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(Religious) "89.7fm: Freedom Radio 89.1 WLOG" (W209CD) 1-26-19... 60min (This is a new translator simulcasting WLOG-FM out of Markleysburg, Pennsylvania, programming is a mixture of preaching and music) (Heavy Static at times)

(Hip Hop) "Power 92.3 Jamz" (W222AF) 7-1-18... 80min (see WSRV-HD-3 for other airchecks of Power/Jamz)

(Hip Hop) "Power 92.3 Jamz" (W222AF) 1-27-19... 60min

(For airchecks of 99.3/1010AM See WTZA/WGUN-AM or WUBL-HD-3)

(For airchecks of 93.7/680 The Fan see 680 WCNN-AM)

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5 first night on the air" (W233BF) 6-23-12... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Rashan Ali's The Morning Grind First day" (W233BF) 11-1-12... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5" (W233BF) 11-24-12... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Mix" (W233BF) 3-17-13... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Memorial Day Mix" (W233BF) 5-24-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5 Labor day Mix" (W233BF) 9-6-15... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5" (W233BF) 2-26-16... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Memorial Day Mix" (W233BF) 5-27-16... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Memorial Day Mix" (W233BF) 5-26-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5, Labor Day Mix" (W233BF) 9-1-18... 3hr

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5" (W233BF) 1-26-19... 45min

(Stunt) "97.9, Night before launch of 99x at 97.9" (W250BC) 4-17-09... 45min

(Sign on/Alternative) "Sign on of 99x at 97.9" (W250BC) 4-17-09... 90min

(Alternative) "99X at 97.9" (W250BC) 9-7-09... 90min

(Alternative) "99x @ 97.9" (W250BC) 9-26-10... 90min (Heavy Static)

(Alternative) "99x @ 97.9" (W250BC) 5-30-11... 90min

(Stunt) "97.9 W250BC" (W250BC) 6-15-11... 90min

(Stunt) "97.9 W250BC" (W250BC) 6-16-11... 90min

(Launch/80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9, Launch and first hour" (W250BC) 6-17-11... 90min

(80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9, Rick Dees First Show" (W250BC) 6-27-11... 90min

(80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9" (W250BK) 8-6-11... 45min

(80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9" (W250BK) 9-11-11... 45min

(80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9" (W250BC) 4-12-12... 90min

(80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9" (W250BC) 5-13-12... 90min

(80s/90s Oldies) "Journey 97.9" (W250BC) 5-26-12... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100 Top 20 on 97.9, first night" (W250BC) 9-4-12... 90min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 1-27-17... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 4-15-17... 105min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 4-7-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 7-4-18... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 9-1-18... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 12-2-18... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "OG 97.9" (W250BC) 1-26-19... 60min

(Alternative) "99x @ 98.9" (W255CJ) 11-21-11... 90min (Some Static)

(Stunt) "98.9" (W255CJ) 8-31-12... 90min

(Active Rock) "98.9 The Bone, Launch" (W255CJ) 9-1-12... 90min

(Active Rock) "98.9 The Bone, night before sign off" (W255CJ) 2-1-13... 90min (Some Static)

(Country/Christian) "98.9 The Walk" (W255CJ) 8-25-13... 90min (Some Static)

(Stunt/Launch/Oldies) "Oldies 98.9, Launch" (W255CJ) 8-26-13... 90min (Some Static)

(Oldies) "Oldies 98.9" (W255CJ) 9-2-13... 80min

(Stunt) "Warm 98.9 Micro-format Stunt, All Christmas" (W255CJ) 12-24-15... 80min (Some Static)

(Stunt) "Warm 98.9 Micro-format Stunt, AC" (W255CJ) 12-29-15... 2 1/2hrs (Heavy Static at times but audible)

(Alternative) "99x" (W255CJ) 1-27-17... 80min

(Alternative) "99x, The Morning X, 25th Anniversary" (W255CJ) 10-26-17... 9hr

(Alternative) "99x" (W255CJ) 4-7-18... 2hr

(Alternative) "99x, forced FCC sign off" (W255CJ) 4-11-18... 3hr (FCC ordered cumulus to cease operations of it's translator at 12am 4/12)

(Alternative) "99x returns to the air at reduced power after being forced off the air in April" (W255CJ) 12-21-18... 2hr (static/fading)

(Alternative) "99x" (W255CJ) 1-27-19... 60min

(Alternative) "99x" (W255CJ) 2-14-19... 80min

(Alternative) "99x, last day on 99.1 at 99 watts before its move to 98.9 with 250 watts" (W256BO) 9-14-11 ... 90min

(For Airchecks of Smooth Jazz 101.1 see WJZA-AM further down this listing)

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 102.9, A translator for WWVA-HD2 Recorded off 102.9 FM" (W275BK) 4-6-09... 60min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Boom 102.9" (W275BK) 3-26-15... 4hr

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Boom 102.9, Labor Day Mix" (W275BK) 9-6-15... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Boom 102.9, Top 102 Classic Countdown #'s 41-16 countdown never finish's" (W275BK) 9-7-15... 5hr

(Urban Oldies) "Classix 102.9, first day on air with a 70's/80's Urban Oldies format" (W275BK) 12-22-17... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "Classix 102.9, Aretha Franklin passing, sprinkling of her songs play, DJ: Niecey Shaw into D. L. Hughley" (W275BK) 8-16-18... 90min (slight to moderate static throughout)

(Urban Oldies) "Classix 102.9" (W275BK) 9-1-18... 100min (slight static)

(Urban Oldies) "Classix 102.9" (W275BK) 1-27-19... 60min

(For Airchecks of Sports Radio 103.7/1340 see WIFN down this listing)

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Market place into fresh air interview with John Waters" (WABE) 8-10-09... 60min

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Jazz Classics with H. Johnson" (WABE) 3-5-16... 3hr

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Jazz Classics with H. Johnson" (WABE) 10-14-17... 40min

(Public Radio) "90.1 WABE, Here and Now, features local updates from Denis O'Hayer" (WABE) 1-30-19... 75min

(Business/Talk) "Biz 1190" (WAFS) 8-30-10... 45min

(Business/Talk) "Biz 1190" (WAFS) 7-18-13... 45min

(Talk) "Talk Radio 1340, Dan Patrick" (WALR-AM) 9/13/05... 90min

(AC) “Music Radio 104.7” (WALR-FM) 12-27-89… 90min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR-FM) 2-4-09... 45min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1, Death of Michael Jackson" (WALR-FM) 6-25-09... 60min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR-FM) 5-28-11... 60min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1, DJ: Marco Simmons" (WALR-FM) 2-7-15... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 4-9-16... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1, Death of Prince" (WALR) 4-21-16... 4hr

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 4-15-17... 90min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 12-2-17... 100min

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 3-15-18... 45min (Some Static, note: station had just moved to a new tower further north and signal has decreased for us in the south side.)

