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last updated: Thursday, November 23, 2017

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(Hip Hop) "Streetz 102.9, A translator for WWVA-HD2 Recorded off 102.9 FM" (W275BK) 4-6-09... 60min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Boom 102.9" (W275BK) 3-26-15... 4hr

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Boom 102.9, Labor Day Mix" (W275BK) 9-6-15... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Boom 102.9, Top 102 Classic Countdown #'s 41-16 countdown never finish's" (W275BK) 9-7-15... 5hr

(Stunt) "97.9, Night before launch of 99x at 97.9" (W250BC) 4-17-09... 45min

(Sign on/Alternative) "Sign on of 99x at 97.9" (W250BC) 4-17-09... 90min

(Alternative) "99X at 97.9" (W250BC) 9-7-09... 90min

(Alternative) "99x @ 97.9" (W250BC) 9-26-10... 90min (Heavy Static)

(Alternative) "99x @ 97.9" (W250BC) 5-30-11... 90min

(Stunt) "97.9 W250BC" (W250BC) 6-15-11... 90min

(Stunt) "97.9 W250BC" (W250BC) 6-16-11... 90min

(Launch/Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9, Launch and first hour" (W250BC) 6-17-11... 90min

(Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9, Rick Dees First Show" (W250BC) 6-27-11... 90min

(Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9" (W250BK) 8-6-11... 45min

(Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9" (W250BK) 9-11-11... 45min

(Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9" (W250BC) 4-12-12... 90min

(Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9" (W250BC) 5-13-12... 90min

(Classic Hot AC) "Journey 97.9" (W250BC) 5-26-12... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100 Top 20 on 97.9, first night" (W250BC) 9-4-12... 90min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 1-27-17... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 4-15-17... 105min

(Alternative) "99x, last day on 99.1 at 99 watts before its move to 98.9 with 250 watts" (W256BO) 9-14-11 ... 90min

(For airchecks of 99.3/1010AM See WTZA or WGUN)

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5 first night on the air" (W233BF) 6-23-12... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Rashan Ali's The Morning Grind First day" (W233BF) 11-1-12... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5" (W233BF) 11-24-12... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Mix" (W233BF) 3-17-13... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Memorial Day Mix" (W233BF) 5-24-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5 Labor day Mix" (W233BF) 9-6-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5" (W233BF) 2-26-16... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Memorial Day Mix" (W233BF) 5-27-16... 80min

(Alternative) "99x @ 98.9" (W255CJ) 11-21-11... 90min (Some Static)

(Stunt) "98.9" (W255CJ) 8-31-12... 90min

(Active Rock) "98.9 The Bone, Launch" (W255CJ) 9-1-12... 90min

(Active Rock) "98.9 The Bone, night before sign off" (W255CJ) 2-1-13... 90min (Some Static)

(Country/Christian) "98.9 The Walk" (W255CJ) 8-25-13... 90min (Some Static)

(Stunt/Launch/Oldies) "Oldies 98.9, Launch" (W255CJ) 8-26-13... 90min (Some Static)

(Oldies) "Oldies 98.9" (W255CJ) 9-2-13... 80min

(Stunt) "Warm 98.9 Micro-format Stunt, All Christmas" (W255CJ) 12-24-15... 80min (Some Static)

(Stunt) "Warm 98.9 Micro-format Stunt, AC" (W255CJ) 12-29-15... 2 1/2hrs (Heavy Static at times but audible)

(Alternative) "99x" (W255CJ) 1-27-17... 80min

(Alternative) "99x, The Morning X, 25th Anniversary" (W255CJ) 10-26-17... 9hr

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Market place into fresh air interview with John Waters" (WABE) 8-10-09... 60min

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Jazz Classics with H. Johnson" (WABE) 3-5-16... 3hr

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Jazz Classics with H. Johnson" (WABE) 10-14-17... 40min

(Business/Talk) "Biz 1190" (WAFS) 8-30-10... 45min

(Business/Talk) "Biz 1190" (WAFS) 7-18-13... 45min

(Talk) "Talk Radio 1340, Dan Patrick" (WALR-AM) 9/13/05... 90min

(AC) “Music Radio 104.7” (WALR-FM) 12-27-89… 90min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR-FM) 2-4-09... 45min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1, Death of Michael Jackson" (WALR-FM) 6-25-09... 60min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR-FM) 5-28-11... 60min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 4-9-16... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1, Death of Prince" (WALR) 4-21-16... 4hr

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 4-15-17... 90min

(Urban Hot AC) "Jamz 104.1" (WALR-HD-2) 7-22-06... 60min

(Urban Hot AC) "The Movement 104.1 Jamz" (WALR-HD-2) 8-15-11... 80min

(Dance) "The Surge 104.1" (WALR-HD-2) 8-31-13... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Majic 107.5" (WAMJ) 7-23-99... 90min (some static on side B)

