-100, Interactive 5@9, DJ: Rich Rodriguez" (WHYI) 2/15/01 …30min (Scoped in a couple of places, rest is stable)

(Top 40) "Y-100, DJ: Kenny Walker" (WHYI) 8-31-01 ...90min

(Urban AC) "Hot 105" (WHQT) 8/30/04 ...90min

(News) "940 WINZ News, Hurricane Andrew radio coverage" (WINZ) 8-24-92... 90min

(AC) "101.5 Lite FM" (WLYF) 9-27-05... 80min

(AC) "101.5 Lite FM" (WLYF) 10-xx-15... 5hr (This aircheck was sent to me in (5) 1hr increments, all continuous.)

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5" (WMGE) 7-xx-99... 45min

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5, DJ: Nena Santos (she had been Debbie Delgado from 'Planet' previous format)" (WMGE) 12-5-99... 60min

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5" (WMGE) 7-20-00... 60min

(Rhythmic Hot AC) "My 93.9" (WMIA) 10-xx-15... 5hr (sent to me in 5 one hour increments all continuous)

(Oldies) "Magic 102.7, Rick Shaw Morning Show" (WMXJ) 4-2-04... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Magic 102.7" (WMXJ) 10-xx-15... 70min

(Top 40) "96Q, DJ: J. Michael Stone" (WMYQ) 5-23-72... 35min

(For Launch of Modern AC The Planet from 1996 see WSHE Listing at the Bottom of this Miami listing)

(Modern AC) "103.5 The Planet, DJ: Lane" (WPLL) 10-xx-97... 30min

(Modern AC) "103.5 The Planet, DJ: Archer into Brandy Strange" (WPLL) 10/28/97... 45min

(Hot AC) "103.5 The Planet, DJ: Archer into Michael Jamrock" (WPLL) 4-11-98... 45min (Note: the station begins to tweak to Hot AC)

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, format and name change slightly, DJ: Brandy Strange" (WPLL) 6-xx-98... 45min

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, DJ: Archer" (WPLL) 8-10-98... 45min

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, First Love songs show with the 'Woman in red' DJ: Debbie Delgado" (WPLL) 10-19-98... 45min

(Hot AC) "Planet 103, Big Chill weekend mixing in 70's/80's music inspired by the movie, DJ: AJ" (WPLL) 3-13-99... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "Mega 103.5, First day on air with an 80's dance centric urban oldies format" (WPLL) 7-1-99... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96, DJ: Cox on the Radio" (WPOW) 9-2-96... 45min (Note: audio stutters due to digital conversation)

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96, DJ: Joe Nasty" (WPOW) 11-27-96... 45min (audio stutters at times due to digital conversion)

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96" (WPOW) 9/1/01 ...90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 96" (WPOW) 10-xx-15... 4hr (This aircheck was sent to me in (3) 70minute increments, all continuous.)

(Dance) "Party 93.1" (WPYM) 8-7-03... 75min

(Dance) "Party 93.1" (WPYM) 10-11-04... 90min

(Alternative) "104.3 The Shark" (WSFS) 10-xx-15... 3hr

(Stunt/Launch/Modern AC) "The New 103.5, end of stunt, launch and first 45 minutes the new 103.5" (WSHE) 5-2-96... 90min

(Modern AC) "The New 103.5" (WSHE) 5-xx-96... 30min

(Modern AC) "103.5 Planet Radio, name launch from 'the new 103.5' to '103.5 planet radio' " (WSHE) 7-18-96... 60min (note: this was recorded in studio by the station's engineer on Digital CD)

(Adult Hits) "Variety 103.5, DJ: Kelly Craig" (WSHE) 4-15-13... 45min (first day of new name)

(Classical/Sign off-on/Dance) "Classical 93.1 becomes Party 93.1" (WTMI) 12-31-01... 6hr (note: first two hours last live shift into jockless classical into flip to the new 'Party', this aircheck was sent to me in 6 one hour increments, all continuous)

(Rock) "94.9 Zeta/Groovy FM" (WZTA) 4-1-99... 60min (April fools format change to urban oldies "Groovy FM", side note sister station Planet 103 WPLL would flip to this format just 4 months later, features DJ Julie Guy from the Planet.)