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 4-7-18... 2hr (Some Static)

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1, R&B Christmas" (WALR) 12-25-18... 80min (Slight static)

(Urban AC) "Kiss 104.1" (WALR) 1-27-19... 60min

(Urban Hot AC) "Jamz 104.1" (WALR-HD-2) 7-22-06... 60min

(Urban Hot AC) "The Movement 104.1 Jamz" (WALR-HD-2) 8-15-11... 80min

(Dance) "The Surge 104.1" (WALR-HD-2) 8-31-13... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Majic 107.5" (WAMJ) 7-23-99... 90min (some static on side B)

(Jazz) "102.5 Simulcast of 107.5 WJZZ" (WAMJ) 11-15-01… 45min

(Urban AC) "Grown Folks Radio102.5, Friday Night Mix Show" (WAMJ) 1-23-09... 45min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5, Memorial Day Mix" (WAMJ) 5-28-16... 90min

(Black Talk/Progressive) "1380 WAOK, The Sports Kings into best of Derrick Boazman" (WAOK) 3-5-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Power 99.7 FM" (WARM) 8/xx/87... 45min

(Sign on/Alternative) "Power 99 flip to 99x" (WAPW) 10-26-92... 30min

(Oldies) "1550 WAZX" (WAZX) 9-12-09... 45min

(Oldies/Stunt) "1550 WAZX" (WAZX) 5-7-16... 140min

(Top 40) "95.5 The Beat” (WBTS) 12-23-99… 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "95.5 The Beat, DJ: Kannon" (WBTS) 4-28-01…120min

(Rhythmic CHR) "95.5 The Beat" (WBTS) 4-21-09... 45min

(Rhythmic CHR) "95.5 The Beat (WBTS) 2-23-10... 45min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Breaking News on Plane on the Hwy 85" (WBTS) 9-20-10... 45min


(Alternative) "105.3 The Buzz, Last weekend on the air" (WBZY) 11/16/06... 90min

(Sign on/Regional Mexican) "Sign on of El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 11/28/06... 90min

(Regional Mexican) "El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 8-28-10... 90min

(Regional Mexican) "El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 8-30-12... 90min

(Regional Mexican) "El Patron 105.3" (WBZY) 5-5-18... 60min

(Spanish CHR) "105.3 La Z" (WBZY) 1-27-19... 60min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Dennis Miller" (WCFO) 3-25-09... 45min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Imus in the Morning" (WCFO) 4-15-09... 90min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Mancow" (WCFO) 8-31-09... 45min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Imus in the morning into Laura Ingraham" (WCFO) 5-5-11... 90min

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Jerry Doyle" (WCFO) 5-24-11... 90min (Note: recorded overnight station was still in full daytime power mode)

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Dennis Miller into Michael Savage" (WCFO) 3-26-14... 65min (sharp electric static throughout but ok)

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, Imus into Laura Ingraham recorded at 7:30am at power up" (WCFO) 3-28-18... 3hr (Imus' second to last show before retirement.)

(Talk) "News Talk 1160, last Imus show into Laura Ingraham recorded at 7:30am at power up" (WCFO) 3-29-18... 3hr

(Jazz) "91.9 WCLK" (WCLK) 8-28-13... 45min (recorded day after of format re-vamp to modernize the playlist to the dismay of some listeners and staff)

(Jazz) "91.9 WCLK" (WCLK) 1-26-19... 60min

(Sports) "The Fan 680 and 93.7FM, recorded on the FM side 93.7, Buck and Kincade" (WCNN/W229AG) 1-28-19... 60min

(See WKHX-AM for earlier Radio Disney AM 590 airchecks)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney AM 590" (WDWD) 9/xx/06... 45min

(Children's Top 40) "AM 590 Radio Disney" (WDWD) 3-26-09... 30min  (some high end modulation peeks)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 12-29-09... 45min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 9-4-10... 2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 11-13-10... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-17-11... 90min (one channel is silent) 

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 2-11-12... 90min

(Children's Top 40 "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 12-23-13... 90min (Poor AM Signal)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney, Christmas" (WDWD) 12-24-13... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 1-18-14... 2 1/2 hours

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 2-8-14... 100min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 3-1-14... 2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 3-22-14... 30min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 4-19-14... 2hr (Poor signal, stations audio cuts out at times)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 5-10-14... 2 1/2 hrs (same note as above)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 7-5-14... 2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 7-19-14... 2 1/2 hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 7-26-14... 2 1/2 hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 8-16-14... 5hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 8-23-14... 6hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 8-24-14... 6 1/2 hrs (power down last hour)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 9-6-14... 4 1/2 hrs (recorded during nearby thunderstorm)

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 9-13-14... 4 1/2hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 9-27-14... 5hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 9-28-14... 8hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 10-4-14... 7 1/2 hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 10-11-14... 7hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 10-25-14... 6hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD)  11-1-14... 7hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD) 11-15-14... 6 1/2 hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD)  11-22-14... 8hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD)  12-7-14... 2hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD)  12-13-14... 7hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney" (WDWD)  12-19-14... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney, Christmas" (WDWD) 12-20-14... 2hrs

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney, recorded full day from 4am to 8pm" (WDWD) 2-26-15... 16hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 3-21-15... 5hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 3-28-15... 4hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-5-15... 5hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-17-15... 6 1/2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-18-15... 5hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-19-15... 3 1/2hr

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney 590" (WDWD) 4-25-15... 3hr (note: Radio Disney would sign off a week later)

(Alternative) "107.9 The End" (WEGF) 9-25-01…60min

(Rock, Flip, Hip Hop) "107.9 The End, Format Flip to Hot 107.9" (WEGF) 10-8-01… 120min

(Top 40) "1230 WFOM" (WFOM) xx-xx-67... 45min

(Oldies) "Fox 97.1, DJ: Bob King" (WFOX) 5-11-02... 60min

(Stunt & Sign on) 97.1 WFOX Stunting with simulcast of other Cox radio station’s

Details of the Stunt: WFOX 97.1 went into a simulcast of other Cox radio station's I have listed the stations you will hear on each tape from the stunt. Days (1/31-2/3 2003)

Tape One: 90min (1/31/03)
A) Party 93.1 WPYM (Dance), WAPE 95.1 (Chr), KCCN FM 100.3 (Hawaiian)
B) KCCN FM 100.3 (Hawaiian) Cont..., Party 93.1 WPYM (Dance)

Tape Two: 90 Min
A) 106.9 The Point KHPT (80's), WAPE 95.1 (Chr), 106.1 WBLI (Chr)
B) Hot 98.1 WHZT (Chr), 105.1 KINE (Hawaiian), Party 93.1 WPYM (Dance)

Tape Three: 90 Min
A) WAPE 95.1 (Chr), 93Q KKBQ (Country), Y 101 WDYL (Rock)
B) WAPE 95.1 (Chr), 15mins Dead Air, 93Q KKBQ (Country), 105.1 KINE (Hawaiian), WAPE 95.1 (Chr)

(Stunt/Urban Hot AC) "97.1 Jamz, end of stunt on 95.1WAPE into Jamz" (WFOX) 2/3/03... 90min

(Urban Hot AC) "97.1 Jamz" (WFOX) 3-xx-03... 90min

(Classic Hits) "97.1 The River, First Day" (WFOX) 1/01/06... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish" (WFSH) 2-24-10... 45min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish" (WFSH) 1-14-12... 90min (one channel soft/quiet)

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas, 7pm" (WFSH) 12-26-12... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas, 4am" (WFSH) 12-27-12... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas" (WFSH) 12-23-13... 45min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas" (WFSH) 12-26-13... 90min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish, Christmas" (WFSH) 12-25-18... 85min

(Christian Contemporary) "104.7 The Fish" (WFSH) 1-27-19... 60min

(Stunt) "1080 WFTD, stunting with All 1950's Oldies" (WFTD) 1-19-17... 2 1/2 hours