(Jazz) "102.5 Simulcast of 107.5 WJZZ" (WAMJ) 11-15-01… 45min

(Urban AC) "Grown Folks Radio102.5, Friday Night Mix Show" (WAMJ) 1-23-09... 45min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5, Memorial Day Mix" (WAMJ) 5-28-16... 90min

(Black Talk/Progressive) "1380 WAOK, The Sports Kings into best of Derrick Boazman" (WAOK) 3-5-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Power 99.7 FM" (WARM) 8/xx/87... 45min

(Top 40) "Power 99" (WAPW) 3-3-89... 40min (Audio stutters due to audio conversion)

(Sign on/Alternative) "Power 99 flip to 99x" (WAPW) 10-26-92... 30min

(Oldies) "1550 WAZX" (WAZX) 9-12-09... 45min

(Oldies/Stunt) "1550 WAZX" (WAZX) 5-7-16... 140min

(Top 40) "95.5 The Beat” (WBTS) 12-23-99… 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "95.5 The Beat" (WBTS) 4-28-01…120min

(Rhythmic CHR) "95.5 The Beat" (WBTS) 4-21-09... 45min

(Rhythmic CHR) "95.5 The Beat (WBTS) 2-23-10... 45min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Breaking News on Plane on the Hwy 85" (WBTS) 9-20-10... 45min


(Alternative) "105.3 The Buzz, Last weekend on the air" (WBZY) 11/16/06... 90min

(Sign on/Regional Mexican) "Sign on of El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 11/28/06... 90min

(Regional Mexican) "El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 8-28-10... 90min

(Regional Mexican) "El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 8-30-12... 90min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Dennis Miller" (WCFO) 3-25-09... 45min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Imus in the Morning" (WCFO) 4-15-09... 90min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Mancow" (WCFO) 8-31-09... 45min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Imus in the morning into Laura Ingraham" (WCFO) 5-5-11... 90min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Jerry Doyle" (WCFO) 5-24-11... 90min (Note: recorded overnight station was still in full daytime power mode)

(See WKHX-AM for earlier Radio Disney AM 590 airchecks)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney AM 590" (WDWD) 9/xx/06... 45min

(Children's Top 40) "AM 590 Radio Disney" (WDWD) 3-26-09... 30min  (some high end modulation peeks)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 12-29-09... 45min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 9-4-10... 2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 11-13-10... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-17-11... 90min (one channel is silent) 

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 2-11-12... 90min

(Children's Top 40 "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 12-23-13... 90min (Poor AM Signal)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney, Christmas" (WDWD) 12-24-13... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney, recorded full day from 4am to 8pm" (WDWD) 2-26-15... 16hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 3-21-15... 5hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 3-28-15... 4hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-5-15... 5hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-17-15... 6 1/2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-18-15... 5hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-19-15... 3 1/2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-25-15... 3hr (note: Radio Disney would sign off a week later)

(Alternative) "107.9 The End" (WEGF) 9-25-01…60min

(Rock, Flip, Hip Hop) "107.9 The End, Format Flip to Hot 107.9" (WEGF) 10-8-01… 120min

(Top 40) "1230 WFOM" (WFOM) xx-xx-67... 45min

(Oldies) "Fox 97.1" (WFOX) 5-11-02... 60min

(Stunt & Sign on) 97.1 WFOX Stunting with simulcast of other Cox radio station’s

Details of the Stunt: WFOX 97.1 went into a simulcast of other Cox radio station's I have listed the stations you will hear on each tape from the stunt. Days (1/31-2/3 2003)

Tape One: 90min (1/31/03)
A) Party 93.1 WPYM (Dance), WAPE 95.1 (Chr), KCCN FM 100.3 (Hawaiian)
B) KCCN FM 100.3 (Hawaiian) Cont..., Party 93.1 WPYM (Dance)

Tape Two: 90 Min
A) 106.9 The Point KHPT (80's), WAPE 95.1 (Chr), 106.1 WBLI (Chr)
B) Hot 98.1 WHZT (Chr), 105.1 KINE (Hawaiian), Party 93.1 WPYM (Dance)

Tape Three: 90 Min
A) WAPE 95.1 (Chr), 93Q KKBQ (Country), Y 101 WDYL (Rock)
B) WAPE 95.1 (Chr), 15mins Dead Air, 93Q KKBQ (Country), 105.1 KINE (Hawaiian), WAPE 95.1 (Chr)

(Stunt/Urban Hot AC) "97.1 Jamz, end of stunt on 95.1WAPE into Jamz" (WFOX) 2/3/03... 90min

(Urban Hot AC) "97.1 Jamz" (WFOX) 3-xx-03... 90min

(Classic Hits) "97.1 The River, First Day" (WFOX) 1/01/06... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish" (WFSH) 2-24-10... 45min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish" (WFSH) 1-14-12... 90min (one channel soft/quiet)

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas, 7pm" (WFSH) 12-26-12... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas, 4am" (WFSH) 12-27-12... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas" (WFSH) 12-23-13... 45min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas" (WFSH) 12-26-13... 90min