(Rock) "94.9 Zeta" (WZTA) 8-9-01 …30min

Naples/Fort Myers
(Soft AC) "Wave 101" (WAVV) 8-12-97... 90min

(Soft AC) "Wave 101" (WAVV) 6-xx-00... 60min

(Christian) "88.7 Way FM" 8-4-99 (WAYJ)... 45min

(Talk) "News Talk 1580, Rush Limbaugh" (WCCF) 8-4-99... 45min

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 9-30-11... 90min (DX/Nighttime Fading) 

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 8-1-12... 30min (DX/Nighttime Fading)

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 8-9-12... 90min (DX/Nighttime Fading)

(Adult Alternative Standards) "1410/1660 The Avenue" (WCNZ) 8-27-12... 90min (DX/Nighttime Fading)

(Adult Standards) "Seaview 104.9" (WCVU) 6-25-00... 60min

(Alternative) "99x" (WJBX) 6-21-00... 70min

(Adult Standards) "106.3 WJST, The music of your life, DJ: Gary Owens" (WJST) 8-13-97... 90min

(Modern AC) "Kiss 100" (WKFF) 8-5-01... 75min (note: station had tweaked away from Top 40 but would become Real Radio soon after.)

(Adult Standards) "Key 1070, The music of your life" (WKII) 7-xx-92... 45min (recorded during thunderstorm)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable Favorites 1480 and 1660" (WODX) 6-29-00... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable Favorites 1480 and 1660" (WODX) 7-1-00... 70min ((AM STEREO)) (recorded during thunderstorm)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable Favorites 1480 and 1660" (WODX) 5-10-01... 60min ((AM STEREO))

(Modern AC) "My 95.3 HD-2" (WOLZ-HD-2) 8-3-09... 90min

(Modern AC) "My 95.3 HD-2" (WOLZ-HD-2) 8-7-09... 120min

(Modern AC) "Star 100" (WOST) 2-11-99... 45min

(Top 40) "100.1 Kiss FM" (WOST) 9-11-00... 90min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 100, Real Music Weekends" (WRLR) 11-10-01... 75min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 100, Real Music Weekends" (WRLR) 11-11-01... 60min

(Talk/80's Oldies) "Real Radio 100, 80's Rock Weekends" (WRLR) 5-24-03... 45min

(Talk/80's Oldies) "Real Radio 100, 80's Rock Weekends" WRLR) 6-26-03... 70min

(AC) "The New Lite 93.5" (WTLT) 6-23-00... 70min

(Talk) "Smart Talk 1200, Imus in the Morning" (WTLQ) 8-6-99... 45min

(AC) "Warm 100.1" (WXRM) 8-10-97... 90min

(80's Oldies) "97.7 The Point" (WYPT) 8-5-01... 60min

(Hot AC) "Star 100.5" (WBXY) 11-xx-98... 90min (Note: The station had just flipped from Urban AC)

(Soft AC/Oldies) "Gold 99 FM" (WGMA) 3-11-14... 2hr

(Top 40) "Z-100" (WHHZ) 6/xx/01 ...30min

(Top 40) "Z-100" (WHHZ) 6/xx/01... 30min

(AC) "98.5 KTK" (WKTK) 11-25-04... 45min (Low/Muffled Audio)

(AC) "Lite Rock 106.9, Henry Hays and Monica Heart Mornings" (WKZY) 4/23/01... 45min (Some Fading)

(AC) "Lite Rock 106.9, Henry Hays and Monica Heart Mornings" (WKZY)  6/11/01…45min (Some Fading)

(Hot AC) "106.9 KZY" 5-10-12... 120min

(Classic Rock) "92.5/95.5/107.9 Wind FM, 3pm, DJ: Charlie McGraw" (WNDD) 1-13-12... 50min