(Talk) "920 WGKA, Michael Medved" (WGKA) 12-2-05... 20min (note: signal fades away quickly after the 10 minute mark)

(Urban Gospel) "99.1 Grace FM" (WGRU-LP) 7-7-16... 80min (Some Static)

(Urban Gospel) "99.1 Grace FM" (WGRU-LP) 2-4-19... 60min (Static/Fading)

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640 GST, Day of Judge Shooting" (WGST) 3-11-05... 90min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Regular Guys show First day back" (WGST) 3/21/05... 90min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Brian Wilson late morning Audition" (WGST) 5/19/05... 60min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Dino Costa late morning Audition" (WGST) 5-25-05... 30min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Pete Davie filling in for the Kimmer" (WGST) 12-2-05... 45min

(News/Talk) "Braves Radio 640-GST, Pete Davis filling in for the Kimmer" (WGST) 12/30/05... 45min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, The Rusty Humphries Show First Local Show" (WGST) 1-3-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Rush Limbaugh" (WGST) 3-19-11... 2hr

(News/Talk) "640 WGST and new at 92.3, recorded from 92.3fm" (WGST/W222AF) 12-6/7-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Rush Limbaugh Christmas Special, Power down last 10 minutes" (WGST) 12-24-11... 45min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Rush Limbaugh into Glenn Beck, Local host Rusty Humphries had been fired" (WGST) 9-26-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Glenn Beck into Mark Levin" (WGST) 9-26-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Michael Savage, recorded from 92.3fm" (WGST) 9-26-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Michael Savage into Ground Zero into Coast to Coast AM recorded from 92.3fm at 11:45pm" (WGST) 9-26/27-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "640 WGST, Coast to Coast AM into Wall Street Journal Report recorded from 92.3fm" (WGST) 9-27-12... 90min

(Spanish Sports/Talk) "640 ESPN Deportes, recorded from 92.3fm 30 minutes after flip" (WGST) 9-28-12... 90min

(Talk) "Talk Radio 640 WGST, first day on air, Dave Ramsey" (WGST) 6-3-13... 90min

(Talk) "Talk Radio 640 WGST, Sully in for Dale Cardwell into Michael Berry into Schnitt Show to power down" (WGST) 5-12-14... 3hr (Note: recorded during nearby thunderstorms)

(Standards/Variety) "The Big Gun 1010 WGUN" (WGUN) 8-11-09... 60min

(Standards/Variety) "The Big Gun 1010 WGUN" (WGUN) 5-22-11... 90min

(Urban Oldies/Variety) "1010 Atlanta, aircheck of new urban oldies format" (WGUN) 10-15-11... 90min

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 1-28-12...2 1/2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 2-4-12... 2 1/2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 2-11-12... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 2-25-12... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Atlanta's 1010 Radio" (WGUN) 3-3-12... 2 1/2hr (Note: this station would flip to progressive talk weeks later)

(Stunt) "1010 AM simulcast of Streetz 94.5" (WGUN) 1-30-13... 80min (after airing a progressive talk format for less than a year Steve Heagwood would LMA the signal and launch an Urban Oldies format called Old School 1010 calls would change to WTZA next day with launch of Old School see WTZA) (recorded during severe weather outbreak /// the sacrifices I make to get the recordings)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 12-xx-96... 21min (commercial stop set scoped out)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Morning The Notorious B. I. G. Died" (WHTA) 3-9-97... 60min (Scoped in one Place) Multi path issue last 10 minutes of side A.)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Teen Suicide, last half only" (WHTA) 4-21-97... 30min (some strong language and content is heard)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, New Teen Driving Laws, first half only" (WHTA) 6-30-97... 30min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Phat 7@7, all Master-P songs" (WHTA) 9-4-97... 30min (Scoped in one Place)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Christmas depression, first half only" (WHTA) 12-22-97... 22min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Teen Love" (WHTA) 2-xx-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Death of B. I. G. Rebroadcast" (WHTA) 3-9-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Ryan Cameron, Which artist do you like and why" (WHTA) 3-XX-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Memorial Day Mega Mix" (WHTA) 5-22-98... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, "Check yourself with Tiwana James, Going Back to School (WHTA) 8-16-99... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 9-14-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 9-7-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Phat 7@7" (WHTA) 9-7-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, 9 o'clock Cutup into M&M" (WHTA) 9-8-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 9-8-99... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, Ryan Cameron Morning Show" (WHTA) 9-9-99... 45min (Static in Places)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, 9 o'clock Cutup" (WHTA) 7-xx-00... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5, 9 o'clock Cutup, Different Day" (WHTA) 7-xx-00... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 4-7-01... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5" (WHTA) 5-26-01... 60min

(See WEGF 2001 for other side of this flip on recorded from 107.9)

(Hip Hop) "Hot 97.5 Switch to 107.9 (Recorded From 97.5)" (WHTA) 10-8-01…120min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Ryan Cameron Morning Show 9/11 review" (WHTA) 9/11/02... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 2-2-09... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-3-09... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-15-09... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-28-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Death of Michael Jackson" (WHTA) 6-25-09... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 8-16-09... 120min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-25-09... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, 5 O' Clock Mix Notorious B. I. G. songs" (WHTA) 3-9-10... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 9-19-10... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Open forum about Teen Bulling, Bulling is not Hot" (WHTA) 11-15-10... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 11-29-10... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-18-10... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-23-10... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9, Overnights into Ricky Smiley" (WHTA) 2-3-11... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-18-11... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-21-11... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 6-4-11... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 10-8-11... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 5-7-16... 90min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 4-15-17... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 3-15-18... 80min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 8-11-18... 45min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 10-6-18... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 12-22-18... 2hr

(Hip Hop) "Hot 107.9" (WHTA) 1-27-19... 60min

(Sports) "The Sports X on 1340/103.7, The Cheap Seats" (W279CZ/WIFN-AM) 2-5-19... 60min (heavy static but audible)

(Urban) "Classic Soul 1340 WIGO" (WIGO) 11-16-91... 60min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 3-4-15... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-24-15... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, The retro 80's r&b blast" (WIGO) 7-11-15... 45min (Signal begins to fade halfway, recorded at sunset)

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 10-22-15... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 10-30-15... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 1-11-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 1-12-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 2-11-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-7-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 5-27-16... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 9-28-16... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 1-19-17... 45min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-12-17... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-14-17... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 4-25-17... 90min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 5-26-17... 60min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 8-21-17... 2hr

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 9-19-17... 30min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 9-21-17... 80min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO, DJ: Kevin Buchannon" (WIGO) 10-3-17... 60min

(Urban) "1570 WIGO" (WIGO) 3-15-18... 75min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the AM side 1310am" (WJZA-AM) 10-10-17... 70min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the FM side 101.1" (WJZA-AM/W266BW) 11-23-17... 80min (Heavy Static)

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the AM side 1310am" (WJZA-AM) 4-7-18... 90min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the FM side 101.1" (WJZA-AM/W266BW) 1-28-19... 60min

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 101.1 WJZA, recorded from the FM side 101.1" (WJZA-AM/W266BW) 2-1-19... 3hr (slight static)

(Jazz) "Smooth Jazz 107.5 WJZZ" (WJZZ) 1-15-09... 60min

(for later airchecks of Majic see WAMJ or WUMJ)

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5, First Day on the air" (WJZZ) 1-28-09... 90min