(Stunt) "1080 WFTD, stunting with All 1950's Oldies" (WFTD) 1-19-17... 2 1/2 hours

(Urban Gospel) "99.1 Grace FM" (WGRU-LP) 7-7-16... 80min (Some Static)

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640 GST, Day of Judge Shooting" (WGST) 3-11-05... 90min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Regular Guys show First day back" (WGST) 3/21/05... 90min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Brian Wilson late morning Audition" (WGST) 5/19/05... 60min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Dino Costa late morning Audition" (WGST) 5-25-05... 30min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Pete Davis filling in for the Kimmer" (WGST) 12/30/05... 45min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, The Rusty Humphries Show First Local Show" (WGST) 1-3-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Rush Limbaugh" (WGST) 3-19-11... 2hr

(News/Talk) "640 WGST and new at 92.3, recorded from 92.3fm" (WGST/W222AF) 12-6/7-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Rush Limbaugh Christmas Special, Power down last 10 minutes" (WGST) 12-24-11... 45min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Rush Limbaugh into Glenn Beck, Local host Rusty Humphries had been fired" (WGST) 9-26-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Glenn Beck into Mark Levin" (WGST) 9-26-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Michael Savage, recorded from 92.3fm" (WGST) 9-26-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Michael Savage into Ground Zero into Coast to Coast AM recorded from 92.3fm at 11:45pm" (WGST) 9-26/27-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Coast to Coast AM into Wall Street Journal Report recorded from 92.3fm" (WGST) 9-27-12... 90min

(Spanish Sports/Talk) "640 ESPN Deportes, recorded from 92.3fm 30 minutes after flip" (WGST) 9-28-12... 90min

(Talk) "Talk Radio 640 WGST, first day on air, Dave Ramsey" (WGST) 6-3-13... 90min

(Standards/Variety) "The Big Gun 1010 WGUN" (WGUN) 8-11-09... 60min

(Standards/Variety) "The Big Gun 1010 WGUN" (WGUN) 5-22-11... 90min

(Urban Oldies/Variety) "1010 Atlanta, aircheck of new urban oldies format" (WGUN) 10-15-11... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 1-28-12...2 1/2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 2-4-12... 2 1/2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 2-11-12... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 2-25-12... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 3-3-12... 2 1/2hr (Note: this station would flip to progressive talk weeks later)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 12-xx-96... 21min (commercial stop set scoped out)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Morning The Notorious B. I. G. Died" (WHTA) 3-9-97... 60min (Scoped in one Place) Multi path issue last 10 minutes of side A.)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Teen Suicide, last half only" (WHTA) 4-21-97... 30min (some strong language and content is heard)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, New Teen Driving Laws, first half only" (WHTA) 6-30-97... 30min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Phat 7@7, all Master-P songs" (WHTA) 9-4-97... 30min (Scoped in one Place)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Christmas depression, first half only" (WHTA) 12-22-97... 22min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Teen Love" (WHTA) 2-xx-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Death of B. I. G. Rebroadcast" (WHTA) 3-9-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Which artist do you like and why" (WHTA) 3-XX-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Memorial Day Mega Mix" (WHTA) 5-22-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Tiwana James, Going Back to School (WHTA) 8-16-99... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 9-14-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 9-7-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Phat 7@7" (WHTA) 9-7-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, 9 o'clock Cutup into M&M" (WHTA) 9-8-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 9-8-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Ryan Cameron Morning Show" (WHTA) 9-9-99... 45min (Static in Places)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, 9 o'clock Cutup" (WHTA) 7-xx-00... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, 9 o'clock Cutup, Different Day" (WHTA) 7-xx-00... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 4-7-01... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 5-26-01... 60min

(See WEGF 2001 for other side of this flip on recorded from 107.9)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5 Switch to 107.9 (Recorded From 97.5)" (WHTA) 10-8-01…120min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Ryan Cameron Morning Show 9/11 review" (WHTA) 9/11/02... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 2-2-09... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-3-09... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-15-09... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-28-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Death of Michael Jackson" (WHTA) 6-25-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 8-16-09... 120min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-25-09... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, 5 O' Clock Mix Notorious B. I. G. songs" (WHTA) 3-9-10... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 9-19-10... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Open forum about Teen Bulling, Bulling is not Hot" (WHTA) 11-15-10... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 11-29-10... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-18-10... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-23-10... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-18-11... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-21-11... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 6-4-11... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 10-8-11... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 5-7-16... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 4-15-17... 80min

(Urban) "Classic Soul 1340 WIGO" (WIGO) 11-16-91... 60min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 3-4-15... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-24-15... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, The retro 80's r&b blast" (WIGO) 7-11-15... 45min (Signal begins to fade halfway, recorded at sunset)