(Classic Rock) "92.5/95.5/107.9 Wind FM, 4pm, DJ: Charlie McGraw" (WNDD) 1-13-12... 40min

(Classic Rock) "92.5/95.5/107.9 Wind FM" (WNDD) 1-21-15... 60min

(Top 40) "Q92" (WMFQ) 3-14-14... 120min

(Urban AC) "Mix 100.5" (WNFQ) 4-4-98...45min

(AOR) "Rock 104, Pile Driver" (WRUF) xx-xx-01... 40min (Scoped in a couple of places) (some static)

(AOR) "Rock 104" (WRUF) 11-25-04... 45min (Muffled Audio)

(AOR) "Rock 104" (WRUF) 1-22-09... 120min (slight clicking noise throughout) Note: the station would flip to country the very next year.

(Classic Rock) "The Fox 96.7" (WXOF) 1-28-14... 70min

(Top 40) "Kiss 105.3" (WYKS) 2/11/97... 45min

(Top 40) Kiss 105.3, part of the Top 105 of 1997 countdown #'s 44-28" (WYKS) 12-31-97... 60min

(Top 40) "BJ105, Breakfast Bunch with Bill Cross and Alan Specter" (WBJW)  3-xx-88... 30min

(Top 40) "BJ105" (WBJW) 5-16-89... 45min

(Oldies) "Big 100, this station had just re-branded from Cool 100 WSHE" (WEBG) 9-0-04... 90min

(AOR) "Q96FM" (WHTQ) 8-11-90... 45min

(AOR) "Q96FM, same day different hour" (WHTQ) 8-11-90... 45min

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ" (WHTQ) 10-23-99... 30min

(Classic Rock) “96.5 WHTQ, John Boy and Billy death of Dale Earnhardt” (WHTQ) 2-19-01 …60min (Scoped)

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ, DJ: Alan Specter" (WHTQ) 6-xx-02... 60min

(Classic Rock) "96.5 WHTQ" (WHTQ) 12-21-06... 120min

(Active Rock) "101.1 WJRR, DJ: Taco Bob" (WJRR) 11-4-97... 90min

(Active Rock) "101.1 WJRR, DJ: Kenny" (WJRR) 11-22-00... 70min (Some static)

(Alternative) “Real Rock 101.1, first night of Alternative format"” (WJRR) 1-1-02 …120min

(Alternative) “Real Rock 101.1, DJ: Buckethead” (WJRR) 6-12-02…60min

(Rock) "101-1 WJRR" (WJRR) 4-2-14... 60min

(Rock) "101-1 WJRR, DJ: Mel" (WJRR) 4-30-15... 60min

(Soft AC) "Joy 108" (WJYO) 5-16-89... 30min

(Soft AC) "Joy 108" (WJYO) 8-2-90... 45min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 103.1" (WLOQ) 11-25-04... 45min (Poor/Muffled Audio)

(Soft AC) “Magic 107.7, DJ: Brenda Matthews” (WMGF) 6/11/02…60min (Some Static)

(AC) "Magic 107.7" (WMGF) 4-30-15... 60min

(Rock AC) "98.9 WMMO" (WMMO) 10-29-99... 60min

(Rock AC) "98.9 WMMO, DJ's: Jerry Steffen into Jay Francisco" (WMMO) 10-20-05... 3hr

(Rock AC) "98.9 WMMO, Downtown Billy Brown" (WMMO) 2-5-14... 60min (note, the same Billy who was a WSTR Atlanta in the 90s)

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9, Bill Gable, this was before Scooter moved from nights to mornings" (WOCL) 5-16-89... 30min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9" (WOCL) 5-17-89... 45min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9" (WOCL) 4-1-95.... 60min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9, Scooter & Co." (WOCL) 8/3/97...90min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9" (WOCL) 11-3-97... 45min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.9, Scooter & Co." (WOCL) 4-13-98... 90min (Some Static)

(Urban Oldies) “ Power 105.9, Joe Nasty Saturday morning voice tracked shift” (WOCL) 10-14-00 …90min (station would flip to Alternative 'O-Rock' just over two weeks later)