(Children's Top 40) "Radio Disney AM 590" (WKHX-AM) 11-xx-96… 45min Sample Clip

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 5-15-98... 20min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 3-1-11... 90min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 11-25-11... 80min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 3-20-15... 80min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 5-23-15... 80min

(Country) "Kicks 101.5" (WKHX) 1-26-19... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Jamz 101.5" (WKHX-HD-2) 9-21-17... 60min

(Rock) "96 Rock, DJ: Rick Anderson (Rick would later move to Orlando's WDIZ 100.3)" (WKLS) 10-82 ...50min (first 15 minutes has tracking issues rest is stable)

(Rock) "96 Rock, The Regular Guys" (WKLS) 9-15-98... 60min

(Classic Rock) "96 Rock, Elglish Nick" (WKLS) 11/24/05 ...45min

(Classic Rock) "96 Rock, Last weekend on the air" (WKLS) 11/16/06... 90min

(Sign on) "Project 96.1 Sign on" (WKLS) 11/17/06... 90min

(Active Rock) "Project 96-1" (WKLS) 8-27-10... 90min

(Active Rock) "Project 96-1" (WKLS) 5-15-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Power 96.1, first night" (WKLS) 8-30-12... 90min


(Oldies) "Cool 105.7, Special airing of the Rush Limbaugh Show while the Atlanta Braves play on WGST-AM" (WLCL) 4-xx-05... 90min

(Oldies) "Cool 105.7 FM, Friday before flip to Spanish Top40 Viva 105.7" (WLCL) 4-29-05... 90min

(Oldies/Flip) "Cool 105.7 FM, Signoff of Cool into simulcast of Viva 105.3 on 105.7" (WLCL) 5-2-05... 90min

(Stunt/Rock) "Viva stunt to 105.3 The Buzz Sign on (Recorded on 105.3fm)" (WLCL) 5/9/05... 90min

(AC) "94.9 Lite FM" (WLTM) 10-17-05... 90min

(Sign on) "94.9 The Bull sign on" (WLTM) 11/18/06 ...90min


(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel" (WMAX) 6-4-02... 90min (over modulated/muddy audio) Sample Clip

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel" (WMAX) 12/29/02 ...90min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel, DJ: Domino (formally from power 99)" (WMAX) 3-7-03... 80min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel, The MJ morning show" (WMAX) 6-xx-03...45min

(80's Oldies) "105.3 WMAX, The 80's Channel, Last day as 80's Channel, DJ: JoJo" (WMAX) 1-29-04 ...45min

(80's Oldies-Sign off/FM Talk-Sign on) "Max gives way to Real Radio 105.3, Sign on, DJ: Gary Spears" (WMAX) 1-30-04…45min

(FM Talk/Sign off) "Real Radio 105.3, Signs off from The MJ Morning Show" (WMAX) 9-15-04... 60min

(Stunt/Sign on Spanish CHR) "Viva 105.3 launches at 11pm same day" (WMAX) 9-15-04... 60min

(Stunt/Religious) "AM 1260, station just signed on after move-in from Cartersville" (WMDG) 10-16-18... 80min (poor signal)

(Religious/Christmas) "AM 1260" (WMDG) 12-22-18... 60min

(Variety) "AM1690 The Voice of the Arts, DJ: Mara Davis" (WMLB) 11-1-12... 90min

(Variety) "AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts" (WMLB) 3-7-11... 90min

(Variety) "AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts" (WMLB) 2-1-14... 2hr

(Variety) "AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts" (WMLB) 5-11-14... 2hr

(Variety) "AM 1690 The Voice of the Arts, Real Estate show into regular music" (WMLB) 5-5-18... 2hr

(Variety) "AM1690 The Voice of the Arts" (WMLB) 5-6-18... 2hr

(Stunt) "This is WMLB 1690, Avondale Estates, testing" (WMLB) 1-25-19... 70min (Note: after signing off last summer the station has returned in testing mode as they continue to seek a buyer for the station, the music skips at times this is happening at the stations end.)

(Classic Rock Hits) "The New Mix 105.7, DJ: Gary Jeff Walker" (WMXV) 8-7-02... 45min

(Classic Rock Hits) "Mix 105.7, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell" 9/11 rebroadcast" (WMXV) 9-11-02... 45min

(Classic Rock Hits) "Mix 105.7, Art Bell’s Last Show" (WMXV) 12-31-02 ...(4 Hours)

(Sign on/Oldies) "Beetles 105.7 stunt ends into launch of Oldies, Cool 105.7, DJ: J. J. Jackson” (WMXV) 2-7-03 ...60min


(Alternative) "99x, DJ: Steve" (WNNX) 1/4/93.... 45min

(Alternative) "99x, DJ: Yvonne, Static for the first 25 minutes, then stable" (WNNX) 12/21/95... 45min

(Alternative) "99x, DJ: Yvonne" (WNNX) 12/25/97... 45min

(Alternative) "99x" (WNNX) 7-25-98... 45min (Some Static)

(Alternative) "99x, Best of Barnes, Leslie, Jimmy" (WNNX) 6-30-00... 45min

(Alternative) "99x, DJ: Christopher Calandro" (WNNX) 5-10-02... 60min

(Alternative) "99x, Ben (was Roach on 96.7 The Buzz)" (WNNX) 6-xx-05... 90min

(Alternative) "99X, DJ: Axel" (WNNX) 1/11/08... 90min

(Alternative) "99X, DJ: Axel" (WNNX) 1-12-08... 2hr

(Classic Alternative) "99XS" (WNNX-HD2) 1-14-08... 45min

(Alternative) "99X" (WNNX) 1-21-08... 90min

(Alternative) "99x, DJ: Axel" (WNNX) 1-22-08... 120min

(Alternative/Sign off) "99X Sign off  into Top 40 Q100" (WNNX) 1-25-08... 90min


(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 2-3-08... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, Best of The Regular Guys" (WNNX) 12-22-08... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 9-27-10... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 12-12-11... 80min

(Active Rock) "Rock 100.5, Station leans more Active then in earlier airchecks" (WNNX) 1-1-12... 80min (the station had bounced back the forth with it's Playlist from 80's centric rock to more of an Active Rock format with currents thrown in, and at one point would even try their own version of AAA to trying to compete with Dave FM only to revert back to the original 80's centric based Playlist.)

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, Regular Guys" (WNNX) 2-1-12 ... 90min (note, at this time the regular guys where playing music during the show, after online protest Cumulus removed the music and returned to an all talk morning show until the end of the Regular Guys, the music would later re-launch later on in the day to Active Rock, see below)

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, night before re-launch" (WNNX) 1-31-13... 90min

(Active Rock) "Rock 100.5, re-launch with Active Rock from sister "the bone" (WNNX) 2-1-13... 90min (The Active rock format would again only last for about a year before 100.5 would once again return to an 80's centric format.)