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 10-22-15... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 10-30-15... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 1-11-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 1-12-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 2-11-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-7-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 5-27-16... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 9-28-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 1-19-17... 45min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-12-17... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-14-17... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-25-17... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 5-26-17... 60min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 8-21-17... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 9-19-17... 30min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 9-21-17... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 10-3-17... 60min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the AM side 1310am" (WJZA-AM) 10-10-17... 70min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the FM side 101.1" (WJZA-AM/W266BW) 11-23-17... 80min (Heavy Static)

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 107.5 WJZZ" (WJZZ) 1-15-09... 60min

(for later airchecks of Majic see WAMJ or WUMJ)

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5, First Day on the air" (WJZZ) 1-28-09... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney AM 590" (WKHX-AM) 11-xx-96… 45min Sample Clip

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 5-15-98... 20min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 3-1-11... 90min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 11-25-11... 80min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 3-20-15... 80min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 5-23-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Jamz 101.5" (WKHX-HD-2) 9-21-17... 60min

(Rock) "96 Rock" (WKLS) 10-82 ...50min (some places have tracking issues but 98% is stable)

(Rock) "96 Rock, The Regular Guys" (WKLS) 9-15-98... 60min

(Classic Rock) "96 Rock" (WKLS) 11/24/05 ...45min

(Classic Rock) "96 Rock, Last weekend on the air" (WKLS) 11/16/06... 90min

(Sign on) "Project 96.1 Sign on" (WKLS) 11/17/06... 90min

(Active Rock) "Project 96-1" (WKLS) 8-27-10... 90min

(Active Rock) "Project 96-1" (WKLS) 5-15-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Power 96.1, first night" (WKLS) 8-30-12... 90min


(Oldies) "Cool 105.7, Special airing of the Rush Limbaugh Show while the Atlanta Braves play on WGST-AM" (WLCL) 4-xx-05... 90min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.7 FM, Friday before flip to Spanish Top40 Viva 105.7" (WLCL) 4-29-05... 90min

(Oldies/Flip) "Cool 105.7 FM, Signoff of Cool into simulcast of Viva 105.3 on 105.7" (WLCL) 5-2-05... 90min

(Stunt/Rock) "Viva stunt to 105.3 The Buzz Sign on (Recorded on 105.3fm)" (WLCL) 5/9/05... 90min

(AC) "94.9 Lite FM" (WLTM) 10-17-05... 90min

(Sign on) "94.9 The Bull sign on" (WLTM) 11/18/06 ...90min


(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel" (WMAX) 6-4-02... 90min (over modulated/muddy audio) Sample Clip

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel" (WMAX) 12/29/02 ...90min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel" (WMAX) 12/29/02... 45min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel" (WMAX) 3-7-03... 80min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel, The MJ morning show" (WMAX) 6-xx-03...45min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel, Last day as 80's Channel" (WMAX) 1-29-04 ...45min

(FM Talk/Sign on) "Real Radio 105.3, Sign on" (WMAX) 1-30-04…45min

(FM Talk/Sign off) "Real Radio 105.3, Signs off from The MJ Morning Show" (WMAX) 9-15-04... 60min

(Stunt/Sign on Spanish CHR) "Viva 105.3 launches at 11pm same day" (WMAX) 9-15-04... 60min

(Variety) "AM1690 The Voice of the Arts, Mara Davis Guest DJ" (WMLB) 11-1-12... 90min

(Variety) "AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts" (WMLB) 3-7-11... 90min

(Classic Rock) "The New Mix 105.7" (WMXV) 8/7/02... 60min

(Classic Rock) "Mix 105.7, Art Bell’s Last Show" (WMXV) 12-31-02 ...(4 Hours)

(Classic Hits) "Mix 105.7 C2C AM with Art Bell" 9/11 rebroadcast" (WMXV) 9/11/02... 45min

(Sign on/Oldies) "Beetles 105.7 stunt ends into launch of Oldies, Cool 105.7” (WMXV) 2-7-03 ...60min


(Alternative) "99x" (WNNX) 1/4/93.... 45min

(Alternative) "99x, Static for the first 25 minutes, then stable" (WNNX) 12/21/95... 45min

(Alternative) "99x" (WNNX) 12/25/97... 45min

(Alternative) "99x" (WNNX) 7-25-98... 45min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "99x, Best of Barnes, Leslie, Jimmy" (WNNX) 6-30-00... 45min

(Alternative) "99x" (WNNX) 5-10-02... 60min

(Alternative) "99x" (WNNX) 6-xx-05... 90min

(Alternative) "99X" (WNNX) 1/11/08... 90min

(Alternative) "99X" (WNNX) 1-12-08... 2hr

(Classic Alternative) "99XS" (WNNX-HD2) 1-14-08... 45min

(Alternative) "99X" (WNNX) 1-21-08... 90min

(Alternative/Sign off) "99X Sign off  into Top 40 Q100" (WNNX) 1-25-08... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 2-3-08... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, Best of The Regular Guys" (WNNX) 12-22-08... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 9-27-10... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 12-12-11... 80min