(Sign On/Alternative) “O-Rock 105.9, Sign on” (WOCL) 10/31/00… 45min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, 3 weeks after launch" (WOCL) 11-20-00... 60min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Bobby into Mel" (WOCL) 2-15-01... 60min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Steve" (WOCL) 2-xx-01... 45min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Steve into Alan" (WOCL) 3-xx-01... 45min

(Alternative) “O-Rock 105.9, Flashback Cafe into regular, DJ: Steve into Alan” (WOCL) 6/12/02…60min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Gary Holmes" (WOCL) 4-7-04... 45min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, DJ: Mel" (WOCL) 7-28-04... 45min

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, Howard Stern" (WOCL) 11-22-04...90min (some discontinuities/speed issues in the first few minutes)

(Alternative) "O-Rock 105.9, Twisted Thanksgiving Weekend, all 80's Album Rock, DJ: Gary Holmes" (WOCL) 11-27-04... 120min

(Classic Hits) "Sunny 105.9" (WOCL) 5-9-09... 30min (DX'ed from Atlanta) (Stable for the first 20mins then heavy fading)

(Classic Hits) "105.9 Sunny FM" (WOCL) 12-28-12... 90min (DX'ed from Atlanta) (Some lite static but stable)

(Classic Hits) "105.9 Sunny FM" (WOCL) 3-6-14... 90min

(Urban Gospel) "1680 WOKB, Gospel Rap Mix Show" (WOKB) 6-21-13... 90min (DX, Nighttime Fading)

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 8-13-90... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 10-1-90... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ, Tim Baldwin" (WOMX) 9-19-96... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ: Dana Taylor"( WOMX) 9-19-96... 90min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ: Tim Baldwin into Dana Taylor" (WOMX) 11-3-97... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, DJ: Dana Taylor into Elvis" (WOMX) 11-3-97... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1, 70's Saturday Nights with Henry Hayes" (WOMX) 10-30-99... 30min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 10-1-00... 60min

(Hot AC) “Mix 105.1, DJ: Chris O' Ryan” (WOMX) 6/12/02…60min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 5-xx-05... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 105.1" (WOMX) 4-30-15... 50min

(Dance-CHR) "95.3 Party DJ: D-Nice" (WPYO) 5-18-00... 30min

(Dance-CHR) "95.3 Party DJ: Mojavi" (WPYO) 11-20-00... 75min

(Hip Hop) "Power 95.3" (WPYO) 7/28/04... 45min

(Modern AC) “She 100.3, DJ: Dick Danger” (WSHE) 11/22/96… 45min

(Modern AC) "She 100.3, DJ: Dick Danger Morning's" (WSHE) 11-4-97... 45min

(Oldies) “Cool 100, DJ: Dave Mathews” (WSHE) 6/13/02…60min

(AC) "Star 101" (WSTF) 5-19-89... 45min

(AC) “Star 101, DJ: Keith Fairbanks” (WSTF) 8-12-90 …45min

(AC) "Star 101, John David Wells Morning Show" (WSTF) 9-14-90... 45min

(Talk/Hot AC) "Real Radio 104.1, The Greatest Hits of Our Times" (WTKS) 8/xx/94... 45min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Music Weekends DJ: Kevin Walsh" (WTKS) 11/23/96... 30min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, The Ed Tyll Show" (WTKS) 5-8-97... 90min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, The Philips Phile" 7-23-98... 45min (audio stutters at times due to digital conversion)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Cutting Edge Music Weekends" 11-27-99... 90min (some static/fading)

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Music Weekends, DJ: Justin" (WTKS) 11-23-00... 45min

(Talk/Alternative) “Real Radio 104.1 - Real Music Weekends, DJ: Tommy” (WTKS) 6-15-02…60min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, The Drew Garabo Show" (WTKS) 7-21-04... 30min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Music Overnights" (WTKS) 8-6-08... 160min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Radio 104.1, Real Classic Rock Weekends" (WTKS) 1-14-12... 60min

(Hot AC) "Variety 101" (WVRI) 4-28-92... 45min (note: rebranded from 'Star 101' station would flip to rock as WJRR the next year.)