(Active Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 12-16-13... 60min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 5-7-16... 80min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 1-19-17... 2 1/2 hours

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 4-15-17... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 7-1-17... 80min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 9-21-17... 45min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 4-21-18... 80min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, un-caged new rock show" (WNNX) 8-11-18... 80min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5" (WNNX) 1-26-19... 60min

(Easy Listening) "Peach FM 95, DJ: Steve Goss" (WPCH) 11-xx-86... 90min

(AC) "Peach 94.9" (WPCH) 8-12-99... 45min

(AC) "Peach 94.9, DJ: Dale O'Brian" (WPCH) 1-2-00... 45min (Heavy Static/fading)

(Stunt) "1310 The King, stunt with Jazz, announcements on launch of liberal talk" (WPBC) 8-30-10... 45min

(Stunt) "AM 1310, stunting with 50's/60's Oldies and info about the station being for sale" (WPBC) 5-15-16... 80min

(Progressive Rock) "103.3 WPLO" (WPLO-FM) 6-14-73... 45min (low volume)

(Urban Gospel) "Praise 97.5" (WPZE) 2-5-09... 45min

(Switch) "97.5 FM, Last 15minutes of Praise 97.5 into Majic Simulcast" (WPZE/WUMJ) 2-15-09... 90min

(Switch) "102.5 FM, Last 15 minutes of Grown Folks Radio into Praise 102.5" (WPZE) 2-15-09... 90min

(Urban Gospel) "Praise 102.5" (WPZE) 1-27-19... 60min

(Adult Standards) "WQXI-FM 94.1" (WQXI-FM) xx-xx-69... 45min

(Top 40) "94Q, Gary Mckee Morning Show" (WQXI-FM) 10-3-83... 45min (Some high-end modulation peaks but good audio)

(Top 40) "94Q, Gary Mckee Morning show, Craig Ashwood filling in" (WQXI-FM) 8/31/84 ...45min

(Switch/Hot AC) "94Q Flip to Star 94" (WQXI-FM) 11-15-89…30min

(College) "Album 88, station begins to air announcements about ending daily analog broadcasting as GPB moves in, WRAS' freeform programming would air on HD-2 during the day and return to analog at night from 7pm to 5am" (WRAS) 5-7-14... 45min

(College/Public Radio) "Album 88, the wave Hip Hop show" (WRAS) 2-27-16... 90min

(College/Public Radio) "Album 88, overnights regular rotation" (WRAS) 1-28-19... 60min

(College/Testing) "88.5 WRAS HD-3 Testing with Classic Rock/Oldies" (WRAS-HD-3) 9-21-16... 45min

(College) "Wrek Radio 91.1" (WREK) 1-26-19... 60min

(for other airchecks of 'radio' see WRDG/WWLG 96.7 in the Newnan/Lagrange/Peachtree City/Griffin/South Atlanta listing on the Georgia page)

(Alternative) "Radio 105.7" (WRDA) 12-2-17... 80min

(Alternative) "Alt 105.7" (WRDA) 4-21-18... 80min

(Alternative) "Alt 105.7" (WRDA) 11-5-18... 100min (moderate static throughout)

(Alternative) "Alt 105.7" (WRDA) 1-27-19... 60min

(Urban/Variety) "Night Watch, Hip Hop and Talk Show" (WRFG) 12-25-08... 45min

(Urban/Variety) "Ruff, Rugged & Raw, Hip Hop and Talk Show" (WRFG) 12-25-09... 45min

(Urban/Variety) "89.3 WRFG, Hip Hop Mix Show" (WRFG) 12-25-10... 45min

(Variety) "89.3 WRFG" (WRFG) 12-25-12... 45min

(Variety) "89.3 WRFG, George Zimmerman verdict reaction" (WRFG) 7-13-13... 80min

(Variety) "89.3 WRFG, "Ruff, Rugged & Raw, Hip Hop and Talk Show" (WRFG) 2-16-19... 60min

(Talk) "Ring Radio 680, Neal Boortz, Gene Roddenberry full Interview" (WRNG) 8-6-76... 60min (Scoped first 5 min, rest is stable)

(Talk) "Ring Radio 680, Bits & Pieces of other shows: Ronn Owens, Nick Anthony, Jane Simons, Peg Nugent, Harry Davey, Ludlow Porch, Neal Boortz, CBS News Break Charles Osgood, political ads and other commercials, Local News breaks, ID's/jingles etc, Scoped" (WRNG) 74-79... (10 hours) (mp3 disk) full list here

(Talk) "Ring Radio 680, Ludlow Porch, DeForest Kelley full interview" (WRNG) x-xx-xx... 60min (Scoped)

WSB's airchecks are broken up into different list those recorded on AM are listed directly below, those recorded on FM 95.5 are listed further down this list as WSBB-FM.

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Rick and Bubba" (WSB-AM) 4-1-07... 45min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Atlanta's Morning News with Scott Slade" (WSB-AM) 9-15-09... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Neal Boortz" (WSB-AM) 9-15-09... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, O'Neill Williams" (WSB-AM) 9-19-09... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Sean Hannity" (WSB-AM) 12-xx-09... 45min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, The Magic of Christmas" (WSB-AM) 12-25-09... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Sean Hannity into Alan Hunt in for Herman Cain"  (WSB-AM) 12-8-08... 45min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Sean Hannity into Herman Cain" (WSB-AM) 3-4-10... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 11:30pm" (WSB-AM) 12-24-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 11:30pm" (WSB-AM) 12-25-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB" (Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 3am" (WSB-AM) 12-25-16... 6 1/2 hours

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas, 4am" (WSB-AM) 12-25-17... 7hours

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and AM 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas" (WSB-AM) 12-24-18... 90min

Scroll down for airchecks of News/Talk WSB recorded off FM 95.5

(AC) "B98.5FM, Totally 80's Weekend, DJ: Kelly McCoy" (WSB-FM) 8-12-01... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Steve and Vikki first day on B98.5FM; missed the first 40mins (WSB-FM) 7-1-08... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Next day after Steve & Vikki was fired, Producer Will hosting" (WSB-FM) 2-26-10... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Vikki mornings" (WSB-FM) 3-8-10... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM, Christmas Music" (WSB-FM) 12-25-09... 45min

(AC) "B98.5FM" (WSB-FM) 9-26-10... 90min

(AC) "B98.5FM" (WSB-FM) 1-19-11... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy 3pm" (WSB-FM) 4-25-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy 5pm" (WSB-FM) 4-25-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy 3pm" (WSB-FM) 4-26-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy's Last show 3pm" (WSB-FM) 4-27-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy's Last show 5pm" (WSB-FM) 4-27-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5FM, Kelly McCoy's Last show 6pm" (WSB-FM) 4-27-12... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-14-14... 80min (Static)

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-16-14... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-21-14... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 11-24-14... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 12-7-14... 3 1/2 hrs (the station had decided not to go all Christmas and would only play a few songs an hour)

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 3-20-15... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-22-15... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-3-16... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-7-16... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5, regular into Retro Pop Reunion" (WSB-FM) 4-23-16... 5hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-14-16... 3hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-27-16... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 12-25-16... 2 1/2 hours

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 1-18-17... 30min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-15-17... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 4-22-17... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 6-27-17... 3hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 9-20-17... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5, Christmas" (WSB-FM) 12-24-17... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 2-25-18... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 3-15-18... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-6-18... 2hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 5-26-18... 80min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 8-11-18... 30min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 10-18-18... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5, regular into Retro Pop Reunion last 30min" (WSB-FM) 11-3-18... 2hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 11-5-18... 90min

(Bright AC) "B98.5, Christmas" (WSB-FM) 12-24-18... 2hr

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 1-26-19... 60min

(Bright AC) "B98.5" (WSB-FM) 2-11-19... 2 1/2 hrs

(Soft AC) "98.5 HD-2 Relaxing Easy Favorites" (WSB-HD-2) 9-3-13... 80min (modeled after sister station WDUV Tampa)