(Active Rock) "Rock 100.5, Station leans more Active then in earlier airchecks" (WNNX) 1-1-12... 80min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, night before re-launch" (WNNX) 1-31-13... 90min

(Active Rock) "Rock 100.5, re-launch with Active Rock from sister "the bone" (WNNX) 2-1-13... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 5-7-16... 80min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 1-19-17... 2 1/2 hours

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 4-15-17... 90min

(Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 7-1-17... 80min

(Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 9-21-17... 45min

(Easy Listening) "Peach FM 95" (WPCH) 11-xx-86... 90min

(Stunt) "1310 The King, stunt with Jazz, announcements on launch of liberal talk" (WPBC) 8-30-10... 45min

(Stunt) "AM 1310, stunting with 50's/60's Oldies and info about the station being for sale" (WPBC) 5-15-16... 80min

(Progressive Rock) "103.3 WPLO" (WPLO-FM) 6-14-73... 45min (low volume)

(Black Gospel) "Praise 97.5" (WPZE) 2-5-09... 45min

(Switch) "97.5 FM, Last 15minutes of Praise 97.5 into Majic Simulcast" (WPZE/WUMJ) 2-15-09... 90min

(Switch) "102.5 FM, Last 15 minutes of Grown Folks Radio into Praise 102.5" (WPZE) 2-15-09... 90min

(Adult Standards) "WQXI-FM 94.1" (WQXI-FM) xx-xx-69... 45min

(Top 40) "94Q, Gary Mckee Morning Show" (WQXI-FM) 10-3-83... 45min (Some high-end modulation peaks but good audio)

(Top 40) "94Q, Gary Mckee & Yvette Eleven Morning show, Craig Ashwood filling in" (WQXI-FM) 8/31/84 ...45min

(Switch/Hot AC) "94Q Flip to Star 94" (WQXI-FM) 11-15-89…30min

(College) "Album 88, station begins to air announcements about ending daily analog broadcasting as GPB moves in, WRAS' freeform programming would air on HD-2 during the day and return to analog at night from 7pm to 5am" (WRAS) 5-7-14... 45min

(College/Public Radio) "Album 88, The Wave Hip Hop Show" (WRAS) 2-27-16... 90min

(College) "88.5 WRAS HD-3 Testing with Classic Rock/Oldies" (WRAS-HD-3) 9-21-16... 45min

(Urban/Variety) "Night Watch, Hip Hop and Talk Show" (WRFG) 12-25-08... 45min

(Urban/Variety) "Ruff, Rugged & Raw, Hip Hop and Talk Show" (WRFG) 12-25-09... 45min

(Urban/Variety) "89.3 WRFG, Hip Hop Mix Show" (WRFG) 12-25-10... 45min

(Variety) "89.3 WRFG" (WRFG) 12-25-12... 45min

(Variety) "89.3 WRFG, George Zimmerman verdict reaction" (WRFG) 7-13-13... 80min

(Talk) "Ring Radio 680, Neal Boortz, Gene Roddenberry full Interview" (WRNG) 8-6-76... 60min (Scoped first 5 min, rest is stable)

(Talk) "Ring Radio 680, Bits & Pieces of other shows: Ronn Owens, Nick Anthony, Jane Simons, Peg Nugent, Harry Davey, Ludlow Porch, Neal Boortz, CBS News Break Charles Osgood, political ads and other commercials, Local News breaks, ID's/jingles etc, Scoped" (WRNG) 74-79... (10 hours) (mp3 disk) full list here

(Talk) "Ring Radio 680, Ludlow Porch, DeForest Kelley full interview" (WRNG) x-xx-xx... 60min (Scoped)

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Rick and Bubba" (WSB-AM) 4-1-07... 45min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Atlanta's Morning News with Scott Slade" (WSB-AM) 9-15-09... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Neal Boortz" (WSB-AM) 9-15-09... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, O'Neill Williams" (WSB-AM) 9-19-09... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Sean Hannity" (WSB-AM) 12-xx-09... 45min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, The Magic of Christmas" (WSB-AM) 12-25-09... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Sean Hannity into Alan Hunt in for Herman Cain"  (WSB-AM) 12-8-08... 45min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Sean Hannity into Herman Cain" (WSB-AM) 3-4-10... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 11:30pm" (WSB-AM) 12-24-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 11:30pm" (WSB-AM) 12-25-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 955 and AM 750 WSB" (Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 3am" (WSB-AM) 12-25-16... 6 1/2 hours

(AC) "B98.5FM, Totally 80's Weekend, DJ: Kelly McCoy" (WSB-FM) 8-12-01... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Steve and Vikki first day on B98.5FM; missed the first 40mins (WSB-FM) 7-1-08... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Next day after Steve & Vikki was fired, Producer Will hosting" (WSB-FM) 2-26-10... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Vikki mornings" (WSB-FM) 3-8-10... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Christmas Music" (WSB-FM) 12-25-09... 45min