(Country) “K92fm, flashback weekend” (WWKA)… 6-xx-01 ...60min

(Country) “K92fm, DJ: Shadow” (WWKA) 6/12/02…60min

(Adult CHR) "XL 106.7" (WXXL) 5-xx-90... 40min (Fair Audio/Some Static) (Note: was recorded while moving) (scoped in one place)

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: [Uncle] Johnny Walker" (WXXL) 9-4-91... 45min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Uncle Johnny" (WXXL) 9-14-96... 120min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Hildi" (WXXL) 7-30-99... 60min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Nikki Knight" (WXXL) 10-28-99... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, Hot 9@9 songs 5-1, DJ: Pete Degraff" (WXXL) 10-30-99... 40min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Gary Holmes" (WXXL) 11-2-99... 70min (note: this is the same Gary Holmes who would move to "O-Rock"

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Uncle Johnny" (WXXL) 9-30-00... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Adam Cook" (WXXL) 10-5-00... 70min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Chad Pitt" (WXXL) 2-xx-01... 45min

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: René" (WXXL) 5-xx-01 …90min

(Top 40) “XL 106.7, Buckethead’s Last Night, That Damn Saturday Night Show” (WXXL) xx-xx-02 …60min (first half scoped only) (Note: features the infamous flying unicorn child's ride audio where Buckedhead and the late Mark Samansky scream their heads off like little girls, Buckedhead would leave XL for the newly re-launched Real Rock 101.1)

(Top 40) "XL 106.7, DJ: Uncle Johnny" (WXXL) 11-25-04... 45min

Panama City
(Adult Hits) "105.1 Bob FM" (WASJ) 11-29-08... 80min

(Talk) "94.5 WFLA, Fox Sports Network" (WFLF) 2/24/08... 60min (Some Fading)

(Top 40) "Island 106, DJ: Big John" (WILN) 1-17-92... 45min (Low audio but OK)

(Top 40) "Island 106, DJ: Sean Philips" (WLIN) 5-14-95... 30min

(Top 40) "Island 106" (WILN) 11-29-08... 80min

(Top 40) "107.9 PFM" (WPFM) 11-30-08... 80min

(Alternative) "97X" (WYYX) 11-30-08... 60min

(Top 40) "Q-100, DJ: Dave Lyons" (WJLQ) 3-17-90... 25min

(Hot AC) "Q-100" (WJLQ) 2-3-08... 45min (DX, Some fading near the end, otherwise stable)

(Hot AC) "Q-100" (WJLQ) 11-29-08... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Jet 100.7" (WJLQ) 1-xx-16... 2hr

(AC) "Soft Rock 94.1" (WMEZ) 1-14-16... 80min

(Top 40) "107.3 Kiss FM" (WRGV) 1-xx-16... 80min

(Active Rock) "TK 101" (WTKX) 8-11-05... 30min

(Active Rock) "TK 101" (WTKX) 1-xx-16... 80min

St. Augustine
(Hot AC) "94.1 WSOS The Muuuuuic Station, DJ: Sean Dean" (WSOS)…10/15/99 …45min

(Hot AC) “Mix 105, Recorded on 105.5 FM, DJ: Tommy Charles Mornings" (WYGV)…11/27/01 …60min

(Classic Rock) "96 K-Rock" (WRXK) 12-25-01 …30min

(Oldies) "Oldies 108" (WSRZ) 5-4-00... 90min

(AOR, Talk/Alternative) "105.9YNF, Switch over to Real Radio 105.9, Bob and Tom" (WYNF) 9/24/01… 45min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 105.9, First day of Monsters of the Midday" (WYNF) 9/24/01...45min

(Classic Rock) "Wheel's 105.7, Best of John Boy and Billy Show" (WWLL) 3/21/00…30min (Some Fading)

(AC) "Star 98.9" (WBZE) 1-18-16... 60min

(Top 40) "Hot 104.9" (WHTF) 4-14-14... 60min (Some Static)