(Soft AC) "98.5 HD-2 Relaxing East Favorites" (WSB-HD-2) 5-22-18... 80min

Scroll up for airchecks of News/Talk WSB recorded off AM 750

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Talk to Santa" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-10... 90min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Death of Royal Marshall from the Neal Boortz show" (WSBB-FM) 1-15-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Atlanta's Morning News Tribute to Royal Marshall 8:30a-10a" (WSBB-FM) 1-17-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News/Talk WSB, Neal Boortz Show 8:30a-10a" (WSBB-FM) 1-18-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, news of the death of Larry Munson" (WSBB-FM) 11-21-11... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Rush Limbaugh's first day on WSB" (WSBB-FM) 10-1-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Re-Boortz into O'Neal Outside" (WSBB-FM) 1-12-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Calls to Santa (local show) into Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas 4pm" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Calls to Santa (local show) into Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas 6pm" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Talk WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas 6pm" (WSBB-FM) 12-25-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 750 and 95.5 WSB, Death of Captain Herb" (WSBB) 4-12-14... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas" (WSBB-FM) 12-25-14... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas" (WSBB-FM) 12-25-15... 80min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Mark Arum Show into Sean Hannity last hour" (WSBB-FM) 1-19-17... 2 1/2 hours

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Hurricane Irma coverage CNN Simulcast" (WSBB-FM) 9-10-17... 90min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Manheim Steamroller's American Christmas" (WSBB-FM) 12-24-17... 80min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, best of Sean Hannity" (WSBB-FM) 4-21-18... 85min

(News/Talk) "News 95.5 and 750 WSB, Rush Limbaugh" (WSBB-FM) 1-28-19... 60min


(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 3-5-16... 80min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 5-18-14... 80min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 9-21-17... 70min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 10-7-17... 2hr

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 10-14-17... 90min

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 3-15-18... 2hr (Some Static)

(Classic Rock/Hits) "97.1 The River" (WSRV) 1-26-19... 60min

(News/Talk) "News Talk 750 WSB, Neal Boortz recorded from 97.1 HD-2 in Stereo" (WSRV-HD-2) 7-xx-07... 60min

(CHR-Urban) "95.5thebeat.com, the beat moved to 97.1 HD-2" (WSRV-HD2) 8-19-10... 90min

(Active Rock) "The River's Edge @ 97.1" (WSRV-HD2) 9-4-11... 30min (some HD signal cutouts)

(Alternative) "The Other Side of the River @ 97.1" (WSRV-HD3) 6-30-15... 80min

(Alternative) "The Other Side of the River @ 97.1" (WSRV-HD3) 7-2-15... 80min

(Urban) "Power 92.3 Jamz" (WSRV-HD3) 4-18-18... 80min (odd new urban station utilizing the power brand that's also used on I-Hearts CHR Power 96.1)


(Hot AC) "Star 94, Last 15 minutes Static, DJ: Kevin Steele" (WSTR) 4-6-93... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Overnights DJ: Terry Bello into Steve and Vicki" (WSTR) 6-29-95... 90min (first 8 minutes are scoped of the 2 hours earlier then rest is unscoped)

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 11-30-97...45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94 (WSTR) 12-25-97... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Steve and Vikki Morning Show" (WSTR) 12-23-99… 60min (Scoped in one place)

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Steve and Vikki Morning Show" (WSTR) 6-30-00... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Steve and Vikki's last show, Recorded at 8:30am" (WSTR) 11/2/07... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, weekend off (all 80's music labor day weekend)" (WSTR) 8-30-08... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 1-29-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 2-25-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 9-26-10... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music, 3am" (WSTR) 12-25-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music 5am" (WSTR) 12-25-10... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 2-4-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Start of the Big 90's weekend 5pm" (WSTR) 2-4-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's weekend, 1am" (WSTR) 2-5-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's weekend, 5am" (WSTR) 2-5-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's weekend, 3pm" (WSTR) 2-6-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekends" (WSTR) 5-15-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend (WSTR) 6-4-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 9-11-11... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-11... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-12... 45min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 1-4-13... 2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 11-25-13... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, as Christmas Music ends regular programming resumes, recorded at 9:30pm" (WSTR) 12-25-13... 55min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 5-25-14... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 5-26-14... 4hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-13... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 11-24-14... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 12-20-14... 2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-14... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Big 90's Weekend" (WSTR) 5-9-15... 2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 11-26-15... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-24-15... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 2-27-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 4-2-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94" (WSTR) 5-27-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94, Christmas Music" (WSTR) 12-25-16... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1/Ed 94-1, Jeff & Jenn Morning's talking about temp name change for Ed Sheeran tickets" (WSTR) 3-16-17... 6hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 7-1-17... 100min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 9-21-17... 2 1/2hr

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 10-7-17... 90min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 10-14-17... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 4-21-18... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 5-5-18... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 8-25-18... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 12-22-18... 30min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1, Christmas) "WSTR) 12-24-18... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 1-25-19... 80min

(Hot AC) "Star 94-1" (WSTR) 2-11-19... 3hr (features flashback songs from Star's early days once an hour)

(Christmas) "The Star Christmas Channel 94.1 HD-2" (WSTR-HD-2) 12-25-16... 80min

(70s-90s Oldies) "941 WSTR-HD2" (WSTR-HD2) 1-15-17... 80min (Note: currently playing classic hits with no name just a TOH)

(70s-90s Oldies) "Classic sound of Star 94" (WSTR-HD-2) 5-25-18... 80min

(Country) "1690 WSWK" (WSWK) x-xx-04 ...45min (poor/low AM signal) (Note: had just moved in from Valdosta would become Air America weeks later)

(for airchecks of previous versions of Old School see WTZA/WUBL-HD3 below)

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 87.7" (WTBS-LPTV) 4-9-16... 2hr (Moderate Static)

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 87.7" (WTBS-LPTV) 5-29-16... 80min (Moderate Static)

(Urban AC) "Mix 87.7" (WTBS-LPTV) 1-28-19... 60min (Moderate Static) (recorded during the last days of the stations existence)

(Urban AC) "Mix 87.7" (WTBS-LPTV) 1-30-19... 2hr (Moderate Static) (recorded during the last days of the stations existence)

(Urban AC/Sign off/Regional Mexican) "Mix signs off and 87.7 returns as a Spanish language station once again" (WTBS-LPTV) 1-31-19... 7 1/2hr (broken up into 2 files 3 1/2 hours each)

(Country) "South 107, with announcement of moving country format to 93.5" (WTSH) 6-10-14... 80min

(Sign on/Alternative) "X107.1, Sign on" (WTSH) 6-22-14... 80min

(Alternative) "X107.1" (WTSH) 1-6-15... 2hr

(Alternative) "X107.1" (WTSH) 6-2-15... 80min

(Country) "106.1 and 107.1 Your Georgia Country, First day" (WTSH/WNGA) 6-29-15... 80min

(Regional Mexican) "102.3/107.1 La Raza" (WTSH) 1-26-19... 60min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010, first day on air" (WTZA) 1-31-13... 60min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 1-19-14... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 2-2-14... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 3-22-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 4-26-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 5-10-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-7-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-8-14... 4 1/2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-14-14... 4hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-21-14... 3hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-22-14... 80min