(AC) "B98.5FM" (WSB-FM) 9-26-10... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM" (WSB-FM) 1-19-11... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy 3pm" (WSB-FM) 4-25-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy 5pm" (WSB-FM) 4-25-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy 3pm" (WSB-FM) 4-26-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy's Last show 3pm" (WSB-FM) 4-27-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy's Last show 5pm" (WSB-FM) 4-27-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy's Last show 6pm" (WSB-FM) 4-27-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-14-14... 80min (Static)

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-16-14... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-21-14... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 3-20-15... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-22-15... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-3-16... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-7-16... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5, regular into Retro Pop Reunion" (WSB-FM) 4-23-16... 5hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-14-16... 3hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-27-16... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 12-25-16... 2 1/2 hours

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 1-18-17... 30min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-15-17... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-22-17... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 6-27-17... 3hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 9-20-17... 90min

(Soft AC) "98.5 HD-2 Relaxing Easy Favorites " (WSB-HD-2) 9-3-13... 80min (modeled after sister station WDUV Tampa)

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Talk to Santa" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-10... 90min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Death of Royal Marshall from the Neal Boortz show" (WSBB-FM) 1-15-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Atlanta's Morning News Tribute to Royal Marshall 8:30a-10a" (WSBB-FM) 1-17-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Neal Boortz Show 8:30a-10a" (WSBB-FM) 1-18-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, news of the death of Larry Munson" (WSBB-FM) 11-21-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Rush Limbaugh's first day on WSB" (WSBB-FM) 10-1-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Re-Boortz into O'Neal Outside" (WSBB-FM) 1-12-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Calls to Santa (local show) into Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas 4pm" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Calls to Santa (local show) into Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas 6pm" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas 6pm" (WSBB-FM) 12-25-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 750 and 95.5 WSB, Death of Captain Herb" (WSBB) 4-12-14... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas" (WSBB-FM) 12-25-14... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas" (WSBB-FM) 12-25-15... 80min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Mark Arum Show into Sean Hannity last hour" (WSBB-FM) 1-19-17... 2 1/2 hours

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Hurricane Irma coverage CNN Simulcast" (WSBB-FM) 9-10-17... 90min


(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 3-5-16... 80min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 5-18-14... 80min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 9-21-17... 70min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 10-7-17... 2hr

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 10-14-17... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Neal Boortz recorded from 97.1 HD-2 in Stereo" (WSRV-HD-2) 7-xx-07... 60min

(CHR-Urban) "95.5thebeat.com, the beat moved to 97.1 HD-2" (WSRV-HD2) 8-19-10... 90min

(Active Rock) "The River's Edge @ 97.1" (WSRV-HD2) 9-4-11... 30min (some HD signal cutouts)

(Alternative) "The Other Side of the River @ 97.1" (WSRV-HD3) 6-30-15... 80min

(Alternative) "The Other Side of the River @ 97.1" (WSRV-HD3) 7-2-15... 80min


(Hot AC) "Star 94, Last 15 minutes Static" (WSTR) 4/6/93... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Overnights into Steve and Vicki" (WSTR) 6-29-95... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 11-30-97...45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94 (WSTR) 12-25-97... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Steve and Vikki Morning Show" (WSTR) 12-23-99… 60min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Steve and Vikki Morning Show" (WSTR) 6-30-00... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Steve and Vikki's last show, Recorded at 8:30am" (WSTR) 11/2/07... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, weekend off (all 80's music labor day weekend)" (WSTR) 8-30-08... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 1-29-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 2-25-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 9-26-10... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music, 3am" (WSTR) 12-25-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music 5am" (WSTR) 12-25-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 2-4-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Start of the Big 90's weekend 5pm" (WSTR) 2-4-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's weekend, 1am" (WSTR) 2-5-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's weekend, 5am" (WSTR) 2-5-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's weekend, 3pm" (WSTR) 2-6-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekends" (WSTR) 5-15-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend (WSTR) 6-4-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 9-11-11... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-12... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 1-4-13... 2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 11-25-13... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 5-25-14... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 5-26-14... 4hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-13... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-14... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 5-9-15... 2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 11-26-15... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-24-15... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 2-27-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 4-2-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 5-27-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1/Ed 94-1, Jeff & Jenn Morning's talking about temp name change for Ed Sheeran tickets" (WSTR) 3-16-17... 6hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 7-1-17... 100min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 9-21-17... 2 1/2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 10-7-17... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 10-14-17... 80min

(Christmas) "The Star Christmas Channel 94.1 HD-2" (WSTR-HD-2) 12-25-16... 80min

(Classic Hits) "941 WSTR-HD2" (WSTR-HD2) 1-15-17... 80min (Note: currently playing classic hits with no name just a TOH)

(Country) "1690 WSWK" (WSWK) x-xx-04 ...45min (poor/low AM signal) (Note: had just moved in from Valdosta would become Air America weeks later)