(AAA/Rock AC) "106.1 The Sound" (WQTL) 1-xx-16... 78min (static/muffled audio but ok at times)

(Hip Hop) "HOT 105.7" (WVHT) 10/xx/01…45 min (Some fading)

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 106, DJ: Orlando" WWLD 1/20/97... 45min (note: this is the same Orlando who would later move to Tampa's WLLD)

(Country) "103.1 The Wolf, DJ: Dave Moose" (WWOF) 3-31-10... 26min (slight static) (DX)

(Hot AC) "100.7 Kiss FM" (WAKS) 11/3/97… 45min

(Hot AC) "100.7 Kiss FM" (WAKS) 3-9-99... 90min

(Hot AC/Switch) "100.7 Kiss FM" , Becomes “Mix 100.7 format remains Hot AC” x-xx-99 (WAKS) …45min

(Hip Hop) "95.7 The Beat" (WBTP) 1-17-04... 75min

(Oldies) "1250 WDAE, DJ: Ed Fairbanks into Tom Darren" (WDAE) 5-31-78... 45min (features Wolfman Jack DJ intros) (newscast scoped out)

(Soft AC) "103.5 The Dove" (WDUV) 3-11-99... 90min (the station would move to the weaker 105.5 signal later in the year)

(Soft AC/Switch) "103.5 The Dove flips to Classic Rock Thunder 103.5 as the Dove goes to 105.5" (WDUV) x-xx-99 …45min

(Soft AC) "105.5 The Dove, DJ: Dick Ring mornings" (WDUV) 4-5-00... 60min

(Soft AC) "105.5 The Dove" (WDUV) 1-24-14... 120min

(Oldies) "Z93" (WFLZ) 5-27-89... 45min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Power 93: DJ, Big Woody" (WFLZ) 9-xx-90... 45min

(Top 40) "93.3 FLZ" (WFLZ) 4-xx-97... 90min

(Top 40) "93.3 FLZ" (WFLZ) 5-5-00... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "JO 101.5, Morning Cup of Joe with Nick and Kara" (WFJO) 3-22-00... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "JO 101.5" (WFJO) 4-17-00... 45min

(Oldies) "1040 WHBO" (WHBO) 12-6-89... 45min

(Rock AC) "The Point 102.5, DJ: Garry Ballinger" (WHPT) 8-2-92... 120min

(Rock AC) "102.5 The Point" (WHPT) 6-xx-98... 60min

(Classic Rock) "102-5 Real Classic Rock, DJ: Slater" (WHPT) 4-11-03... 45min

(AC) "Launch of Love 101.5" (WILV) 7-17-97... 80min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 98.7, in launch mode with a pirate radio theme, drunk teenagers in a boat" (WISP) xx-xx-98... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 98.7, still in launch mode as above noted, different day" (WISP) 5-17-98... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "Wild 98.7" (WLLD) xx-xx-00... 45min (Scoped in places)

(Hot AC) "Mix 100.7" (WMTX) 4-4-00... 90min

(Modern AC) "Star 95.7" (WMTX) 8-9-97... 45min (some slowing speed issues in the middle but otherwise good quality)

(AC) "Lite Rock 95.7, DJ: Steve Michaels" (WNLT) 8-xx-88... 45min

(80's Oldies) "101.5 The Point" (WPOI) 3-25-02... 80min

(Top 40) "Q105, DJ: Johnny D." (WRBQ-FM) 6-xx-91... 45min (note this is the same Johnny D. who is also heard on 101.5 Channel X WHXJ in 1994)

(Urban AC) "1380 The Touch" (WRBQ-AM) 5-2-99... 90min (Note: the station flips to Radio Disney the next day)

(Urban AC) "1590, Star 16" (WRXB) 4/6/00...45min

(Urban) "AM 1590 WRXB" (WRXB) 10-12-01... 45min

(Smooth Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 94.1" (WSJT) 7/21/03... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 95.7, format changes slightly to Hot AC" (WSSR) 2-1-00... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 95.7" (WSSR) 3-24-02... 70min