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 6-28-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-5-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-6-14... 4hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-12-14... 4hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-19-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 7-26-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 8-2-14... 2hr

(Urban Oldies) "Old School 1010" (WTZA) 8-9-14... 3hr

(Urban/Stunt?) "1010-99.3" (WTZA/W257DF) 8-22-14... 80min (note after being AM only the 99.3 W257DF translator was turned on and was playing a mix of urban oldies and new Hip Hop for a little less than 3 months before the official launch of Old School's Hip Hop Oldies format)

(Hip Hop Oldies) "99.3 and 1010, recorded off 99.3 FM" (WTZA/W257DF) 11-19-14... 80min (the night before official launch of Old School's Hip Hop oldies format recorded on 99.3 the translator, audio seems to be fed at a low bit rate audio would clear up greatly the next day, some dead air at times)

(Hip Hop Oldies) "99.3 and 1010, first day with new format, recorded off 99.3 FM" (WTZA/W257DF) 11-20-14... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies) "99.3 and 1010, first day with new format, recorded off 99.3 FM" (WTZA/W257DF) 11-20-14... 8hrs (recorded after the above aircheck)

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Old School 99.3 and 1010, recorded off 99.3 FM" (WTZA/W257DF) 11-20/21-14... 80min (station is accidentally simulcasting sister station Urban AC Hot 105.5 from Little Rock Ar.) (recorded overnight)

(Hip Hop Oldies ) "Old School 99.3 and 1010, recorded off 1010 AM" (WTZA/W257DF) 12-7-14... 120min (station powers down at sunset and can be faintly heard for awhile before fading away at the evening progresses and the sun fully sets)

(Hip Hop Oldies) "Old School 99.3 and 1010, recorded off 99.3 FM" (WTZA/W257DF) 12-21-14... 80min

(See WUBL-HD-3 and WTBS-LPTV for later incarnations of Old School)

(Spanish Religious) "Vida 1010" (WTZA) 3-4-15... 80min (Note: station was sold off and flipped formats)

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 8-27-10... 90min

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 2-27-16... 80min

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 5-28-16... 80min

(Country) "94.9 The Bull" (WUBL) 1-25-19... 60min

(Adult Hits) "94.9 HD-2" (WUBL-HD-2) 11-24-18... 80min (Note: this is a very broad based Hot AC borderline Adult Hits station seems to be locally programmed with no ID's at time of recording artist like Queen, Kid Rock, Foreigner, Fall Out Boy, Belinda Carlisle, Cameo and Imagine Dragons are heard as well as silence at times.)

(Adult Hits) "94.9 HD-2" (WUBL-HD-2) 11-25-18... 2hr (same note as above)

(Adult Hits) "94.9 HD-2 The Lake" (WUBL-HD-2) 11-30-18... 80min (Note: station gets a name and technical glitches are reduced but not gone altogether, yet).

(AC) "94.9 HD-3 The Breeze" (WUBL-HD-3) 12-1-18... 80min (Note: I-Heart had been on a brand-blocking kick in the last weeks of 2018 adding Breeze feeds to all of it's HD sub-channels Atlanta no exception. This is a direct feed of the I-Heart Radio app channel with no local ID's not even a TOH-ID is heard.)

(Hip Hop Oldies ) "Old School 99.3, Memorial Day Mix" (WUBL-HD-3) 5-23-15... 80min

(Hip Hop Oldies ) "Old School 99.3" (WUBL-HD-3) 6-2-15 (Note: this station would go off the air a week later, but would continue as an HD only station until its revived at 87.7 WTBS-LPTV)

For airchecks of Magic recorded off 107.5 scroll up to the very top of this Atlanta list and look for WAMJ

(Urban AC) "Magic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 9-26-10... 90min

(Urban AC) "Magic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 3-27-14... 60min

(Urban AC) "Magic 107.5/97.5, Memorial Day Mix" (WUMJ) 5-24-14... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, Recorded from 97.5 Memorial Day Mix" (WUMJ) 5-22-15... 80min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, Recorded from 97.5 Memorial Day Mix" (WUMJ) 5-23-15... 80min

(Urban AC/ Flip to Hip Hop Oldies) "97.5 Majic simulcast ends into Boom 97.5/102.9" (WUMJ) 1-11-16... 6hr

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 9-27-16... 80min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, The Ride with Chubb Rock and Si-man Baby, Afternoon Drive" (WUMJ) 1-18-17... 2 1/2 hours

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 4-15-17... 107min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 6-27-17... 30min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, regular into Authentic Caribbean last 30min" (WUMJ) 10-7-17... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, regular into Authentic Caribbean last 40min"" (WUMJ) 10-14-17... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5, Christmas" (WUMJ) 12-24-17... 80min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 2-25-18... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 3-15-18... 45min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 4-7-18... 2hr

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 5-6-18... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 10-18-18... 60min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 11-5-18... 90min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 12-24-18... 80min

(Urban AC) "Majic 107.5/97.5" (WUMJ) 1-26-19... 60min

(Urban) "V-103, Porsha Foxx" (WVEE) 1-xx-01…60min

(Urban) "V-103, The Ryan Cameron Show" (WVEE) 2-17-09... 45min

(Urban) "V-103, Death of Michael Jackson" (WVEE) 6-25-09... 60min

(Urban) "V-103, Frank and Wanda in the Morning" (WVEE) 8-28-09... 120min

(Urban) "V-103, Old School Weekend into public affairs" (WVEE) 1-24-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Old School Weekend" (WVEE) 1-24-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 2-16-10... 45min

(Urban) "V-103, Ryan Cameron" (WVEE) 3-4-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 3-9-10... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Notorious BIG Mix into Greg Street first 25 minutes" (WVEE) 3-9-11... 45min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 3-12-11... 60min

(Urban) "V-103, Ryan Cameron" (WVEE) 3-18-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 5-15-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 8-25-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103 Recorded during the first national EAS test at 2pm" (WVEE) 11-9-11... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Whitney Houston Death" (WVEE) 2-11-12... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Frank and Wanda announce they are leaving V-103" (WVEE) 12-13-12... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, Frank and Wanda last show, recording started at 8:45am" (WVEE) 12-20-12... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, George Zimmerman verdict reaction" (WVEE) 7-13-13... 90min

(Urban) "V-103, The Ryan Cameron Morning Show with Wanda Smith, full show" (WVEE) 9-4-14... 4hr

(Urban) "V-103, Overnights into Jukebox Jamz with Joyce Little (70's-90's oldies show)" (WVEE) 1-24-15... 6hr

(Urban) V-103, DJ: Greg Street" (WVEE) 2-21-15... 2hr

(Urban) "V-103, Christmas" (WVEE) 12-25-15... 80min

(Urban) "V-103, Death of Prince into regular" (WVEE) 4-21-16... 5hr

(Urban) "V-103, Memorial Day Mix" (WVEE) 5-28-16... 80min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 10-13-18... 90min

(Urban) "V-103" (WVEE) 1-26-19... 60min

(Variety) "1100 WWWE" (WWWE) 6-xx-13... 90min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 1-13-14... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 2-11-14... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 5-16-14... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 5-17-14... 2hr

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 12-20-14... 2hr

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 7-1-17... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 2-25-18... 60min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 4-21-18... 80min

(Top 40) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 8-4-18... 95min

(Top 40 ) "Power 96-1" (WWPW) 1-25-19... 60min

(Hip Hop) "Streetz 94.5 AM signal 1420" (WWSZ) 4-28-18... 100min (station flipped from brokered WATB to translator feed of Streetz) (low/poor signal but audible)