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 87.7" (WTBS-LPTV) 4-9-16... 2hr (Moderate Static)

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 87.7" (WTBS-LPTV) 5-29-16... 80min (Moderate Static)

(Country) "South 107, with announcement of moving country format to 93.5" (WTSH) 6-10-14... 80min

(Sign on/Alternative) "X107.1, Sign on" (WTSH) 6-22-14... 80min

(Alternative) "X107.1" (WTSH) 1-6-15... 2hr

(Alternative) "X107.1" (WTSH) 6-2-15... 80min

(Country) "106.1 and 107.1 Your Georgia Country, First day" (WTSH/WNGA) 6-29-15... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 1-19-14... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 2-2-14... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 3-22-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 4-26-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 5-10-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-7-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-8-14... 4 1/2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-14-14... 4hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-21-14... 3hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-22-14... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-28-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-5-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-6-14... 4hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-12-14... 4hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-19-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-26-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 8-2-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 8-9-14... 3hr

(Hip Hop Oldies) "99.3 and 1010, first day with new format" (WTZA) 11-20-14... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies ) "Old School 99.3 and 1010, recorded of AM 1010" (WTZA) 12-7-14... 120min

(Spanish Religious) "Vida 1010" (WTZA) 3-4-15... 80min (Note: station was sold off and flipped formats)

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 8-27-10... 90min

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 2-27-16... 80min

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 5-28-16... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies ) "Old School 99.3, Memorial Day Mix" (WUBL-HD-3) 5-23-15... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies ) "Old School 99.3" (WUBL-HD-3) 6-2-15 (Note: this station would go off the air a week later)

(Urban AC) "Magic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 9-26-10... 90min

(Urban AC) "Magic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 3-27-14... 60min

(Urban AC) "Magic 107.5/97.5, Memorial Day Mix" (WUMJ) 5-24-14... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, Recorded from 97.5 Memorial Day Mix" (WUMJ) 5-22-15... 80min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, Recorded from 97.5 Memorial Day Mix" (WUMJ) 5-23-15... 80min

(Urban AC/ Flip to Hip Hop Oldies) "97.5 Majic simulcast ends into Boom 97.5/102.9" (WUMJ) 1-11-16... 6hr

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 9-27-16... 80min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, The Ride with Chubb Rock and Si-man Baby, Afternoon Drive" (WUMJ) 1-18-17... 2 1/2 hours

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 4-15-17... 107min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 6-27-17... 30min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, regular into Authentic Caribbean last 30min" (WUMJ) 10-7-17... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, regular into Authentic Caribbean last 40min"" (WUMJ) 10-14-17... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Porsha Foxx" (WVEE) 1-xx-01…60min

(Urban) "V-103, The Ryan Cameron Show" (WVEE) 2-17-09... 45min

(Urban) "V-103, Death of Michael Jackson" (WVEE) 6-25-09... 60min

(Urban) "V-103, Frank and Wanda in the Morning" (WVEE) 8-28-09... 120min

(Urban) "V-103, Old School Weekend into public affairs" (WVEE) 1-24-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Old School Weekend" (WVEE) 1-24-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 2-16-10... 45min

(Urban) "V-103, Ryan Cameron" (WVEE) 3-4-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 3-9-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Notorious BIG Mix into Greg Street first 25 minutes" (WVEE) 3-9-11... 45min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 3-12-11... 60min

(Urban) "V-103, Ryan Cameron" (WVEE) 3-18-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 5-15-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 8-25-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103 Recorded during the first national EAS test at 2pm" (WVEE) 11-9-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Whitney Houston Death" (WVEE) 2-11-12... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Frank and Wanda announce they are leaving V-103" (WVEE) 12-13-12... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Frank and Wanda last show, recording started at 8:45am" (WVEE) 12-20-12... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, George Zimmerman verdict reaction" (WVEE) 7-13-13... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, The Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith, full show" (WVEE) 9-4-14... 4hr

(Urban) "V-103, Christmas" (WVEE) 12-25-15... 80min

(Urban) "V-103, Death of Prince into regular" (WVEE) 4-21-16... 5hr

(Urban) "V-103, Memorial Day Mix" (WVEE) 5-28-16... 80min

(Variety) "1100 WWWE" (WWWE) 6-xx-13... 90min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 7-1-17... 80min

(Top 40) "All the Hits Q-100, The Bert Show 9/11 review" (WWWQ) 9/11/02 ... 45min

(Top 40) "All The Hits Q-100" (WWWQ) 12-30-02... 90min

(Top 40) "All the Hits Q-100, Aircheck of power upgrade" (WWWQ) 10-21-05... 45min

(Sign on/Rock) "Rock 100.5, Sign on and first Regular Guys show 5:45am" (WWWQ) 1-28-08... 90min

(Rock) "Rock 100.5, First full hour of new the format's music 10:00am" (WWWQ) 1-28-08... 45min