(Modern AC) "Star 95.7, format returns to it's Modern AC roots" (WSSR) 7/22/03 ...90min

(Classic Rock) "Thunder 103.5" (WTBT) 2-11-05... 45min

(Urban) "1150 JAMZ" (WTMP-AM) 5-xx-98... 30min (DX/Nighttime Fading but OK)

(Urban) "1150 JAMZ, Slow Jamz into regular" (WTMP-AM) 5 -xx-98... 45min

(Hip Hop) "1150 JAMZ" (WTMP-AM) 10-12-01... 45min

(Hip Hop) "1150 JAMZ, DJ: Big Money Ced" (WTMP-AM) x-xx-01... 90min

(AC) "Warm 107" (WARM) 8-xx-88... 45min

(AC) "Warm 94.9" (WWRM) 7-21-98... 45min

(AC) "Magic 94.9" (WWRM) 7/22/03 ...90min

(Rock) "98 Rock, DJ: Big Rig" (WXTB) 3-27-02... 75min

(Rock) "98 Rock, DJ: Big Rig" (WXTB) 4-7-15... 2hr

Vero-West Palm Beach
(Classic Rock/Flip/Talk/Classic Rock) "Rock 101.7,  into Simulcast of Real Talk 92.7" (WBBE) 9/24/99... 90min

(Launch/Active Rock) "93.5 The Bar sign on first hour" (WBGF) 9-26-14... 70min (Note: recorded off internet stream)

(Easy Listening) "Easy 850" (WEAT-AM) xx-xx-92... 45min

(AC) "Sunny 104.3, DJ: Tim "The Birdman" Byrd" (WEAT) 10-03-03... 90min

(AC) "Coast 101.3, DJ, Gary Williams" (WHLG) 9-24-99... 45min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 99.5" (WJBW) 7-30-99... 90min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 106.3 DJ: Dave Heiss, last month on the air before the Mix move in" (WJBW) 9-1-01... 70min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 106.3 DJ: Gary Murphy, same day as above different hour" (WJBW) 9-1-01... 70min

(Adult Standards) "Jukebox 106.3 DJ: Dave Heiss" (WJBW) 9-2-01... 65min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3, Mix had just moved in from 102.3 to make way for Urban X-102.3" (WJBW) 11-25-01... 75min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3 same day different hour, DJ: Jeff Clarke" (WJBW) 11-25-01... 75min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3" (WJBW) 12-xx-01... 30min

(Hot AC) "Mix 106.3, DJ: Scott Davidson" (WJBW) 12-xx-01... 45min

(Urban AC) "B-106.3" (WJBW) 3-21-02... 90min ("Mix" only lasted less than 6 months at 106.3 before making way for Urban AC "B")

(Adult Standards) "The All New Jukebox Radio AM 1000 and AM 1420" (WJBW-AM) 11-2-01... 20min (note: after Jukebox moved off 106.3 the brand was revived weeks later on an AM simulcast 1000 AM and 1420 AM.)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 1040" (WJNA) 8-31-97... 45min (Features news of the death of Princess Diana) (Recorded during thunderstorm)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 1040" (WJNA) 11-28-02... 90min

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 640" (WJNA) 9-28-05... 80min (tuner moves off frequency a couple times otherwise great quality)

(Adult Standards) "Unforgettable 640, same as above different hour" (WJNA) 9-28-05... 80min

(Talk) "News Radio 1040 WJNO, Randi Roads" (WJNO) 1/13/00... 45min (note: WJNO would move to 1290 shortly after as talked about in this aircheck)

(Top 40) "Wild 95.5" (WLDI) 1-31-99... 45min

(Top 40) "Wild 95.5, Open House Party with John John Garabedian" (WLDI) xx-xx-99... 45min

(Hot AC) "Mix 102.3" (WMBX) 6-4-00... 60min

(Hot AC) "Mix 102.3" (WMBX) 9/4/00... 60min

(Launch/Hip Hop) "Launch of X-102.3 as mix moves to 106.3 WJBW" (WMBX) 10-23-01... 45min (Note: audio stutters due to digital conversation)