(Top 40) "All the Hits Q-100, The Bert Show 9/11 review" (WWWQ) 9/11/02 ... 45min

(Top 40) "All The Hits Q-100" (WWWQ) 12-30-02... 90min

(Top 40) "All the Hits Q-100, Aircheck of power upgrade" (WWWQ) 10-21-05... 45min

(Stunt) "100.5, Stunts with different format choices for listeners to call in and cast votes, everything from E-Z listening "trickle music" to country, sound effects channel, FM talk to all comedy" (WWWQ) 1-25-08... 25min

(Sign on/Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, Sign on and first Regular Guys show 5:45am" (WWWQ) 1-28-08... 90min

(Classic Rock) "Rock 100.5, First full hour of new the format's music 10:00am" (WWWQ) 1-28-08... 45min

(Top 40) "Q-100, Christmas Music" (WWWQ) 12-25-09... 45min

(Top 40) "Q100, Christmas Music" (WWWQ) 12-25-10... 45min

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 2-4-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100, Christmas Music" (WWWQ) 12-25-11... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100, The Bert Show" (WWWQ) 7-29-13... 90min

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 1-26-14... 3hrs

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 2-27-14... 80min

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 5-23-15... 80min

(Top 40) "Q100" (WWWQ) 10-18-18... aprox 2hr

(Top 40) "Q 99-7" (WWWQ) 1-2-19... 90min (station tweaked brand to reflect digital frequency readout)

(Top 40) "Q 99-7" (WWWQ) 1-16-19... 60min

(Alternative) "99x.com, last Steve Craig Show" (WWWQ-HD-2) 6-xx-08... 3hr

(Alternative) "99x" (WWWQ-HD-2) 9-1-18... 80min (After the FCC forced Cumulus to shutdown its FM translator 99x continues to live at 99.7 HD-2 and online.)

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7, recorded 10 minutes after launch" (WWVA) 10-19-09... 90min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7, DJ: Tripp West" (WWVA) 12-8-09... 80min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7" (WWVA) 1-5-10... 45min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7" (WWVA) 2-16-10... 45min

(Rhythmic AC) "Groove 105.7" (WWVA) 3-5-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "105.7 The Groove, tweaked to Rhythmic CHR" (WWVA) 8-28-10... 90min

(Rhythmic CHR) "105.7 The Groove" (WWVA) 9-5-10... 90min

(Oldies) "1120 WXJO" (WXJO) 3-15-09... 45min

(Stunt) 105.3 "Stunting with Classical Music" (WYAI) 2-14-02…120min

(Stunt) 105.3 "Stunting with Comic stand up bits" (WYAI) 2-15-02…120min

(80’s oldies) "The 80's Channel 105-3 WMAX, Sign on" (WYAI) 2-18-02…120min

(Country) "Eagle 106.7, Southern fried Friday nights, Country/Southern Rock" (WYAY) 12/22/06 ...90min

(Country) "Eagle 106.7" (WYAY) 2-29-08... 90min

(Sign on/Oldies) " Last 20 minutes of NASCAR into True Oldies 106.7 Sign on" (WYAY) 3-9-08... 90min

(Oldies) "True Oldies 106.7, Imus' first show on 106.7 FM" (WYAY) 3-10-08... 90min

(Oldies) "True Oldies 106.7, First Randy and Spiff show on 106.7" (WYAY) 10-12-09... 120min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 3-7-11... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 3-21-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-15-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 9-6-11... 60min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 10-4-11... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 4-27-12... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7 Trip West Morning's" (WYAY) 4-27-12... 90min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7, Overnights from above" (WYAY) 4-27-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 4-28-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-3-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-4-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-5-12... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-8-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-19-12... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7" (WYAY) 5-23-12... 80min

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7, station begins airing promos about flip to All News" (WYAY) 5-26-12... 2hr

(Classic Hits) "Atlanta's Greatest Hits 106.7, recorded at 1am just before flip" (WYAY) 5-29-12... 90min

(Flip/News) "All News 106.7 Launch" (WYAY) 5-29-12... 90min

(News/Talk) "All News 106.7, The Kimmer's First Show" (WYAY) 11-4-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "All News 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 11-5-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "All News 106.7, Pete&Wayne fill in for Kimmer after Heart Attack Kimmer calls in from Hospital bed" (WYAY) 11-13-13... 90min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Red Eye into Steve McCoy first show into Michael Graham into Kimmer" (WYAY) 3-2-15... 8hr (Some Static)

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Christmas" (WYAY) 12-24-15... 80min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 2-26-16... 80min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 5-12-16... 140min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Red Eye into Morning News into Shannon Burke into Kimmer" (WYAY) 7-14-16... 8hr

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, The Kimmer Show" (WYAY) 7-2-16... 80min

(News/Talk) "News Radio 106.7, Christmas Across the lands" (WYAY) 12-25-16... 2hr

(Talk) "Talk 106.7, Mike Brooks into The Kimmer" (WYAY) 1-28-19... 60min

(Talk) "Talk 106.7, The Kimmer" (WYAY) 2-5-19... 60min

(Talk) "Talk 106.7, The Kimmer takes calls about the sale of the station to EMF/K-Love" (WYAY) 2-14-19... 3hr

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480" (WYZE) 3-15-11... 90min

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480" (WYZE) 1-21-16... 80min

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480" (WYZE) 5-21-16... 2hr

(Black Gospel) "Gospel WYZE am 1480, bible talk first 30min into regular music" (WYZE) 10-7-17... 90min

(Top 40) "Z93, Ross and Wilson Morning Show" (WZGC) 4-23-80…60min

(Top 40) "Hit Radio Z93" (WZGC) 8-13-87... 45min

(Switch, Classic Rock) "Z93 Top 40 to Classic Rock" (WZGC) 1-3-89…10min

(Classic Rock) "Z93, all 1970's Weekend" (WZGC) 1-21-01… 60min

(Classic Rock) "Z-93, First day of Moby in the Morning" (WZGC) 10/14/02 ...30min

(Classic Rock) "Z93, Night before launch of Dave FM" (WZGC) 7-20-04...90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Sign on" (WZGC)  7-21-04...90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Denny Schaffer morning show tryout 1:45am" (WZGC) 10/24/07... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 12-19-08... 60min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Jimmy Baron first day" (WZGC) 8-17-09... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-26-10... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 2-16-10... 45min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 1-16-11... 60min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Steve in for Mara Davis" (WZGC) 8-26-11... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, Steve Craig Morning's" (WZGC) 12-6-11... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 8-1-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 8-4-12... 2 1/2hr

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 8-8-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-21-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-22-12... 45min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-24-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 9-25-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM, recorded at 7am, Last day with live DJ's" (WZGC) 9-29-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM recorded at 4pm, Last day with live DJ's" (WZGC) 9-29-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM recorded at 11:40pm, Last day with live DJ's" (WZGC) 9-29/30-12... 90min

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 10-20-12... 2hr

(AAA) "92.9 Dave FM" (WZGC) 10-23-12... 90min

(AAA/Launch/Sports) "92.9 Dave FM last hr. sign off and launch of The Game" (WZGC) 10-24-12... 90min

(Sports) "92.9 Dave FM, Dukes and Bell" (WZGC) 1-28-19... 60min