(Top 40) "Q-100, Christmas Music" (WWWQ) 12-25-09... 45min

(Top 40) "Q100, Christmas Music" (WWWQ) 12-25-10... 45min

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 2-4-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100, Christmas Music" (WWWQ) 12-25-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100, The Bert Show" (WWWQ) 7-29-13... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 5-23-15... 80min

(Alternative) "99x.com, last Steve Craig Show" (WWWQ-HD-2) 6-xx-08... 3hr

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7, recorded 10 minutes after launch" (WWVA) 10-19-09... 90min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7" (WWVA) 1-5-10... 45min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7" (WWVA) 2-16-10... 45min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7" (WWVA) 3-5-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "105.7 The Groove, tweaked to Rhythmic CHR" (WWVA) 8-28-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "105.7 The Groove" (WWVA) 9-5-10... 90min

(Oldies) "1120 WXJO" (WXJO) 3-15-09... 45min

(Stunt) 105.3 "Stunting with Classical Music" (WYAI) 2-14-02…120min

(Stunt) 105.3 "Stunting with Comic stand up bits" (WYAI) 2-15-02…120min

(80’s oldies) "The 80's Channel 105-3 WMAX, Sign on" (WYAI) 2-18-02…120min

(Country) "Eagle 106.7, Southern fried Friday nights,  Country/Southern Rock" (WYAY) 12/22/06 ...90min

(Country) "Eagle 106.7" (WYAY) 2-29-08... 90min

(Sign on/Oldies) " Last 20 minutes of NASCAR into True Oldies 106.7 Sign on" (WYAY) 3-9-08... 90min

(Oldies) "True Oldies 106.7, Imus' first show on 106.7 FM" (WYAY) 3-10-08... 90min

(Oldies) "True Oldies 106.7, First Randy and Spiff show on 106.7" (WYAY) 10-12-09... 120min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 3-7-11... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 3-21-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-15-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 9-6-11... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 10-4-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 4-27-12... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7 Trip West Morning's" (WYAY) 4-27-12... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7, Overnights from above" (WYAY) 4-27-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 4-28-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-3-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-4-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-5-12... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-8-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-19-12... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-23-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7, station begins airing promos about flip to All News" (WYAY) 5-26-12... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7, recorded at 1am just before flip" (WYAY) 5-29-12... 90min

(Flip/News) "All News 106.7 Launch" (WYAY) 5-29-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "All News 106.7, The Kimmer's First Show" (WYAY) 11-4-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "All News 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 11-5-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "All News 106.7, Pete&Wayne fill in for Kimmer after Heart Attack Kimmer calls in from Hospital bed" (WYAY) 11-13-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Red Eye into Steve McCoy first show into Michael Graham into Kimmer" (WYAY) 3-2-15... 8hr (Some Static)

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Christmas" (WYAY) 12-24-15... 80min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 2-26-16... 80min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 5-12-16... 140min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Red Eye into Morning News into Shannon Burke into Kimmer" (WYAY) 7-14-16... 8hr

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 7-2-16... 80min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Christmas Across the lands" (WYAY) 12-25-16... 2hr

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480" (WYZE) 3-15-11... 90min

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480" (WYZE) 1-21-16... 80min

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480" (WYZE) 5-21-16... 2hr

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480, bible talk first 30min into regular music" (WYZE) 10-7-17... 90min

(Top 40) "Z93, Ross and Wilson Morning Show" (WZGC) 4-23-80…60min

(Top 40) "Hit Radio Z93" (WZGC) 8-13-87... 45min

(Switch, Classic Rock) "Z93 Top 40 to Classic Rock" (WZGC) 1-3-89…10min

(Classic Rock) "Z93, all 1970's Weekend" (WZGC) 1-21-01… 60min

(Classic Rock) "Z-93, First day of Moby in the Morning" (WZGC) 10/14/02 ...30min

(Classic Rock) "Z93, Night before launch of Dave FM" (WZGC) 7-20-04...90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Sign on" (WZGC)  7-21-04...90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Denny Schaffer morning show tryout 1:45am" (WZGC) 10/24/07... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 12-19-08... 60min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Jimmy Baron first day" (WZGC) 8-17-09... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-26-10... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 2-16-10... 45min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 1-16-11... 60min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Steve in for Mara Davis" (WZGC) 8-26-11... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Steve Craig Morning's" (WZGC) 12-6-11... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 8-1-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 8-4-12... 2 1/2hr

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 8-8-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-21-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-22-12... 45min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-24-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-25-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, recorded at 7am, Last day with live DJ's" (WZGC) 9-29-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM recorded at 4pm, Last day with live DJ's" (WZGC) 9-29-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM recorded at 11:40pm, Last day with live DJ's" (WZGC) 9-29/30-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 10-20-12... 2hr

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 10-23-12... 90min

(AAA/Launch/Sports) "92.9 Dave FM last hr. sign off and launch of The Game" (WZGC) 10-24-12... 90min