(Hip Hop) "X-102.3" (WMBX) 10-28-01... 60min

(Hip Hop) "X-102.3, same day as above different hour" (WMBX) 10-28-01... 60min

(Adult Standards) "97.1 Ocean FM, DJ: Chick Watkins into Ed Brant" (WOSN) 4-8-00... 60min (Some static)

(Top 40) "95.5 WOVV" (WOVV) 11-6-89... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Alternative) "103.1 The Buzz" (WPBZ) 11-1-98... 90min

(Urban) "92X" (WRLX) 8-1-99... 60min (Fair Audio) (Note: mainly urban oldies with some currents thrown in)

(Alternative) "Planet Radio 92.1" (WRLX) 12-22-00... 45min (Note: First weeks on the air)

(Alternative) "Planet Radio 92.1" (WRLX) xx-xx-02... 30min

(Hot AC) "FM 98 WRMF" (WRMF) 2-xx-80... 60min (Note: the station had just launch the month before still automated-launch mode)

(Hot AC) "FM 98 WRMF, DJ: Don Wright" (WRMF) xx-xx-80... 30min (Light Static/Fading)

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Mary Franco" (WRMF) 5-30-91... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Breakfast of Champions into Ken LeMann" (WRMF) 5-31-91... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Ken LeMann 2pm" (WRMF) 5-31-91... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WFMF DJ:  Buddy O'Hara" (WRMF) 4-xx-92... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Don Wright" (WRMF) 4-27-92... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Don Wright" (WRMF) 4-28-92... 90min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF DJ: Don Wright into Mary Franco 7pm" (WRMF) 4-28-92... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF, DJ: Robin Garrett" (WRMF) 9-25-00... 45min

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF" (WRMF) 4-xx-01... 45min (DX) (Heavy Static at times DX'ed from Daytona so 98.1 WGNE bleeds in at times but 70% audible)

(Hot AC) "97.9 WRMF" (WRMF) 10-xx-15... 8hr (This aircheck was sent to me in (8) 1hr increments, all continuous.)

(Oldies) "1450 WSTU, DJ: Jeremy Grant" (WSTU) 9-23-99... 90min (features Paul Harvey's, rest of the story)

(Adult Standards) "105.5 WTPX, The Music of your Life" (WTPX) 2-8-98... 90min (slight static/signal pops in and out at times presumably due to the receivers FM/Stereo/Mute feature being on) (this would be a short lived format after stunting for months with NOAA Weather radio the station would be sold and format flipped to oldies as Oldies 94.3 WOLL moves in that summer to become Kool 105.5.

(Hot AC) "99-5 True FM, DJ: Billy Brown" (WTRU) xx-xx-89... 30min (Some Static) (note: this station has more aggressive Hot AC sound than market competitor and leader WRMF, station would go dark shortly after and return as Adult Standards through most of the 90's)

(Adult Standards) "99.5 WTRU" (WTRU) 1-27-90... 45min (Some Static)

(Urban AC) "Foxy 1040, DJ: Dwayne Dancer" (WYFX) 8/26/96... 90min (Note: station powers down on side B with tons of heavy static but audible) (Note 2: Dwayne Dancer can also be heard on several of my WKEU-AM airchecks from Griffin Ga, as he still works for the old ABC Radio Networks now Cumulus Media's Classic Hits 24/7 network)

(Top 40) "Z93" (WZZR) 8-26-91... 45min (Poor Audio)

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Talk 92.7 ZZR, Josh Cohen" (WZZR) 9/23/99... 45min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Talk 92.7 ZZR, The Love Doctors" (WZZR) 9/24/99... 45min

(Talk/Classic Rock) "Real Talk 92.7 ZZR, Classic Rock Weekend" (WZZR) 9/26/99... 90min

(Talk/Alternative) "Real Radio 92.7, Josh Cohen and the Home Team Mornings" (WZZR) 6-11-01…45min